OMN Weekly energy update

Hi everyone and welcome to your weekly energy update, where we use the wisdom of the Tarot and channeling of the Spirit to offer a mini weekly forecast and guidance.

Overall energy: The Hermit.

This is one of those Tarot cards, which bears a multitude of meanings and usually they are circumstantial, so we need to adapt it to the present karmic forces at play in the world, which without a shadow of a doubt influence all of our lives one way or another. This week we have the Sun, the symbol of the self and identity in the sign of Libra, aggressed by Mars retrograde and the Capricorn clusterum, so all of our relationships, may they be romantic partnerships, one-on-one alliances, contractual relationships, even very close friendships etc. are going to be under a lot of pressure and chances are that the landscape of this area of our lives is going to change and rearrange, so naturally for certain people the Hermit is going to represent moments of solitude, being alone, waking up to the truth that they can only rely on themselves, but none of this has to be negative, painful and dramatic, especially if we align ourselves with the undeniable universal truth that we are born alone and ultimately exit life alone, making it our number one duty to take care of ourselves, our physical bodies, the incarnated self, all of our needs, without relying on others. In other words, if we mind our own business, try to stay out of the dramas of other people and do everything that we need to do, to ensure our own well beings, even if times are hard, difficult, full of challenges and obstacles, it won’t be enough to crush our wills to live, our hopes and dreams. Basically, the Hermit represents the sign of Virgo one of the most self-sufficient and practical signs and this is the energy we are invited to embody. Naturally, some of us are either psychologically (self-mastery) or practically more skilled and experienced than others, so this can represent an excess of energy, which we are free to share with others, making their lives easier and also nurturing our own souls by being compassionate to others, another signature trait of Virgo. By helping others, we also gain experience and can always learn new things and encounter unique situations, an attitude which the Hermit encourages, as long as we have energy, time and resources to spare, otherwise, it will become self-sacrifice and martyrdom, which is really a bad idea this week. The main message is self-sufficiency, balance between service to the self and service to others.

DO: 3 of Wands reversed.

Usually, in upright position this card may invite us to seek new perspectives, opportunities, try out new things, step out of our comfort zones and be as ingenious as we can, for is we seek something passionately, chances are it also seeks us, but under the energy of this week, where Mars and Mercury are going to be retrograde at the same time, it is a much better idea to try our hardest and complete everything pending, left unfinished from the past. When we invest our energy and focus into achieving completions, closing that which needs resolution or a final solution, we can attract into our lives or activate dormant inner forces, which can provide us with the tools and opportunities needed to successfully complete unfinished things pending from the past, may it be a dormant skill which we no longer use simply activates temporarily, may it be a person from the past returns and advantages us, may it be people who have unpaid debt of karmic or any other nature will mobilize themselves to achieve their own closures by fulfilling their pending duties. There are times in life, when reviving the past and working with everything that stems from there is a good idea and now is definitely such a period

Don’t DO: Devil reversed:

This is a really tricky card, because in reversed position the Devil may represent freedom, seeing the truth, chances and opportunities to free ourselves from strings attached situation and compromises, termination of obligations, contracts etc. so it should be a really good energy right? The problem is that many times the truth can be shocking, almost like taking off a blindfold left on your eyes for hours and instantly gazing into a bring light, an experience like this can be extremely uncomfortable and can leave us with some scars or the state of shock can persist a long time, so this card advises us to take everything slowly and with measure, not forgetting that ignorance is truly bliss, regardless from which perspective we look at it. Naturally, this doesn’t encourage us to be ignorant, but to take on the position of the observer, as in, look at life and external reality through a shaded lens, so the light of the truth doesn’t shock us and doesn’t do more damage than good, because the shaded lens gives us the advantage to filter everything. Also freedom has a very high price, so it advises us to be careful what we wish for, especially if we are not prepared to pay the price, so we really need to be our most diligent selves. For example quitting a time demanding job leads to freedom, but when done without foresight, it also leads to poverty and scarcity. If we accept the consequences, it’s a blessing, yet if we do it unprepared; it can lead to a fate worse than slavery.


Thank you for reading we wish everyone a blessed and magical week!

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