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Love and Relationships, —Marriage, —New Love, —Soulmates and Twin Flames, —Relationship Healing, —LGBTQ Relationships, General Psychic Readings, —Aura Readings, —Past Life Readings, Tarot and Card Readings, Dream Analysis, Spiritual Workers, —Wicca


I am driven by nature, often calling upon its energies when extra guidance is needed. I was blessed to be empathic in my life which gives me insights to the varied emotions within one’s self. Sometimes the truth hurts but it’s better to let it help heal you. Those who chose to avoid the harsh realities of their heart and environment often are left with bruised souls. Which is why I do my best to protect your heart and your soul from any avoidable suffering.

Qualification & Experience

I have practised Wicca for about half of my life now. Being drawn to nature is what lead me down the road and I have never looked back. It gives me the empowerment that I deserve.

I’ve been giving readings going on 5+ years now often though tarot. My goal is to help others to the best of my abilities. Which I have been very successful at helping others greatly when it comes to the matters of their lives, and goals.

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Tarot Readings

Love & Relationships

Aura Readings

Spiritual Guidance

Past Life Readings


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