Why Join OMN as an Advisor?

Easy to start

Joining the OMN family is easy. After filling out the online application form it only takes a few days to be approved. After this you can use our platform to develop a successful online business.

Your personal shop (coming soon)

OMN is one of the few psychic reading platforms that also encourages its advisors to offer spiritual workings. We provide you with your own personal shop where customers can purchase your workings. You will be the sole administrator of the shop uploading descriptions, pictures and setting the prices for your services.

Vast selection of categories and services

With a vast selection of categories you can easily find your niche and successfully promote your services. Whether you work only as a reader or offer other spiritual services OMN is the place for you.

You have complete control

You have complete control over the per minute rate for live chat as well as cost of services you provide through your personal store.

Make your own schedule

You have complete control over your schedule and can choose the days and hours that you work. Simply log in when you wish to attend to customers and log out when you no longer feel like working. This freedom of schedule makes for a relaxed work environment and increases the quality of service provided.

View the growth of your business

You will have a record of all transactions and email exchanges with customers which will help you review the growth of your business and determine how you can provide top quality service to your customers.

Support in acquiring new clients

We are here to help you grow your customer base. We often offer promotions that attract new clients, including promotional minutes which are free to the clients but for which you will always be paid because we value you as a member of the OMN family.

Personal blog (coming soon)

You will have the opportunity to publish a blog on which you may post about your services or any spiritual subject that you wish, attracting visitors that can easily become clients.

Reviews and feedback

On the OMN platform customers can leave a review up to 30 days after they use your services. We value your work and professional integrity so we’ll be happy to remove any comments that are abusive or injurious to your reputation or business. Just contact our support team if you encounter any issues.

Selectivity of clientele

OMN will never expect you to provide services to a client how does not behave in a respectful and correct manner. You are free to block any members for any reason, simply by adding them to your blocked list. Once a member is blocked he/she will not be able to message or initiate a live chat session with you and your listing will no longer be visible to them.

Easy and efficient payment

You will see on your member profile the total amount of money earned immediately after each session. The total of your monthly earnings will be paid to you once a month on a fixed date via PayPal. Other payment methods will become available in the future.

Site Security

For the payments via our platform we use a secured payment processor. We also have a privacy policy that states that all your information is secured and we will never share your personal information with any third parties without your express permission and consent.

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