Weekly horoscope November 9 – 15 2020











Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of November 9 -15 2020. We have an incredibly intense sky playing out all through the week, where we can expect some major karmic events to be playing out in our individual lives and on the world stage as well due to the third and final meeting of Pluto and Jupiter, a celestial event which without a doubt is going to finalize the deconstruction of the old order and simultaneously catalyze the creation of the new. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, it magnifies everything that it touches and if Pluto is the symbol of this massive and pivotal global transformation, then we can expect things to get a bit tougher from all perspectives, but there is also a lot of momentum and quick evolution of events, especially due to a stationary Mars finally standing still in the sky and preparing to go direct, which can also give everything a sense of urgency. Individually we can expect karmic closures, but also certain hard to bare truths and secrets coming to the surface, all of this is meant to guide us towards freedom from delusions, fears, or those deeply rooted conditionings which rule over our lives hidden in the shadows of our unconscious minds.

At the very end of the week we have a very powerful and mystical new moon in the sign of transformation, death & rebirth, mysteries, secrets, the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious, Scorpio, where the conjunction of the Sun and Moon speaks harmoniously with the Capricorn clusterum and also forms a trine with Neptune, a very powerful spiritual energy which can enable us to rise from our ashes, just like a phoenix and soar towards a healthier, more empowered and balanced life, for reality is merely a reflection of our though processes and the truth we hold inside, any changes at core level also reflect in physical reality.

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