Mars rx special Tarot guidance

Hi everyone! This reading follows our Mars retrograde video series, where we interpreted the wisdom and message of the stars, so it’s only natural that we also ask the Spirit to advise and guide us on how to turn this Mars rx season to our greatest advantage.

In this reading the cards show us that one of the most important spiritual gifts that come with such an intense Mars is that we can have the inner power and courage to eliminate false desires, envy, jealousy, in other words, the negative psychological expression of the fire element, which might block us from deep within and also we can use it very practically to declutter our lives, terminate unhealthy relationships and break free from the past. The cards predict that the power of intellect, cold logic, mental fertility is going to rise and become a dominant force as we get near the age of Aquarius and also that we should expect desires, intentions, wishes which we have planted into the Universe 8 month ago to return back in our lives in a manifested way. BIG ground breaking technological and cosmological discoveries can also be expected. The dangers that it bares are: religious fanaticism and violence in the name of rigid beliefs, dogmas, unhealty faith, but there can also be powerful aviatic disasters, explosions and massive calamities, which can shock the whole world, but ultimately it will bring with it forced change which ultimately leads to improvements and lessons learned collectively.

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