Weekly horoscope January 25 – 31 2021

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of January 25 – 31 2021, we have a really active and tense sky playing out all through the week, where this time it is the Sun which is going to hold important celestial dances meeting Saturn and later on Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius. Both of these celestial dances are extremely revelatory in their own unique way, firstly the conjunction with Saturn is a much needed reality check, inviting us to take a close look at what our possibilities are to get to where we need to be regarding our future plans and even though this might be a little uncomfortable, because it highlights our biggest limitations and all those obstacles in our lives which are blocking us right now, but at the same time it also shows us everything that we do have to solve problems with, may that be inner power, intellect, friends in all the right places, or sheer determination and the willingness to sacrifice for our dreams. This aspect might also be a social reality check, showing us which people from our social circles or friends  we have a true and authentic connection with and whom we do not truly have very many values and guiding principles in common with.

The Sun meeting Jupiter later on is an energy of blessing, good fortune, being aligned with our inner truth, but since it speaks in tension with Uranus and Mars, this is also a direct divine invitation to use our powers of belief, faith in order to activate our luck factors, or our inner virtues which might make us extremely magnetic, helping what we seek to find its way into our lives.

We also have a shocking, surprising, chaotic and emotionally very intense full moon in Leo on the 28th, whatever the light of the Sun conjunct Jupiter, illuminating the Moon from across the sky will reveal to us, it’s definitely going to awaken all of our senses and our most passionate feelings to life and the sense of urgency, intensity, call for action is going to guide us towards making important choices based on the wisdom of the heart.

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