New Moon in Virgo (17.09.2020)

Hi everyone and welcome to your astrological forecast for this upcoming New Moon, taking place in the sign of Virgo on the  17th of September 2020. The energies of this new moon are rather mixed, but fortunately it is the harmonious conversations it holds with the Capricorn planets, that have the greater influence, for it perfects a trine with Saturn and this means manifestation, completion, breakthrough, help coming in, but also a reward for your past work and sacrifices, so it can be a very very useful energy not just to solve problems still lingering from the past, but also to eliminate bad habits which take away our freedom (Pluto) and like every new moon it can offer us opportunities and chances for new beginnings, especially those which we can use to upgrade our lifestyle and ways of thinking. From a collective perspective, similarly it can offer a massive boost in the efforts of the professionals trying to solve the global situation in all of its facets, but since Virgo represents the living earth, due to the quincunx the new moon holds with Mars retrograde conjunct Lilith, this can also spell outbreak of new diseases, mutation of covid, the destructive force of water (floods/tsunamis/serve drought and heat wave) and there is also a chance for accidents, very strange weather phenomenon, explosions and civil unrest which gets out of control unexpectedly.

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