Pick a card reading: New Moon in Virgo

Hi everyone and welcome to another pick a card reading, taking a look at the possible manifestations of today’s (17.09.2020) Virgo New Moon. Like all new moons, the main symbolism of this astrological event is associated with new beginnings, fresh and new energies entering in our lives which can help us make significant improvements, but it can also represent a karmic new beginning or a psychological reconfiguration, for the conjunction of the Sun and Moon speaks in trines (conversations of supreme harmony) with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, so it has the power and potential to change our lives profoundly. The New moon stands across the sky from Neptune, so whatever new beginning this energy can conjure up, it highly depends on the patterns hidden in our unconscious minds, so planting seeds of intention, setting new goals and fantasizing about what we wish to experience in the future (as long as it’s not impossible or surreal) can make all of this manifest quicker and with greater precision (Virgo is known for its meticulousness).

Time stamps:

Introduction  00:00

Pile 1  3:08

Pile 2  14:10

Pile 3  22:13

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