Terms and Conditions

Your use of this Website is subject to compliance with the General Terms and Conditions detailed below. If you choose to visit the Website and access the services made available therein, you assume the full knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

I. About us

onemillionnights.com platform is owned by JANCA SERVICES SRL, with headquarters in ROMANIA, CLUJ-NAPOCA, str. NICOLAE COLAN, nr. 8, ap. 7, Cluj County, registered with the Trade Register Office attached to Cluj Court under no. J12/248/2019, with Tax Registration Number 40483974, phone (001) 413 – 367 5290 (* normal rate line), email contact@onemillionnights.com

To facilitate the transmission of information, we will consider the use of the term “Company” to refer to JANCA SERVICES SRL, “onemillionnights” or “Website” to refer to the  onemillionnights.com platform.

II. What is onemillionnights.com

Onemillionnights.com is a platform designed to facilitate online access for the general public to advisors around the world in various areas of activity, as they are explained on the Website. Onemillionnights.com aims to provide Users with access to advisors registered on the platform who can provide remote support against payment.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Company is the sole owner of the Website and has no involvement in the relationship between Website Users and Website Advisors. The company does not assume the verification of the Advisors registered on the Website either in terms of the truthfulness and veracity of the Advisor account created, nor in terms of holding the specialisations claimed by Advisors on the Website.

The counselling sessions take place exclusively between the Advisor and the User, consequently the Company assumes no responsibility for the content of the counselling sessions nor for the Advisor complying with the rules of conduct and professional ethics, but only mediates the User’s access to the Advisor chosen, under the conditions set forth in this document.

Advisors are neither representatives, nor employees nor agents of the Company. Therefore, the User is solely responsible for verifying the identity, qualification, accreditation, biographical information, proprietary licenses, or any other information related to Advisors.

The Company does not take or assume any risk related to the statements of professional qualifications and professional experience declared by the Advisor.

Each Advisor registered on the Website is an independent professional, solely responsible for the services provided to the User. The Company or its partners promoting onemillionnights.com shall not be responsible for the professional advice you receive from the Advisors through the Website.

You can address the Company directly if your concerns are related to the functionality of the Website, the difficulty in identifying information on the Website, any payment situations, and other such circumstances related to the Website administration. Please write to us at: support@onemillionnights.com .  We will try to resolve the complaint within the shortest possible time.

The services offered through the Website are exclusively those related to the fields of activity presented on the main page of the Website. Please note that the services you can access through the Website are not medical, psychological or psychiatric services. We do not intend to substitute medical care for the physical and mental integrity of Users. Please do not try to use our services for medical, mental or psychological care or hazards that you are exposed to, for which you need to call the Single National Emergency Call System.

The Company assumes no responsibility for legal, medical, psychological, financial or other advice requiring licensing / certification provided by Advisors. For such information, we recommend that you contact a specialist in these fields of expertise.

III. Terms of Use of the Website

In order to access the services made available through the Website, you need to create a personal account on the Website. For this purpose, please use the “Register” button on the main page of the Website and follow the steps necessary to create your account accordingly. You are required to provide the information requested to and fill in all the fields in an appropriate, complete, correct and real manner as they appear in the identity document. Account creation is free, but keep in mind that in order to start a conversation with any of the Advisors listed on the Website, you will need to make a sufficient deposit for the estimated conversation, depending on the Advisor selected.

Your account can be accessed based on password, that only you know. You are fully responsible for keeping your access password secure. Please note that by communicating your access password to others, you risk giving them access to your personal information, and the Company assumes no responsibility for such interference. Moreover, any public posting related to the counselling sessions on the Website will be at your own risk.

Any natural person, regardless of nationality, aged above 18 at the time the account is created, can create an account on the Website. We do not knowingly allow people under the age of 18 to create accounts that will allow access to the Website.

The services provided through the Website are not available to underaged persons even through the tutor or his / her legal representative. Any accessing of the Website by minors, directly or through tutors / legal representatives, takes place on their own responsibility. We do not recommend minors to use the Website.

The Website can only be used for viewing, creating an account, accessing your personal account, accessing existing services on the Website, assessing and recommending our services. Our Website may not be used to make any illegal, fraudulent payment, to post or transmit any defamatory, threatening, obscene, indecent, inflammatory, or similar material. We reserve the right not to allow posting and / or deleting immediately and without prior notice any comment on the Website that contains an inappropriate language, serious typing errors, or that could cause damage to our reputation and / or create a discomfort to us, our Advisors or to our customers and visitors.

