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Hi everyone and welcome to your weekly energy update, a general Tarot guidance taking a look at how this week’s energies are likely to manifest in our lives.

Overall energy: 3 of Wands. The energy signature of this card is really good news for many of us, because it represents one of the most harmonious ways of manifestation of the astrological energy dominating all of this week: the chaotic, electric, hyper intense Mars – Uranus conjunction, a celestial influence which can swing either way, it can conjure up massive crisis, but at the same time it can create unexpected opportunities, open up new doors towards progress and evolution and it’s exactly this second version of its symbolism which the 3 of wands refers to.

One expression of this energy is internal, where a strong willpower, determination, ambition and the openness to new solutions, perspectives, visions, ideas, modus operandi, a state of being which can energize the flow in our lives and make us attract ways to obtain that which we seek, regardless of what that is. Also, if we invest our focus into the creations of future plans, even if it’s just contemplating the possibilities, even if it’s just juggling with ideas, analyzing our options or the potentials of the future, it’s still a gesture of planting seeds of intentions into the Universe, which will definitely show results, even if they don’t meet out precise expectations, it still keeps us in the flow. Life feels a bit safer when we have a plan B, even if it’s not ideal.

Another way of looking at this energy may not have that much to do with our inner worlds, because when it is exactly the outer world, external reality which goes through pivotal changes, many times it can create once in a lifetime chances, opportunities, which under normal circumstances would just not be available. When the world around us is being shaken to the core along with all the unpleasantries this creates, it also unblocks areas of our lives which were stagnating or were totally inactive, so even a world crisis can be a blessing for some of us, if we do not see things through a lens of fear, paranoia, doom and gloom.

Do: 4 of Wands reversed. Regardless in which position this card appears in, it speaks about completion, resolution, achievement, implementing solutions in order to fix/resolve problems. The reversed position means matters from the past which either still need solution or are simply pending for quite some time now. Also this is one of those cards which doesn’t bare a karmic connotation, which means we have a great deal of liberty in the sense that its totally up to us and our preferences when/how/in which way we achieve completion, nothing is set in stone, nothing is a “must”. Even if our purpose is simply to delay certain matters a little bit more, buy our selves some extra time, or if we simply feel like it isn’t the best time to face certain issues, it’s still a really good sign because it indicates that we will be able to do just that, either solve unfinished matters from the past or find solutions to delay them more, or reschedule them, especially if they are legal/official in nature. In “do” position, this card simply advises us to stay in the present, work with what we have, where even the option to postpone certain matters is a great celestial help, especially if we feel as if we are not ready/right now is not the best time.

Don’t Do: The Fool. Under the astrological influence of this week, it’s very clear what the Fool (corresponding to the planet Uranus) is trying to tell us: it is advising us to be very careful with the risks that we take, because under a very active Uranus things can go either way. Also we must be really careful with health and safety rules, we must take all precautions, safety measures in everything that we do and also be extra diligent with whom we trust. Another expression of this card represents the inner child and in “don’t do position” it advises us, that right now we need to embody the inner adult and not to give into the mood swings, temper tantrums of our inner child, especially when it doesn’t get what it craves for. Inner restlessness, anxiety, a hyperactive mind, unusual moods and states are very likely to be experienced this week and if we do find ourselves feeling any of this, there is no need to panic; it is just our bodies’ reaction to the spikes in the Schumann resonance. Last but not least, this card can also represent shocking news or being shocked by something that we witness.


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