Weekly horoscope July 13 – 19 2020: Truth, justice, reality check and a touch of Karma

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of July 13 – 19 2020, we are going to have a very karmic and revelatory sky playing out all throughout the week, where the predominant celestial dances are going to be held by the Sun in the sign of Cancer as it stands across the sky from Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn, an energy which one one hand reactivates the karmic degree (22-23 degrees of Capricorn) where January’s Saturn – Pluto conjunction took place, so we can expect massive manifestations of karma playing out on the world stage, where very imapctful truths, secrets, the reality of the whole global situations is going to be exposed, certain corrupt world leaders and representatives of centralized power are going to be brought to justice, crimes, corruption, all the flaws of governments are going to be exposed and even the corona virus situation will take a different turn. Individually, this is also going to be a very important energy, because it is going to provide clarity, it will show us the truths of our material situations, life goals, life path, where we truly stand in the world, our places in society, how happy we are with what we have in our lives, so it is going to be a massive wake up call from so many different perspectives, where we have to take all of it in simultaneously and this might make some people really unhappy, others might lose their faiths, others might be really stirred up emotionally, others still, might be really satisfied with their lives, but might see or sense that society is limiting them and it is taking away their chance to happiness, but at the same time it can also represent a massive karmic harvest for all your pain and sacrifices if you worked for a very noble cause for example. How this series of oppositions is going to be playing out for us individually really depends on our unique personal situation of of course where Cancer- Capricorn axis fall into our personal charts.

We start the week with some very beautiful and inspirational aspects taking place, Venus sextiles Mars, Neptune rx trines the Sun and also sextiles Pluto and Jupiter, so all of this put into one place means inspiration, faith, divine guidance, compassion, solidarity, unconditional love, the power of true love, the power of dreams and fantasy, alchemy, blessed self expression, a wonderful energy for artists, creative people, communicators, those who work with the public, those who are single and looking.

This energy is like a potential out there, so we have to tap into it, we have to use it actively, we have to discover it within ourselves, so it might not really be that useful for a lot of people right now, because the predominant aspects are those of the oppositions and chances are, there are going to be a lot of truths that we need to take in and process, so regardless of how happy or prosperous our lives may be, the threat of the global situation is still going to preoccupy us.

Before I get into the analysis of the oppositions I would like to say a few words about the position of Jupiter and Pluto, because we are approaching the moment when they are touching 22-23 degrees of Capricorn, where January’s very rare and karmic Saturn Pluto conjunction took place. That is really important, because it reactivates the lingering energies, so chances are that the whole corona virus situation, the global crisis, the economical and political battles increase and this manifestation can be way stronger and more impactful than it was as the beginning of the year, because Jupiter expands it, amplifies it. This is where we are really heading into the eye of the storm, we are passing the point of no return, this is where all our deeds, choices, inner configuration (inner truth, faith, beliefs, principles, life view) are locked in and based on that, we are heading in deep waters.

The opposition with the Sun is going to make this energy THAT much clearer, it will trigger a very strong emotional response, the sign of Cancer can represent the power of the people, the unity of all the citizens of planet earth and how we collectively try and process the karmic events and all the truths, disclosures and everything being revealed to us. It can stir a LOT of emotional reaction, a lot of revolt, disbelief, especially that crimes of sexual nature can be exposed and Cancer being the sign of the mother, of a protective and nurturing parent… whatever injustices and crimes are gonna be revealed, well we might take it very personally as if it would also be directed against us. But there is another side to this because Jupiter is our faith and inner truth, so for many of us this might be a very shocking wake up call, that positivism and optimism will definitely not going to help us navigate out of this global turmoil, so a lot of principles, world views, religious views etc are going to clash, it’s gonna be a big philosophical and opinion based warfare that we will see playing out in social media, internet, mainstream media etc. Massive changes in legislation are also very likely to take place and that might also really upset the masses, but of course each and every culture will have their own set of problems and challenges, yet still all of us are going to feel as if we are in the same boat with everyone else on the planet. Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn is also going to make all the limitations, obstacles, the suffocating rules, regulations, customs and traditions feel almost unbearable, restrictions might get much stronger, heavier, but since it is an opposition, chances are that this time around centralized power is going to be the one full of fears and not so much the citizens, so all of this of course is open to negotiation and compromise. In those cultures where centralized power might be a little bit too brave and bold… well chances are that people are going to demonstrate what the power of unity can accomplish. It can also be regarded as a spiritual warfare, for Pluto and Jupiter are sextiling Neptune, so this represent the power of wishes and no one said those wishes can’t be directed against centralized power, which means that our current normality is threatened from every single possible angle, this is where the imminent total deconstruction of all of this is very very obvious for all of us, at this point there isn’t really any turning back and those individuals who have fallen in the illusion that everything is OK now and they can resume their old ways of life, are going to be in for a very big shock, for other people might challenge them and simply ruin their old normality.

