OMN midweek astrology update: believe in your story!

Hi everyone and welcome to your midweek astrology update! We have a really powerful, lucky and harmonious sky, where the Sun shining brightly from the sign of Virgo dances together in supreme harmony with Jupiter, the planet of blessings, good luck and expansion, an energy which sets the stage for lucky opportunities, breakthroughs, miracles and even a total change of fortune, an energy that is going to be even more active around the 13th of the month, when Jupiter stands still in the sign of Capricorn, making it’s influence that much stronger. Later on the Sun is also going to be trined by the rest of the planets in Capricorn (Saturn and Pluto) a perfect astrological setup for big manifestations, accomplishments and opportunities for profound changes and transformations, especially materially. The Sun opposing a very strong Neptune can be an energy of a gentle wake up call, disillusions, where we abandon impossible to accomplish fantasies and focus our faith and spiritual power on all those things which do presents a great degree of probability and even an anaretic Mars in his home sign just a day before it goes retrograde, can empower our ambitions, desires and determination to succeed, a perfect alchemical cocktail for success, or breaking free from limitations.

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