OMN Mars retrograde special horoscope for all signs

Hi everyone and welcome to a very special bonus horoscope, taking a look at how this Mars retrograde season can influence your personal life, depending on your star sign. Today, Mars stops and stands still in the sky and goes retrograde tomorrow, lasting until the 14th of October 2020, when it will go direct. Even though globally this may not be the very best of news, neither is it the easiest of energies, for this is the astrological setup that simply detonates and demolishes the old order and forces us (collectively) to reconstruct, but personally it can be a totally different epicure, for Mars is the symbol of our personal powers, our ambitions, passions, determination and the sovereignty of your will, so it all depends on how we personally use this energy. The horoscope contains predictions and guidance on how to benefit from this very powerful Mars, but also if you’d like to have a listen to how it can influence the global situation, you can find a link to a separate video.

Aries 3:38

Taurus 11:44

Gemini 17:52

Cancer 23:53

Leo 29:11

Virgo 34:45

Libra 43:45

Scorpio 49:20

Sagittarius 59:29

Capricorn 1:04:19

Aquarius 1:11:04

Pisces 1:18:36


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