The Users undertake not to alter, manipulate, disturb the integrity of the rating system of Advisors on the platform. The Company reserves the right to remove old ratings or to exclude ratings that it deems to be a threat to compromising the integrity of the rating system.

We cannot guarantee the discontinued and uninterrupted use of the Website. Errors, defects, viruses or other harmful behaviours may occur on the Website or on servers that make it unavailable. We will take all measures so as to limit and eliminate such unpleasant events within the shortest possible time. You do not have the right to intervene in the operation of our Website nor to take any action on our computer equipment for any reason whatsoever and regardless of the result obtained.

We reserve the right to terminate or restrict any person’s access to the Website at any time, without prior notice and without liability, in the event of non-observance of the present Terms and Conditions or the ineffectiveness of the relations between the Parties through the Website.

We reserve the right to abolish the Website without prior notice to Users or Advisors.

We reserve the right to freely establish our cooperation relationships with the specialised Advisors registered on the Website and we do not undertake that the list of specialised Advisors registered on the platform will remain constant.

We have the right to use, for advertising purposes and more, any public comment written by visitors or members registered on the Website. Keep in mind that when you choose to make a public post on the Website, it can be seen by anyone who visits the Website.

IV. How to access the services on the Website

Accessing the services presented on the Website is based on the personal account created by you on the Website, simply by clicking on the “Register” button on the main page of the Website, followed by the complete steps therein.

You are required to provide a valid email address. You are fully responsible for safely keeping your access password and any registration, authentication, and account information. You are fully responsible for any operation and / or payment made from your account by using the Website.

After creating your account, you can always access the services available through it, subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Once your account has been created, in order to access the services on your Website, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your account using the password only you know
  2. Make sure you have money available in your account created on the Website. Caution! Amounts in your account on the Website (deposit created on Website – we do not charge your bank accounts) will be automatically debited, upon the progress of conversation with the Advisor. The cost of each minute is charged in advance. The conversation is interrupted when the amounts deposited in the deposit created on the Website have been exhausted
  3. Select the area from which you prefer an Advisor from the list of field of services on the main page, then select the Advisor you want to discuss with and, if online, start the conversation. We do not guarantee the online availability of Advisors registered
  4. Forward the information that you are asked for by the Advisor to make possible the provision of service. If you feel that you are being asked for information that is not necessary for the service, leave the Website
  5. You can evaluate the services obtained under the conditions displayed on the Website

You are fully responsible for the information you serve to the Advisor, both in terms of their truthfulness and veracity, as well as in terms of their complexity, accuracy and relevance for providing the service requested.

V. Billing policy

The price for each service requested through the Website differs according to the Advisor you want to collaborate with and is displayed on the Website at the presentation of each individual Advisor. To make the payment, you must make a prepayment available to the Company (deposit account created on the Website) in advance, and the amount will be accessed by the Company only when you start a discussion with any Advisor. The amount debited from your deposit account will match the amount of time spent with the Advisor you selected.

Caution! The rate is set per minute of conversation!

You cannot have access to conversations with Advisors if you do not have any available funds in the deposit created for that purpose. For personal data processing policy reasons, we reserve the right to automatically delete accounts that have not been accessed for 12 months, without the consent of Users.

The prices displayed on the Website for each service are final, not subject to other charges, according to the legislation in force.

Payment can be made by any of the following methods: Credit or Debit Card: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS following the payment steps and payment instructions provided when making the payment.

We are not responsible for erroneous payment processing. We are not responsible for errors through the payment system, including, but not limited to, the losses you have incurred using the card payment system.

Processing of payments is performed through the QuickPay processor.

All interactions between you and an Advisor will be billed with the per minute rate set by the Advisor on his/hers profile. You agree to abide by the pricing presented on the Advisors profile while using the One Million Nights Platform and to pay to One Million Nights all fees for services rendered to you by Advisors.

