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Hi everyone and welcome to our weekly energy update a general Tarot guidance examining how this week’s energies are likely to influence our lives.

Overall energy: Moon reversed. This card is very very suggestive of the astrology of this period, because most planets speak to each other in conversations of tension and also we are getting ready for next week’s electric Mars – Uranus conjunction, one that one way or another is going to shake everything to its core materially, economically, politically and even physically, for this is the astrological setup for major calamities, but even before we get there, there is going to be a lot of stress, urgency, raw feelings, in some cases even anger and severe frustration within every area of our lives, not to mention on the world stage. The Moon in reversed position is a very symbolic way of expressing all the fears, insecurities, inner chaos just washing over our conscious decision making processes and this is the type of energy that all of us are going to be experiencing one way or another, this isn’t really optional no matter how optimistic and positive we are, events that are going to take place in external reality are definitely going to shock us and make us contemplate. This doesn’t necessarily have to be something negative or polarized, even though a lot of people are going to give into the fear, but ultimately it really depends on us, our life views, our personal faith and beliefs that govern our lives what we do with this surge of unconscious energy. Uncertainty, instability, things not being very logical, rational and linear can be scary, but it can also be seen as simply part of the great adventure called LIFE. It is exactly uncertainty and not being able to anticipate the future which sometimes can give birth to the wildest ideas, to the biggest epiphanies and sudden realizations and it can draw to the surface our locked creativity, forcing us to catalyze our creative energies and problem solving skills. The Moon is also very suggestive that of January’s new moon (12-13 January 2021), tightly conjunct Pluto, which is the energy of profound transformation and rebirth, so as uncertain and chaotic our lives can get this week, we can symbolically look at all of this as the phoenix burning to ashes, before it’s rebirth. Regardless of how these very intense feelings suggested by the Moon card are going to be experienced, one thing is for certain, the pressure, the sheer psychological force is a catalyst that we are going to need to make choices based on honesty and authenticity. Anything that we build based on our personal truth, rather than just compromises, or copying others, or blindly following instructions, patterns, schemes, is something that can serve us and last for the rest of our lives, for any achievement, accomplishment, decision based on our truth, as subjective and personal as it may be, is simply a gesture of consolidating the divine within us and that which is divinely inspired benefits from the protection and sympathy of the highest powers.

Do: 2 of Swords reversed. The message of this card is really simple: especially with the situation the world, society, all of the international community is facing right now: NO ONE holds the objective truth! When external sources of information are contradictory, even the most empirical, logical, down to earth facts and figures, it is up to each and every one of us to follow internal guidance and subjective inner truth, regardless of what that is, as long as we can make sure that social media, opinions of others, TV, news, gurus, etc. don’t hold a greater influence than they should. Instincts, “gut feelings”, our inner “GPS”, the wisdom within our genes are the best guides, especially when everything else on the outside is severely polarized and confusing. Also, when everyone is a little bit confused and uncertain, we must be wise enough not to judge anyone for the opinion they express or the way they are feeling, for all of this can change so very quickly. Tolerance, sympathy, compassion and understanding in all relationships are advised, even if sometimes that involves staying silent and neutral.

Don’t DO: Star reversed. The message of this card is very simple and direct: do not lose hope! No matter how dark, negative, hopeless desperate certain situations may seem, we must not give into desperation, depression, and we must not feed hopelessness and the crisis through our feelings. Energy goes into where focus is invested, so even if it would seem foolish and irrational to cling onto hope, to think optimistically, to believe in the light at the end of the tunnel, in the darkest times that is exactly the recipe for miracles and turn arounds, so please whatever you do stay hopeful and live as detachedly as you possibly can from the external and even inner drama. We can only become victims if we live in that frequency.

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