Weekly horoscope January 18 – 24 2021

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of January 18 2021, we are about to enter a week where the astrological energies spell total uncertainty, if there ever was a time when the course of fate depended on our ways of thinking and our unique individual perceptions, that time is certainly now.

The meeting of Mars and Uranus on the 20th of January is going to awaken all of our senses almost literally to their maximum capacity and this spells a political, economic, social and also spiritual earthquake that will shake our normality to the very core, both from a collective and individual perspective as well. This may bring forth moments of maximum crisis, but as I say in the recording, chaos also has a creational and quite miraculous expression, because it can simply birth something out of nothing, it can rearrange even the most rigid, fixed components of order, which mean the birth of a new reality, one that promotes evolution, progress, growth and a much greater expression of individuality and freedom. It is up to each and every single one of us to make a choice, to lock in the frequency of what we would like to experience in the future and by doing this we can make sure that the imminent chaos is going to bless us with evolution, new opportunities and that which once was impossible all of a sudden becomes possible. Yet if we succumb to fear, anger, rage, hatred or naively allow our minds to be flooded with half-truths, fantasies, extreme principles which are not our own, we just create that reality one way or another, so the frequency faith, hope, optimism, self-care, understanding, compassion, mercy, humanitarianism is a recipe which can truly make a massive difference not just in our own lives but also for the whole world.

As a sign of warning such an active Uranus, especially in the earth sign of Taurus can also cause earthquakes, accidents, explosions, unusual weather manifestations and while mother nature’s own inner changes cannot be stopped or avoided, we do have a massive saying of how this can play out in our individual lives, so please be extra diligent and cautious next week, respect health and safety rules, drive safely and carefully and do not participate in any violence.

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