Individually, personally speaking, these series of oppositions are going to be like a karmic stock-take, a retrospective look of your life, where the truth has to sink in and be processed. It might not be a very optimistic energy for most people, how could it, when our material futures are almost non-existent at this point and it’s exactly this uncertainty of the future materially (Saturn), legally and socially (Jupiter) and even regarding your own souls purposes (Pluto) is going to agitate and upset a lot of people. But it’s still an oppositions, so there are many sides to this energy, because for many it can be a wonderful karmic reward, when they are going to be thanked, honored, made feel valuable and special for their work, sacrifices, actions, for what and who they embodied and since this is an extremely karmic energy, it all depends on your karmic path really, very important pivotal moments can take place in your life, for example fated endings, fated connections, being at the right place at the right time for something big to happen in your life, finding out a life changing secret, truth etc. It highly depends on your personal situation, your life views, principles and of course your goals in life. For those people who naturally dislike sacrifices, work, giving away their time, their energy, who dislike rules and regulations, well, for them it can be a very heavy time, it can conjure up a massive depression, but even for those who embody the saturnian archetype it can simply manifest and an inner reflection: is it all worth it? Are you happy with how your life is? Do you feel appreciated and valued? Do you feel as if you are living your truth? Is there anything in your life which is illusionary and needs surrendering or elimination? The answers to all these questions, as a gesture of contemplation, reflections, taking a retrospective look at your life, where your emotional well being is extremely important (Sun in Cancer) can be one way this opposition manifests.

For other people this might have very much to do with their faiths and beliefs, this is where the Universe, the Divine is going to reflect just how healthy or unhealthy their faiths and inner truth are, so chances are people with very rigid faiths, for example religious fanatics are going to have a rough time, because their faiths are going to be challenged. For others, power is going to be the main theme: How much power do they have over their own lives? How free are they really? Do their desires have an obsessive grip on their freedom? Are they giving away or squandering their powers? Are they abusing their powers (manipulation, influence, toxicity)? Are their relationships based on equality and fairness?

Regardless how this opposition plays out in your individual situation, it is still going to be a reality check, a wake up call to the truth, but whatever reaches our awareness may it be good or bad, may we be happy or very unhappy with our situations, we can still change it, by changing ourselves or we can surrender everything that no longer serves us, or is not an accomplishable goal or desire.

Ultimately the BIG picture of this oppositions is trying to teach us one very very important spiritual lesson, it doesn’t matter how our material lives are, it doesn’t matter how immersed we are in material reality or how distant we are, there are times in life when we need to adapt to external circumstances, there are moments in life when external reality might not really reflect and support our life principles and philosophies, but all of that is perfectly OK, because no one can take away who we are deep inside our selves, no one can take away our most sacred inner truth, neither our dreams and wishes, for emotionally speaking we are the absolute sovereign rulers of our lives and existences, so reality is what we make of it. Happiness, being OK, feeling loved and protected by the self, even when our lives are a cold and lonely winter, is actually possible as long as we choose to go within and instead of judging and beating up the self for all the things it doesn’t have, can’t do, or won’t do, we should appreciate it for the courage to be here in human form, for all the pain and suffering of life it has endured and if we see ourselves as nurturers, parents and protectors of our own beings, of the human who we are, or better said of the innocent and pure child that is the core of our beings, than even if the world goes up in flames, no one and nothing can even as much as touch our emotional well beings.

Thank you so much for reading, wish everyone a blessed and safe week!

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