You may make payments by using the credit card or debit card you have on file with One Million Nights.  You expressly authorize payments for all fees for each transaction occurring under your account.  All amounts displayed on the Advisor profile are in US dollars. If you are from USA or a non-EU country you will be charged in USD.  If you are from a EU country than you will be charged in EURO. The USD sum of money will be converted in EURO currency using the exchange rate shown on the Payment Page. You will ensure that all credit card and payment information you provide is accurate, correct, and kept updated at all times, and that you are fully authorized to use such credit card and payment information.  You may be required to verify your account or payment method via phone or email. We have set up some easy options for you to add amounts of money into your One Million Nights account. You can choose from the list presented in the Payment Page and you will receive extra amounts of money as a BONUS directly into your OMN Profile. For the easy fixed amounts of money you can add to your account, please check the table below. You can also see them on the Payment Page provided by the Payment Processor and choose right before the payment.

Amount you will be charged Amount credited to your OMN Account The free Bonus
$ 10.00 $ 10.50 $ 0.50
$ 20.00 $ 21.00 $ 1.00
$ 30.00 $ 31.50 $ 1.50
$ 40.00 $ 42.00 $ 2.00
$ 50.00 $ 52.50 $ 2.50
$ 60.00 $ 63.00 $ 3.00
$ 70.00 $ 73.50 $ 3.50
$ 80.00 $ 84.00 $ 4.00
$ 90.00 $ 94.50 $ 4.50
$ 100.00 $ 105.00 $ 5.00
$ 120.00 $126.00 $ 6.00
$ 140.00 $ 147.00 $ 7.00
$ 160.00 $ 168.00 $ 8.00
$ 180.00 $ 189.00 $ 9.00
$ 200.00 $ 210.00 $ 10.00


You will have to deposit the preferred amount of money to your empty account or for your convenience you can add extra amounts to your available balance at any moment, a free feature for active accounts.  Fees will then be deducted from your available balance as incurred, either as services are rendered or promptly after a session with an Advisor ends.  For accounts that haven’t been used, logged or have been abandoned for more than 12 months, the owners will be reached via email, phone or mail. If they don’t respond then their account can be deleted without any further notice. For account balances that have not been added to or used for transactions for more than 12 months, One Million Nights reserves the right to delete the amounts from the profile along with the profile of that person and the money will be kept by One Million Nights with the title of administrative fees.

You will reimburse One Million Nights  (Janca Services SRL) for any expenses incurred by One Million Nights  (Janca Services SRL) to collect fees owed by you.  One Million Nights  (Janca Services SRL) reserves the right to charge interest on any past due amounts of 2% per month or the highest amount permitted by law (if lower).  If a payment method is invalid, and a Member incurs any past due amounts, One Million Nights  (Janca Services SRL)  reserves the right to charge any payment methods associated with the Member’s account for any past due amounts) including any taxes and late fees) until such amounts are paid in full.

If a credit card charge is declined, One Million Nights  (Janca Services SRL)  may attempt to charge any or all other cards you have on file (in one charge or in partial charges if unable to charge the full amount) for the following 60-90 days.

Time charges are based on increments of a minute as measured on One Million Nights’s servers.  Any use of a partial minute is rounded up to a full minute.  One Million Nights’s billing system is not fault-free; therefore, One Million Nights shall not be liable for any problems, miscalculations, or malfunctions in processing payments.  If you believe a mistake has occurred, please send us an email at: support@onemillionnights.com

Money refunding: The Company does not refund the money debited from the Website deposit account for services that have been rendered.

If, due to technical issues or any other reasons, money was deducted from your OMN account for services that were not rendered you can write us an email at: support@onemillionnights.com requesting a refund which we will evaluate on a case by case basis. If we determine that you were charged incorrectly the amount in question will be credited to your balance.

You can only request the return of money that has remained unspent from the deposit account on the Website if you want to close your account on the Website and if you no longer want to use the services on the Website in the future.

The request for the return of money under the above conditions shall be made in writing at the email address:  support@onemillionnights.com, and the money shall be returned to your account within 45 calendar days of the account closing date.

Only amounts above USD 10 will be refunded.

If you do not use the Website for more than 12 months, the Company has the right to delete your account automatically. In this case, if you hold more than USD 10 in the deposit account on the Website, you will be contacted by the Company’s representatives by email, telephone or mail to establish the refund details should you not desire, however, to resume your activity on the Website.

If the Company receives no response for 3 months, the account will be deleted and the money remaining in the deposit account will be lost.

