Solar eclipse (new moon) in Sagittarius (14.12.2020)

Hi everyone and welcome to a special horoscope taking a look at the astrology behind the upcoming Solar eclipse (new moon) in the sign of Sagittarius on the 14th of December 2020.

This is a really intense and powerful energy culmination, where the karmic forces will act as an enriched, super fertile soil, being able to grow our seeds of intention with great haste, leading us to a wonderful new beginning, in that area of life where we have 23 degrees of Sagittarius. Collectively this can be seen as a quantum leap our species takes towards the future, for this can give birth to unimaginable, never seen before technological, scientific and legislative upgrades, new cosmological discoveries, that are going to challenge everything we thought we knew, new inventions and innovations regarding space travel technology, and also a re-adaptation of international travel and the rules which govern it, so this will change our collective sense of “normality” forever.

This super fertile creational energy is undoubtedly going to give birth to new spiritual movements, new ideologies, and new world views, but at the same time it can also force existing religious institutions to loosen the rigidity of their core principles.

It is highly recommended that we stay hopeful, positive, optimistic during this time and that we open ourselves to the new, even if that means having to abandon our comfort zones, but it’s also equally important not to attach any expectations, for the new moon squares Neptune, so the divine intelligence will work according to its own mysterious ways, which might not match our rational expectations.


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