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Money and Career, Tarot and Card Readings


Hello and welcome to my OMN profile! My name is Julie but i also go by the name of Anara. Since I was a little girl i was passionate about mysticism, occultism and magic . In my home town in Transylvania I used to be one of the few people that would borrow and enthusiastically read all of the books from the shelves  named “Occult and Paranormal” .  After the years have past I am a proud entrepreneur but I’m still passionate about all this things and I chose to focus more on Tarot Card readings.

Qualification & Experience

I studied on my own from books and online research.

I love reading the Cards and I have experience of over 15 years of Tarot Readings.

Services Offered

Tarot Readings and advice.
I can read your future and give you advice about life, money and career.
Keep in mind that despite the huge effort and energy put into the Tarot Readings, although they are accurate, the future can still be influenced by many outside factors and the readings should be taken as advice and possible outcome.

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