Weekly horoscope November 30 – December 6 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of November 30 – December 6 2020. Just at the very beginning of the week, the Gemini penumbral lunar eclipse starts an avalanche of karmic shifts, where even more intense planetary aspects are going to change the landscape of our lives from within and also externally, all through the month of December. The Gemini eclipse is a really potent revelatory energy shedding light on the mental patterns running our lives, heavily influenced by Neptune freshly out of retrograde squaring the North node, which is going to emphasize all of our personal illusions, the hidden seeds of negativity that block us mentally and it also invites us to purge out all those self-defeating principles, which stem from our education, the way of thinking we picked up from others, because all of this is imperatively necessary to achieve mental freedom and to refine the ability to observe the self.

Mercury, the ruler of this sign forms harmonious conversations with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto which is really good news for all of us in our own individuals ways, because this represents blessed communication, the creational power of words, thoughts, affirmations, so this heightens the chance that solutions can enter our lives, if we communicate our needs, reach out for help, are honest with our situations (put aside our pride), but at the same time this is also a powerful alchemical energy where mantras, affirmations and positive thoughts can become  game changers.

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