Full Moon in Leo (January 28th 2021)

Hi everyone and welcome to our astrological forecast for this upcoming full moon in the sign of Leo, taking place on the 28th of January 2021. A full moon in Leo represents an awakening of our hearts, of our most passionate, intense, fiery emotions, but since at the time of this celestial event the Sun is conjunct Jupiter all of this is going to be felt at maximum intensity and also since the opposition of the Sun and Moon form  T square with Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus, regardless of how these energies of tension are going to play out in our lives and even on the world stage, the shocking factor, the unexpected, the massive surprise is almost guaranteed. Squares are aspects of tension, which can cause a lot of stress, worry, anxiety or make everything seem urgent, critical, but that doesn’t mean that is has to play out in a negative way, for the same energy which causes stress can also be easily transmuted into motivation, ambition and courage, especially when Mars is involved and also Uranus represents chaos and the unexpected which can go either way, sometimes it can create massive breakthroughs and significant turnaround of events for the better out of the blue. The conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter is a really lucky, beneficial, optimistic energy and under a sky full of tension this matters very much, because it gives us the option to focus much more intensely on our dreams, future goals, plans and whatever we full heartedly believe in. What we believe and the truth we hold in our hearts becomes the nucleus which this energy is going to revolve around, so as long as we do not allow the squares to turn into rage, angers, frustration, violence, but rather try our hardest to focus on the constructive, positive side of things it can perform miracles, helping us attract solutions, options, all the things we love and are passionate about into our lives.

At this time Pluto is also tightly conjunct Venus, so this puts the attention on income, money, wealth, resources, currency, inner and outer values, inviting us to process that the old normality is but a faint memory in the present, so we need to make sure that we are adaptable enough to work with whatever is viable value/worth/material power wise in an already changed world.

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