OMN Midweek astrology update

Hi everyone and welcome to another midweek astrology update. In this recording I speak about today’s extremely potent Plutonian new moon and all the tension in the sky, that can leave us feeling really stressed, agitated, anxious, frustrated, fearful and even depressed, but the planets also promise us hope, healing, progress, solutions as long as we embody optimism, faith and perhaps most importantly patience. It is true that the tension is going to get stronger and stronger as we head deeper into January, especially the 20th when Mars meets Uranus in Taurus, which one way or another is going to be a very shocking and explosive, having severe repercussions in February and even March, yet still there is so much hope and so many things to look forward to, because a time of healing, innovation, reconstruction and miracles follows, especially in the summer as Jupiter dips into its ancient ruling sign of Pisces.

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