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Love and Relationships

Are you wondering if the person you are dating is “the one” or if there is a marriage proposal on the way?  Do you suspect that your partner may be involved with somebody else?  Are you simply curious as to when your next relationship will come along?  The advisors in Love and Relationships can look into all of your questions and concerns and help you achieve the ideal relationship.


General Psychic Readings

The psychic advisors of One Million Nights are here to help in any area of your life.  They will deliver advice, insight and predictions that will help you resolve problems you may be facing and they will assist you in achieving your life goals.  Our advisors are top quality and read with sincerity and most importantly kindness and respect.



Many of the advisors on One Million Nights are accomplished and renowned mediums. Contact them if you wish to communicate with friends and loved ones on the other side or if you are in need of guidance in dealing with a haunting or paranormal phenomena.


Let our advisors use their psychic and spiritual gifts to help sort out any issues you may be having in your marriage or tell you when that special person will propose. Our advisors will help you attain happiness and passion in your married life!

New Love

Are you currently single and looking for a new relationship?  Our advisors will help you find the ideal romantic partner!  They will offer detailed information about your perfect match and provide clues about where to find him or her.

Soulmates and Twin Flames

Do you feel a deep and burning love for somebody that can only be defined as mystical and fated? Do you feel that you have known and loved this person in previous lives? Our advisors will help you explore these soulmate and twin flame connections and reveal how you can have the most passionate, intense and rewarding relationships with these most special of lovers. 

Relationship Healing

If your goal is saving your marriage or rekindling a relationship that has become lukewarm, you have come to the right place! Our advisors will help you navigate the difficult periods in your relationship or marriage and guide you in restoring peace, harmony and passion between you and your partner.

LGBTQ Relationships

Our caring advisors are experts in dealing with the challenges faced by members of the LGBTQ community. They will offer advice regarding relationships and issues often encountered by LGBTQ individuals.  Most importantly this is a safe space without any judgement where all guidance is delivered with kindness and respect.


Clairvoyants have a natural ability to predict the future and see underneath the surface of any given situation as well as tap into people’s thoughts and emotions.  This “second sight” enables them to offer excellent psychic advice which will help you achieve happiness and success in all areas of life.  The clairvoyant advisors of One Million Nights are highly gifted yet friendly, down to earth and easy to talk to.  Give them a try!

Aura Readings

The aura is a subtle field of energy that surrounds each of us almost like a halo that encompasses the entire body.  The different colors of the aura have different meanings relating to our physical, mental and emotional states.  Contact one of our aura readers to see what the colors of your aura reveal about you and how this information and be used to better your life. 

Crystal Readings

Gazing into a crystal ball is an ancient form of divination and a means of accessing powerful spiritual energies. Give our advisors a chance to gaze on your behalf and you will be amazed at the valuable information they will offer!

Palm Readings

Palmistry is the practice of reading the palm to reveal a person’s future, life mission and a plethora of valuable insights that can make your life fulfilling and exciting.  Send a scan or photo of your palm through the One Million Nights messaging platform to our expert palm readers and allow them to reveal the spiritual truths that you hold (literally) in the palm of your hand!  

Tea Leaves & Coffee Readings

Various cultures throughout Europe and the Middle East practice divination with tea leaves and coffee grounds.  It is a particularly effective means of revealing valuable information related to your love life.  Our Tea Leaves & Coffee readers will ask you to send a photo of an empty tea or coffee cup from which you’ve drunk or they will steep the leaves for you themselves and use their skills to reveal information that will help you achieve success in all areas of your life! 

I-Ching Readings

The I-Ching is an ancient Chinese divination technique dating back more than 2500 years that involves that casting of wands and interpretation of the shapes and patterns that they make.  The I-Ching is especially useful in matters of money and business but can provide valuable insight into all life questions. Let our experts consult the I-Ching for you!

Past Life Readings

Did you know that the issues we deal with are often carried over from pervious lives and it is common to have relationships with people that we have known and loved in other times and places? If you would like to see how the events of past lives affect you today and discover how to finally rid yourself of past life baggage or if you are simply curious as to other lives you have lived, contact our past life advisors and they will teach you how to learn from your past in order to make your present spectacular! 


