Pick a card reading: Your next love story

Hi everyone and welcome to a special pick a card reading, dedicated for today’s new moon taking place in the sign of Libra, a part of the sky which governs relationships, so this reading is our attempt to inspire and ignite the spark of hope in the hearts of those people who are single and looking for love.

Instructions: look at the three piles of cards for a couple of seconds (or as much as you need) and choose the pile which sparks your intuition up the most, then jump straight to the interpretation.

Here is a short preview of the meanings behind the 3 piles:

Pile 1: A past failed relationship (or divorce) might have taken a toll on your heart, so in the next chapter of your love life’s story a relationship at distance might be what fate gifts you with, to make you feel supported, less alone in life, but also to give you time to be free and independent and simply be who you are at the very core of your being, without compromises, judgment, shame and guilt. Only a person who mirrors this is worthy enough to enter your life.

Pile 2: You are very magnetic person, but you seem to attract all the wrong people in your life and this has been going on basically all your life, due to a negative unconscious pattern that stems from your childhood, where you might have been missing a parent or family life was not great/toxic. For those who are looking for same sex relationship, this might have to do with the very low and superficial emotional standards within their community, making them feel like aliens, just because of their high morality. Either way you are very close to breakthrough, as in eliminating and reprogramming that pattern, which will change everything, all doors will close for the wrong people and one single one will open for the right person.

Pile 3: You might have had a very hard and challenging life, where everything was about overcoming obstacles one after another, surviving moments of crisis and caring for loved ones, so your love life was never very active. All of this changes soon, because the hand of fate turns your life around, allowing you to experience the total opposite, a life of greater ease, fulfillment, where everything is going to be about living all those experiences which you have missed out on, or had to sacrifice. Naturally love is part of this as it will knock on your door, but you won’t give in easily, playing a cat and mouse game with your destined future lover, for your life will be so much filled with self-love, that you will second think committing event to your destined lover/soul mate.


Time stamps:

Pile 1  3:15

Pile 2  15:39

Pile 3  26:26

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