Oracle guidance for the Full Moon in Aries

Hi everyone and welcome to another Oracle guidance, today’s reading has a specific subject, I asked for guidance and advice on how to navigate through the energies of this emotionally and psychologically intense and chaotic celestial culmination. The cards that have been drawn are almost self-explanatory, where the main message of the Divine intelligence is about the power of our perceptions, for if we break down the rules, laws, interconnected elements, which basically make everything in life real and be in a specific way, we reach the ultimate conclusion, that existence, life, reality in general is simply a construct of our own perceptions, for without the feelings or thoughts, which we attribute to anything that enters our perceptions, for us personally it’s not in existence and vice versa when we seek something that was merely born inside our minds, ultimately one way or another we are going to make it exist. This might sound a little bit absurd, but if we think about this deeply, the truth of this holds great power, one which we can use to transform our lives and our external reality by focusing internally on everything that we desire (on a soul level, so very authentically) to experience and the key to this is changing our perceptions, our thought patterns and the power we allow our emotions to hold on us. This is perfectly valid even for psychological wounds and traumas, if we release it, if we take away the importance, it will simply stop existing for us, releasing us from its grip and allowing us to replace it with our dreams and fantasies, which will ultimately one way or another enter reality.

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