Full Moon/ Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini (30.11.2020)

Hi everyone and welcome to your astrological interpretation of this upcoming penumbral lunar eclipse in the sign of Gemini, taking place on the 30th of November 2020. A lunar eclipse is a powerful and karmic full moon, where the Sun stands across the sky from the Moon projecting its light onto it, so it always has revelatory qualities, illuminating our souls and in Gemini also our minds allowing us to perceive reality more clearly. At the same time the culmination of the lunar cycle can also bring fated endings, completions, energies coming to fruition, something in our lives reaching its apogee. The sign of Gemini, especially currently hosting the North node may reflect our true identity, not just who it is that we think we are, how we perceive ourselves mentally, but also the spirit which we embody, who we were created to be. This gives us the chance to identify all of our conditioning, our though patterns, ways of thinking, the functions of the lower mind and if we come across negative, self-defeating patterns, or any mental imprint which doesn’t serve our highest good, we can eliminate it, replace it.

The North node is a symbol of our karmic journeys, where fate is guiding us towards, what we need to accomplish in the future and since an extremely strong Neptune, who just went direct one day before the eclipse speaks to it in tension, we really need to tap into our adaptability, versatility, be open to new, to changes, we have to surrender our riding beliefs, fanaticism, or illusory principles, for that is the only way we can navigate through with great efficiency, at least from a mental and intellectual perspective in the upcoming new era, which is just around the corner. Last but not least, who we are, being able to perceive our true identity with greater clarity also effects all our relations, because how we speak and communicate about the self is what we project onto others about our own distinctiveness and when this changes, our connections also have to change.


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