Money and Career

If you are considering changing careers, planning to start your own business or need to resolve conflicts with your boss or coworkers, a reading with one of our advisors will get you on the path to financial success. Our skilled advisors will help you in all matters of money and career and guide you through the process of building a wealthy and comfortable life. 


Tarot and Card Readings

Many of our gifted advisors are expert tarot readers and also make use of playing cards or various fortune telling decks to deliver detailed and in depth information that will help you achieve your life goals.  Give our Tarot & Card readers a try! 


Dream analysis

Dreams are often a window through which we travel into different realms and realities. Angels and spirits of departed loved ones will often talk to us in dreams and dreams themselves often contain the keys to understanding situations that we are currently facing in life.  Let our experts in Dream Analysis interpret your dreams and reveal how that information can help you achieve your life goals!



Perhaps you have heard the expression “the stars don’t lie.”  There is no doubt that the movements of the stars and planets affect our lives.  Our expert astrologists can compile astrological charts and offer guidance as to the best times to make life decisions and even determine your compatibility with potential partners based on planetary and stellar configurations.



Hidden within our names themselves, there are number patterns that reveal a wealth of valuable information.  Simply by providing your name and date of birth, our numerologists will give you detailed information that will get you on the path to happiness and success in all areas of your life!


Spiritual Workers

What makes One Million Nights different from the many other psychic advice sites on the internet is that we take things to a higher level by offering spiritual workings from a variety of traditions.  We have some of the most talented Wiccan Priestesses and Priests, Eclectic Spell Casters, Mambos, Houngans, Santeros and practitioners of various other spiritual traditions ready to shape the future you desire through their services.  Finding new love, fixing problems in an existing relationship, getting a new job or drawing money into your life are all just one click away with the help of our spiritual workers.  On One Millions Nights, our psychic advisors can see your future and our spiritual workers can change it!


Originally from the ancient West African Kingdom of Dahomey and having taken root in Haiti and Louisiana, Voodoo (known as Vodou in Haitian Creole) is a beautiful religion that practices ancestor veneration and calls on spirits known as “lwa” that represent the forces of nature and the human condition to bring about changes in one’s life.  Our priests and priestesses of Voodoo, called Houngans and Mambos, are ready to use their powers on your behalf to manifest all that you desire in life. 


Often confused with Voodoo, Hoodoo is in fact a separate spiritual tradition that developed in the American South that involves the use of dolls, candles, roots and herbs and even Bible verses and Psalms in its spiritual workings.  Our Hoodoo workers will conjure luck and success in matters of love and money and help bring a sense of peace and stability to your life.


Developed in the United Kingdom and United States starting in the 1950’s and based on ancient European spiritual practices, Wicca is a nature centered religion that teaches kindness to others and harmony with nature. Wiccans use spells and invocations to create positive change in their lives. Let our Wiccan advisors perform their services on your behalf to help achieve all your life goals. 


Santeria is a religion practiced widely in Cuba and other areas of Latin American and the United States that originated with the Yoruba people of Nigeria.  Practitioners of Santeria, called Santeros, work with spirits known as Orishas that can be petitioned to manifest desired changes. Let the Santeros of One Million Nights work on your behalf to manifest all that you desire in life.


Popularized in recent decades by Hollywood celebrities, Kabbalah is an ancient form of mysticism that literally means “awakening.” The rituals of Kabbalah come from Hebrew texts. Through Kabbalah you will be able to bring peace, harmony, wealth and love to your life. Let the Kabbalah experts of One Million Nights use their ancient knowledge and rituals to benefit you!


In this category, you will find spiritual workers from a variety of other traditions that are not specifically listed elsewhere on One Million Nights, including 21 Divisiones, Obeah, Espiritismo, Shamanism, Asian traditions, and workers who simply do not define themselves according to any one particular magical or spiritual tradition.  These workers will be happy to put their eclectic practices to work on your behalf!

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