Weekly horoscope September 7 – 13 2020: Lucky opportunities and breakthroughs

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of September 7 – 13, we have a very active and powerful sky playing out, where the dance of the planets offer us a small window of opportunity to rest, recuperate, have a moment of respite, recharge our batteries, but also to take some time and meticulously think through all of our “strategies”, the plans we have created in order to achieve our goals, desires, or to make profound changes in our lives. On the 10th Mars stands still in the sky and prepared to retrograde, a perfect opportunity to go within and check in with our passions and the desires that fuel our beings, because also around that time the Sun receives trines from Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn and also from Uranus and this can spell divine intervention, big display of luck and good fortune, or any kind of blessing, which can be material, palpable in nature, for all these planets converse from earth signs. This will get even stronger at the end of the week, when Jupiter stands still and prepares to go direct, that can be a massive infusion of good fortune and things can start to mobilize and have a different dynamic. We also have Mercury and Venus changing signs (Mercury into Libra and Venus into Leo), where they immediately start holding a sextile, this energy is very beneficial for making safe sound choices if we apply a lot of rationality in our decision making process, for without cold logic, Venus in zero degrees of Leo can determine us to follow our hearts and passions blindly, which can lead to a lot of complications.

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