OMN midweek astrology update + bonus Tarot guidance

Hi everyone and welcome to your midweek astrology update with a bonus Tarot reading included in today’s video. We are going to have some very intense, painful, disillusioning, assertive, agitated and for some even depressive couple of days, for the full moon taking place tomorrow in the sign of Aries in conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer, pulling all our hurts, traumas, dissatisfactions, unfulfilled desires and life goals to the surface, forcing us to undergo a rather intense and painful psychological purge. This is not really bad karma, neither divine punishment, quite the contrary, this is the only way a benevolent Universe can help us abandon once and for all some really deeply rooted collective and social illusions, misaligned beliefs, which take away our psychological freedom. The pain that we may be going through these days is more than worth it, for this is how the new paradigm, which is so very close, is going to be free from old blockages, illusions, collective traumas and a deeply rooted survival mentality, in other words, the old order has to collapse, not just physically, but also in our minds and psyches. The cards advise us that sacred solitude, self-love, self-nurture, tapping into activities that bring us comfort, pleasure is a really useful coping mechanism, detachment from the collective drama and also the suffering and pain of others is essential to make it through safe and sound in this very intense collective karmic episode.

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