Channeled messages & guidance

Hi everyone and welcome to another channeled messages reading, based on divine synchronicity. In this session the messages go out for people who might be facing one of the following situations in the present moment:

Their future plans were put on hold by exterior forces and they might need a bit of clarity on what causes this;

Others are blocked from being able to immerse in goals, projects, passions exactly by their mental clarity and freedom, for they see the futility of investing psychological energy and passion into anything, while the world is going through this hard transition;

Others might be feeling a bit down for the person’s heart they want to conquer might be giving mixed messages;

Some highly skilled and talented professional might be feeling the frustration caused by lack of success and prosperity, despite their highest quality work and service;

Certain people feel total exhaustion and an almost unnatural fatigue that’s causing a lot of worry and fear for the future;

Others still, might be going through a very vengeful depression and psychological breakdown.

If any of this resonates for you and your situation feel free to check out the reading and the free guidance.

Time stamps for the 6 channeled messages:

Intro  00:00

8 of Swords rev. & Page of Coins rev.  2:39

6 of Wands rev. & Knight of Wands rev.  10:10

9 of Coins rev. & 7 of Coins rev.  17:41

7 of Wands & 6 of Cups rev.  27:13

8 of Coins rev. & The Sun  33:52

9 of Swords rev. & 6 of Coins  42:23

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