Weekly horoscope November 2 – 8 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of November 2 2020, we have a powerful sky playing out all through the week, where Mercury makes some important “strategic” moves, at the beginning of the week it continues to challenge our relationships, partnerships, alliances due to the squares it holds with the Capricorn clusterum, but around the 4th of November it stands still in the sky and goes direct, an energy which provides much needed clarity, which helps us reach a greater state of balance and fairness in relations with others, but for some relationships this means their termination. With Pluto holding a quincunx (inconjunction) with the North node, a strong karmic energy expanded by Jupiter, all of us will feel the need to at least mentally, step up and analyze where we would like to be heading in the future from all perspectives and most importantly how, in which way can we accomplish our personal progress. Even though some opportunities may simply disappear or are going to be deemed as not being “the right path”, where one door closes another one certainly opens and this is exactly the main message of the North node in Gemini, as long as our perceptions are wide open, as long as the mental patterns running our lives are “programmed” to serve our highest good, nothing is truly impossible, for what we seek, also seeks us, a principle supported by the quantic nature of the Universe.

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