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Love and Relationships, —Marriage, —New Love, —Relationship Healing, —Palm Readings, Money and Career, Dream Analysis, Astrology, Numerology


Garrett Hall is a self-taught astrologer from Harlem, NY. He became interested in astrology when it seemed to answer many of the questions he had in life that neither science nor religion could answer. This interest has grown from a pastime to a passion as he read more charts and started to see the magic with his own eyes. Now, his dream is to spread astrology to as many people as possible to help them innerstand themselves and take control over their lives.


In addition he also dips into palmistry, numerology, and has begun learning the tarot deck.


His main interests are esoteric astrology and releasing of karma, which he believes will help to evolve the science for future generations.


Qualification & Experience

Self-taught astrology since 2017

Taught astrology classes at Catland Books in Brooklyn, NY and the House of Obatala in Bronx, NY

Have been reading natal charts professionally since May 2018

Wrote articles about Sun in particular signs, meanings of planets, forecasts for months, reports on the houses, etc.

Led an astrology-based meetup group in Bronx, NY

Maintains astrology website/blog and Instagram account with insightful posts


Services Offered

In my readings, I always incorporate esoteric astrology, which expands the awareness of the soul’s journey and explains the current life objective:

Natal Chart Consultations

House readings

Solar Arcs / Midpoints

Current and Near Future Transits, Yearly readings

Horary Charts

Zodiacal Releasings, aka timing periods

Career and Money

Love and Relationships

Friends, Family and Children

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