New Moon in Libra (16.10.2020)

Hi everyone and welcome to your astrological forecast for this upcoming New Moon, taking place on the 16th of October 2020, in the sign of Libra. Like all new moons, this one is also associated with a powerful new beginning in that area of our lives where 23 degrees of Libra falls into, but generally speaking these energies are going to influence our relationships, contractual associations, one-on-one alliances, partnerships of any nature and our outlook and personal vision about justice and equality. There is a lot of tension in the sky, for the conjunction of the Sun and Moon is part of a T square, where as it opposes Mars retrograde, they square the Capricorn planets (Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter), so before a new beginning can take place, there might be some very profound changes, transformations, endings, closures, terminations, which are going to change the landscape of our inter-human connections, but all for the sake to make room or an ideal emotional environment for new relations based on equality, justice, fairness and mutual respect to be formed. This new moon also takes place under a Mercury retrograde in the highly transformative and mysterious sign of Scorpio, being opposed by Uranus, so we can expect a lot of unexpected twists and turns of events and surprises, really powerful psychological purges, the imminent necessity to come to terms with the past and at the same time shocking secrets can be revealed, both individually and on the world stage as well. Fortunately there is an absolutely harmonious and blissful trine held by Jupiter the “Great benefic” and Venus the “Lower benefic”, so divine guidance, faith, optimism, help, compassion, solidarity from others, or even miracles can advantage us all throughout the week, for later on Venus will also speak in the same manner with Saturn and Pluto and this is a very strong fated energy meant to bring help, solutions and good fortune into our lives.

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