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Hi everyone and welcome to your weekly Tarot update, taking a look at how the energies are going to influence our lives this week. Very soon these readings are going to be exclusively available only to our subscribers (e-mail), so if you’d like to receive free updates similar to this one each and every week, feel free to subscribe to our weekly newsletter here:

Overall energy: 6 of Swords. Under the present circumstances, I do believe that this is one of the most positive and encouraging cards which could possibly show up, because all of it’s various interpretations is good news and a breath of fresh air for all of us, including even it’s more unfavorable expressions. The 6 of swords is a very dynamic card, it speaks of progress, rushing through a transition with the speed of thought, evolution of our situations, end of stagnation, moving away from the old, taking initiative and abandoning everything in our lives that is a major source of passivity (for example inertia, procrastination, endless daydreams, false hopes, illusions, or external blockages etc.) and speeding towards the unknown and mysterious future. It’s most positive expressions are simply written in the starts next week, for we have so many supremely harmonious aspects held by very influential planets, so without doubt, for many of us, this card can manifest as finding solutions, a way out from long lasting problems that have held us in check-mate situations; for others it can be intervention of another person simply pulling us out of the quagmire; for others still, it can represent very lucky opportunities and breakthroughs, which even though come as a total surprise, in very unexpected ways, for some maybe those opportunities may seem a little bit way too out of their league when they show up in their lives, but declining them is not going to be a possibility, so regardless of how we may feel or think in the shock of the moment, whatever enters our lives is going to be “beyond our expectations” kind of manifestation. Even for those individuals who might come face to face with the more unpleasant manifestation of this card, it is only the emotional charge and the stirred up feelings, which gives it a more negative expression, but the effect remains the same, it is a progress, transition, decision followed through action that we imperatively need in our lives, regardless how we may be feeling. This can play out as the strict necessity to abandon false hopes that are simply keeping us imprisoned in a passive state of readiness, especially if you are in a relationships and it is your partner’s numerous promises that are simply never seeing daylight, or it can be other important people in your life who have promised you very many things months ago and have been asking for your patience, yet nothing truly became palpable, or it can also be valid if you are emotionally attached to something you love and believe in, yet the time to move on and find a much healthier and beneficial replacement is here and where you couldn’t act, now, karma/fate does it for you. Either way the detachment part, abandoning that which you once loved, accepting that your hopes are now working against your situation can be very painful and depressive for some people, but once you embark on the boat of change and transformation, a boat sent to you by destiny, as you start sailing to the other side of the river, everything will become so much clearer and all that you had to abandon and leave behind will be replaced. The only thing that can slow you down now is fear from the unknown, but under the present moment global circumstances, all of us had a lot of time on our hands to fight off all our fears. Ready or not the wheel of fate is turning, Jupiter goes direct on the 13th of the month and this can be an important date for many of us. We had our ups and down, trials and tribulation and we overcame them day by day, but the new “ME” we were looking for has always been hidden in the fog of the unforeseeable future, so if anyone important in our lives wishes to accompany us, they will need to abandon their fears or they will be left behind.

DO: 10 of Wands reversed. The message of this card is very direct and straight forward, when life offers you opportunities to take the cross off your shoulders, make your life easier, more pleasant, independent, it is an offer we can not afford to decline, especially if it is our morality, standards, principles and personal illusions are what represent the “strings”. Total self sacrifice and martyrdom is a sure road to suffering, one that the Universe can’t compensate here in earthly existence, neither in any other form of being, so those people who truly love you and appreciate you will not ask for you to bare their crosses until you are crushed by the weight. If the Universe offers you freedom, ease, time to regenerate and recharge, obsessively clinging on to your duties, regardless of their nature, may they be moral, material or any other, will be taken as a gesture of ingratitude, so choose wisely. When your basket is empty you can only share your very last crumbs, but if you take some time to refill your basket, it is only then, when what you share can truly matter not just for you, but also for those who’s crosses you help carry.

Don’t DO: King of Cups reversed. The Sun opposes Neptune, planet of dreams and illusions, so next week can be a very powerful disillusioning period for many of us, but it all depends on our perceptions. If we take on the negative expression of Neptune (self victimization, unable to shift out from our dreamy states, choosing to stay high up in the clouds, even when there is a massive thunderstorm) then we can expect our hearts and feelings to suffer total defeat, yet if we allow the light of the Sun (truth and healthy self love) to balance out our lives by illuminating our minds and souls, we can put a stop once and for all to all the unhealthy psychological patterns, escapism, self sacrifice and self victimization and balance out our emotional worlds with the blessing of knowledge, rationality, cold logic, the very best expression of our intellects (Sun in Virgo). So don’t choose the drowning and suffocating waters of illusions to drown your rational mind, choose the freedom of the mind!


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