Channeled messages: synchronicity guidance

Hi everyone and welcome, this is another random channeled messages series, based on synchronicity, if you asked for divine guidance in the very recent past, there might be a small chance for you to receive the guidance in one of these messages. You don’t need to choose any card, just listen/read through the messages, take what resonates and discard the rest.

Princess of Coins & 2 of Swords. You might be thinking about starting a very small business, or an activity based on your skills and talents, or maybe some of you might be thinking about going freelance, or starting a new type of job, but you are still unsure. The Universe advises you that right now is not the best time to make this step, because of the very uncertain economic climate, especially because making a big profit and accepting any compromise is not really how you desire to accomplish your idea, so just write down or preserve all your ideas, your plans, because in a couple of months, the external situation will change and that will be a time to act, but until then, preserving your ideas and the fruit of your brainstorming is the wisest choice you can make. It can also represent that maybe in the close future, the legal climate, or your local community or the government could provide extra help and support for people in your situation, so a lot of positive and more opportune collective future changes can greatly advantage you, like free funds for start up for example.

King of Wands reversed & 6 of Cups. You might be someone who not so long ago surrendered a really big childhood dream, or a soul purpose, or a very important life goal to the Universe. You may have tried so very many times to accomplish it, for some it even turned into an obsession, so surrendering it was necessary. The Universe may not have made very significant steps towards helping you accomplish your desire in external reality, but even the act of surrendering denotes very powerful inner reconfiguration, where slowly but surely you are embodying the frequencies of an innocent and pure child, you are becoming the inner child and that is already a massive sign that the Universe is setting up the stage. It is a childhood dream, stemming from the soul of the child who you still are, so it’s only natural for the child to receive it’s fulfillment. Please be patient because you are not going to be let down, things are coming together slowly but surely.

Temperance & 10 of Wands reversed. You might have needed to step back from work, your job, career, duties and responsibilities, for you were in serious danger of burning out and that would have ended your love for what you do for good. You received a lot of guidance and intuitive impulses for you to make this step and you are already freer, more balanced, with more time for yourself and on one hand you love it and are really grateful, but on the other hand you also feel guilty that you are letting people down, or perhaps that you are a bit selfish for focusing on yourself and not carrying your cross. The Universe tells you that this is divine intervention, the Universe had every intent to take your duties off your shoulder, because karmicly you already completed what you needed to, so this is a time for freedom and regeneration. The only way it can truly take off all your burdens and all those things that are causing your burn out is if you release your end of the rope and cease playing the tug of war game with the divine intelligence, you do not need to worry it won’t allow your material situation to crumble down on you, neither should you feel guilty for not working more than it’s necessary for you, because you’ve earned your freedom.

Fool & Death reversed. You might be someone who already has taken the decision to leave EVERYTHING material life, job, career, home, possessions, place in society, your past, I mean ALL and just start a new life of freedom, adventure and exploration. You are more than ready and eager and have no fear in your heart, you are absolutely determined to do this and just travel, visit places, or move to a land which is simply calling your soul, you are willing to accept anything, any risk, any danger, any consequence. You might have done everything that depended on you, but there might still be one or two big blockages in your life which are preventing you from taking the leap of faith and without a doubt you know that it’s the Universe, for the ball is in it’s court, it’s his turn to make the next step, but it’s not moving a muscle. The Universe is ready to allow your adventure, but it simply can’t let you go right now, because it would send you to certain doom, so it asks you for even more patience until the world becomes just a bit safer and more stable and on top of that you are not the only one who is ready to make this move, there are many people all over the world just like you and they are also waiting, so when you are going to be released, so will everyone else and that means many paths will cross, which can give birth to wonderful encounters, change of experiences, new adventures and alliances.

Devil reversed & 7 of Cups reversed. You might be living a spiritual paradox, because in the very recent past, you are starting to see the world for what it truly is, you can see beyond the illusions, deception, make belief, which is an absolutely positive thing, but your emotional reaction is not so pleasant, for it shocks you and it confuses you greatly, despite the fact that you actually see the truth of things. Reality is simply a big illusion, there is no objective truth and this makes you feel totally ungrounded, as if mentally and spiritually you are simply drifting into space with no gravity to hold you down. The Universe understands that this is shocking and unsettling, but it advises you that the moment has come when you have to dream your story, your destiny, your future into existence, for if reality is an illusion, there is place, room for your own dream to enter reality and this is the reason why you see all the way it is, for you need to make your dream as authentic as possible, meaning that it has to stem from the core of your being, so that it can fit you like a glove.

2 of Coins & 6 of Coins. You might be going through a material regeneration and recuperation phase in your life. The main goals is to find balance, stability and for you to be OK materially and this is the main karmic theme in your life right now. You made a lot of progress, but your situation is still not yet satisfactory, but all of this might change in a very surprising manner as long as you are willing to receive. This could represent either a really lucky job/work offer, it could also be generosity from someone unexpected (you know this person from your past), or from your family, family member, someone who loves you deeply, or it could be someone sharing their blessings with you (an inheritance they get, or winning/gaining a large sum of money) and even if there is going to be maybe a small compromise attached to this, the help can only enter your life and possession if you are willing to receive it without any second thoughts, or splitting the hair in 4 or feeling guilty.


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