Weekly horoscope October 12 – 18 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of October 12 – 18 2020, we have a really powerful and almost hyperactive sky, where the karmic forces are beginning to activate in such an intense way, that most of us alive today have never experienced such a strong Plutonian energy, so the wisest way to approach next week is to expect the unexpected. Even though the tension held by Mars retrograde and the Capricorn planets is getting more intense, due to the Sun joining in, as it opposes Mars, this powerful tension can create miraculous karmic discharges, where certain negative events, losses, closures, terminations and all those things we are being forced to surrender, due to feeling powerless (everything in life may be outside out control at this moment) can actually lead to the missing puzzle pieces in our lives and destinies, which means that the astrological powers at play can guide many of us to finding exactly what we need the most and with great urgency. The requirement to alchemize the tensions into a major blessing is to try our hardest and stay detached from the global drama. We also have a really powerful, but tense New Moon in Libra, which is definitely going to rewrite the landscape of all our relationships, partnerships, contracts, but all for our highest good, for the square with Pluto can draw into our lives fated encounters, that can serve our long term futures. Mercury going retrograde in Scorpio and opposing Uranus is going to unleash a cascade of unexpected energies, revelations, epiphanies, secrets being exposed, some might delight us, others shock us, but regardless how we live them through, it is going to be a celestial invitation to sort out all problems of any nature pending from the past. Last but not least, Venus in Virgo is going to start forming trines with the Capricorn planets, which is really good news for all of us, because it can lead to gains, honors, help with any obstacle and struggle and it can also play out as fated love or a big karmic reward.

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