Weekly horoscope September 28 – October 4 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of September 28 – October 4 2020, we have an active and very tensionate sky playing out all throughout the week, where the star of this astrological show is without a doubt this upcoming Full Moon in the sign of Aries, taking place on the 1st of October, where the Moon is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, which promises us a very emotionally tense and heavy period, when the Moon pulls to the surface all of our wounds, hurts, the injustices we suffered and it can also reveal old ancestral traumas, which either source from our families of origin or from the culture we belong to. At this time Mars is conjunct Eris and Lilith, all 3 of them squaring Saturn and Pluto and this can play out as massive protests, uprisings, rebellion, revolution on the world stage, where a lot of people are going to feel the need to go out and fight for their rights, equity, equality, their highest principles and of course their futures. Before the Full Moon illuminates Aries, on the 29th of September, Saturn stops and stands still in the sky, preparing to go direct, this can be a very powerful karmic energy, where certain closures or completions start manifesting in our lives, but at the same time the down side of this energy is that it can play out on the world stage and a tightening, strengthening of all the restrictions, rules, regulations, limitations imposed by centralized power, but this is where the square with a retrograde Mars is going to severely trigger people to fight against these legislative changes. We also have a very blissful energy, where Mars, Venus and the Galactic center speak to each other forming a grand fire tine, bestowing blessings of courage self-confidence, faith, devotion, determination, ambition and for many people out there also physical strength, high mental and emotional energy levels.

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