VI. Right of Withdrawal

According to Art. 16 section a) from Government Emergency Ordinance 34/2014 updated, service contracts are exempted from the right to withdraw after full service, if performance has begun with the express prior consent of the consumer and who confirmed that he / she has become aware of the fact that he / she will lose his right to withdraw after the full execution of the contract by the professional.

VII. Liability and Limitations

Users and Website Advisors are responsible for checking the final version of the Terms and Conditions whenever they use the Website.

We cannot be held responsible for damages to your computer or for viruses that could infect your computer or other equipment as a result of accessing, using or navigating our Website or downloading any content, information, materials, data, text, images, video or audio on the Website.

This disclaimer applies to any damages or prejudice caused by any lack of performance, error, omission, interruption, removal, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorised access to, modification, or use of the record, either for breach of contract, harmful conduct, negligence, or for any cause of action.

Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible for the relationship you establish with the specialist Advisors through the Website, the content of the consultancy or the observance of the rules of conduct and professional ethics by the Advisors.

VIII. Complaint Handling Procedure

Any dissatisfaction regarding the accessing, using, registering on our Website (if applicable), accessing a service, the time you received the response to requests following the payment of related costs, payment issues, or other such administrative matters shall be communicated to us directly, either by phone, at phone number (001) 413 – 367 5290 either by email at  support@onemillionnights.com

Your complaint will be recorded and you will receive a written reply to the email address mentioned when you are notified of your complaint within a maximum of 10 business days.

You are required not to disclose such complaint (on social networks, media, private party discussions, or any other means) subject to damage to the Company’s reputation through these actions.

Any complaint shall be lodged within a maximum of one month from the date of referral.

IX. Intellectual and Industrial Property

The content of this Website, including but not limited to logo, stylised representations, symbols, images, photos, text content, information, structure, materials included in the program, know how, content, structure, program administration and the like are the exclusive property of the Company. Copying, distributing, publishing, modifying, supplementing, using, displaying, including, linking, transmitting, removing signatures, pictures, images, text pieces, displaying, selling, etc., content, data, information, photos or other information found on the Website without express written consent of the Company.

No User acquires any right or license to use any of the information on the Website by using and accessing the Website. No Advisor has the right to use an automatic or manual device to monitor the materials available on the Website.

The Company also owns the property right (including, without limitation, copyrights and other intellectual property rights) over the concept, name, content of the onemillionnights project, texts, images, recordings, filming, and all rights to use and disclose ideas, concepts, know-how, methods, techniques, processes and adaptations thereof during the course of its activity.

X. Processing of Personal Data

For details on the processing of personal data, the identity of the Controller, and so on, please refer to the “Data Protection Policy” section of our Website.

XI. Advertising

When you create your personal account, you have the opportunity to express your consent to receive Newsletters.

The newsletter is a regular, exclusively electronic (email, SMS) means of information about the Goods, Services, Promotions, etc. of the Company at any time, without any commitment of the Company with reference to the information contained therein.

You may withdraw this consent at any time, without any obligation, simply by contacting our representative at (001) 413 – 367 5290 or by accessing Disable from the bottom of each Newsletter received.

The Website may contain links or other types of content (proprietary advertisements or advertisements paid on behalf of third parties) relating to Websites, products or services provided by third parties. One million nights assumes no responsibility for the content of these links.

XII. Governing Law

The Agreement will be governed and construed in accordance with Romanian law. Any disputes between the Company and the Advisors / Users of the Website regarding the relations arising from the establishment of the relations on the Website shall be settled amicably and, in case of failure, shall be deferred to the relevant competent courts in Cluj-Napoca.

XIII. Final Provisions

This Website is owned by JANCA SERVICES SRL, which gives you the right to access and use it subject to your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

The Company has the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice, by posting the updated version on the Website, and you have the obligation to read Terms and Conditions whenever you visit the Website. You have an obligation to comply exactly with the Terms and Conditions on the Website and you cannot claim and you cannot defend yourself with ignorance of the Terms and Conditions on the Website, valid on the date of access, use and / or conduct of courses on the Website.

The Company reserves the right to prohibit / restrict / delete any vulgar or inappropriate comment on the Website, any image, recording or posting, regardless of form, as well as the right to delete, without notice, the account of any User failing to comply with the Terms and Conditions on the Website in the updated form.