Pick a card reading: How to navigate through the crisis?

Hi everyone and welcome to another pick a card reading. We have had a lot of karmic events changing our world, society, our sense of normality profoundly since the beginning of the year and we know in our own unique ways, from our own sources may that be astrology, any other form of divination, dreams, visions, intuition or simply rationality and life experience, that there is much more to come, as we head into the end of the summer things are gonna pick up speed considerably, so I have asked the spirit for guidance on how to navigate through this period, which has already begun.

Just look at the cards for a couple of seconds then choose the one which appeals to your intuitive senses the most, then jump straight to it’s interpretation.

Thank you for reading/listening, enjoy!

Card 1: Death.

For those of you who were guided to the first card, this isn’t really an advice or a guidance, but more like a prediction, because for you guys the change is going to be massive, profound, extending to the cores of your being and it’s going to hit like a lighting bolt. It is really difficult to tell the polarity of the experience, because it is so very personal for each and everyone of you, but it might involve, losses, surrender or being removed by karmic forces from your current surroundings. This change is gonna be so very intense, because of the past, you might have had either a really really unforgettable injustice happen in your lives, or a very hard past, or a life full of pain and hardships and even though you did all that you could, you healed, forgave, removed yourself from the vicious cycle of limitations and obstacles, still some wounds can simply not be healed, some obstacles can’t be overcome, they run so deep that there is absolutely nothing you or any other living soul or even spirit could do to help at all and since those wounds and the events that produced them were not your fault in any way, shape or form, you were simply born into them, it was simply the injustice of the times you lived in, it was a glitch in the divine plan or an unfortunate twist of fate, so the divine has to step up and simply fix your life, fix your soul, fix everything that is beyond your power and that is exactly why it’s gonna be so intense and powerful. The only advice here is go with the flow, do not resist the change, don’t stand against the transformation, even if it will feel like walking to your own slaughter, please trust divine justice, it failed you once, but this time it’s getting things done.

Card 2: 9 of Cups.

For those of you who were guided to the second card, this is really wonderful news, because psychologically and emotionally speaking you have developed really really effective, powerful coping skills backed up with life experience. You have been in really tough situations in the past, which have taught you that happiness and well being is a choice and if you are united with the self, if you always stand from a place of understanding and gentleness to the self, there is nothing you can’t overcome even if the world around you is in flames. This is exactly what you need, because this very strong self nurturing ability can simply guide you through any darkness and it will also make sure that you are gonna stay detached from all the drama and instead of fearing or worrying you can use your mastery to help and guide others, may they be your loved ones, friends, family members or even total strangers. The guidance is very straight forward, you have all the skills, knowledge, wisdom and life experience you need to stay safe, sane and optimistic, so just do your “thing”, take each day as it is and always apply your principles, your life philosophy to each situation and the Universe is gonna support you.

Card 3: 7 of Cups

For those who were attracted to the third card, the 7 of Cups might suggest that you embody the dreamer archetype, so you might be an artist, or have the soul of an artist, you might be a deep thinker, philosopher, a creative person, a spiritualists, a nonconformist, a deep thinker, visionary etc.

Because of your energies, for you it’s very natural to immerse in the self or in the inner world, even when times are peaceful and there is no crisis in the world or in your lives, so basically your coping mechanism is just immersing in your dreamy bubble and waiting it out, but the Universe suggests that while you do that, even if this is a BIG and rather violent transformation, there are a lot of opportunities out there for you, either for the immediate future, or in the distant one. Observe, reflect, see everything happening all it’s multifaceted side through the lens of your soul and document what you can because this will provide either massive artistic inspiration helping you to create, or it can be the core of a book, writing, future creation, piece of art etc. because it will both inspire people (in a time like the one we are heading into, inspiration will be pure soul food) or you can act as a divine historian documenting everything through your perception and preserving this period, this chapter of humanity, for future generations to study and reflect.

Card 4: High Priestess.

Those of you who were guided to the 4th card, you might not need any advice or any kind of guidance because you might have it in you, more than any other person alive today. One of the representations of this card is that you might have ancestors, predecessors (grandparent, great grandparent, or someone going back even further) who have lived through similar events, similar global karmic turns, for example 1st or 2nd World war, a big crisis in your culture, famine, war, concentration camp etc., so the memory of the experience and also the wisdom is within your genes, within your ancestral heritage, your instinctual self contains this dormant energy and it’s exactly this karmic gift within your genes that is gonna awaken and simply guide you through all of that effortlessly. Your intuition will be extremely sharp, so everything that you will need to do (make choices, take action, cope, be there for others etc.) will come to you as if by magic and if you would face a really tight or difficult situation your instincts would simply guide you out of it in the most miraculous of ways. Also, you might not really be that worried or concerned, because deep down in your soul you just know that the new paradigm is going to be kind and supportive to you, so you are actually very eager to step into the new.

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