Lunar eclipse/Full Moon in Capricorn (July 4-5th 2020)

Hi everyone and thank you for joining me, today I’m going to be speaking about this upcoming penumbral lunar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn, taking place on the 4-5th of July, depending on where you are on the planet. Just like the previous eclipses, this one is also very powerful, unique and karmic in it’s own special way and since it’s a lunar one, meaning that it’s a full moon, it represents a karmic culmination, a completion, ending, manifestation and most importantly a powerful revelatory energy exposing secrets and things hidden from our sight.

In my personal opinion, this is going to be one of those energies which is going to manifests very differently in the life of the individual, opposed to the world stage, because it will depend very much on our personal situations, past action, but also the inner structures which govern our lives.

Individually this can represent a powerful karmic manifestation, where certain endings, closures, terminations or profound transformations which you need in your life to achieve progress and step into your future can show up unexpectedly, but it can also be harvesting the fruits of your labor, important opportunities in your career, professional life, a fated moment which has much to do with that area of life ruled by Capricorn, or it could be powerful truth, information or insight that can change everything. Since the Moon is trined by Uranus the revelatory qualities can manifest as shocks, surprises, unexpected twists of events, but also important information, knowledge, revelation can help you advance, solve problems, overcome blockages and obstacles. This very powerful Capricorn Moon favors those individuals who embody Saturnian qualities as in spirit of responsibility, diligence, foresight, professionalism, equity, duty, a very strong work ethic and most importantly always stand from a place of realism and down to earth approach. If you have been working very hard on something, even if it’s a hobby, inner work, charitable work, a project, in other words anything that involved investing energy, sacrificing time etc., this eclipse can potentially bare a powerful manifestation for you. It also favors spiritual/psychological work of manifesting something, accomplishing a certain goals, because Capricorn is the sign of manifestation and as long as you work and embody the requirements of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn also in this part of the sky, (Jupiter: having faith and embodying your true virtues; Pluto the willingness to transform, face the most unpleasant truths and own your inner power; Saturn: responsibility, duty, respecting the free wills of others), there is no reason why the Universe and the karmic forces won’t allow a very powerful manifestation to take place in your life.

Collectively things can be a little different, because Capricorn is already under a lot of stress, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn dancing together and deconstructing the symbolism of Capricorn, exposing truth, secrets, laws and weaknesses and of course since Saturn is in anaretic degree (shadow aspect) all mistakes, abuses and misuses of power, control and authority are going to be noticed and brought to justice, so there is no telling what the revelatory aspect of this astrological phenomenon can pull to the surface, shocking all of us, but regardless of how unpleasant it might seem to us, it is still something necessary to catapult us into our futures, this specific nuance of the energy being assured by Uranus in Taurus.

This eclipse is quite notorious, because we had a similar one in 2001, on the same day and same degree (13 degrees of Capricorn) and it’s manifestation was rather savage, for it set the stage for the events of 9/11. I honestly believe that we are not the same people, who we were back then, neither individually or collectively, so there is absolutely no reason why this should play out in such a dark and violent manner, because we all have learned very powerful lessons form that dark chapter of modern history. But unfortunately Mars is going to square Mercury rx in Cancer at this time, so some angry words, ideological, moral, philosophical or religious conflicts may be present at that time, but if that is how the conflict unfolds it is still a positive and motivational energy, because if we can resolve our conflicts just by expressing them verbally or informationally and not physically, that is already a massive progress.

Also religion, religious views, dogmas, the rigidity of religious institutions, is going to be a big subject at this time, because the South Node is in Sagittarius and religion is one of it’s expressions, but of course so is legislation, law, philosophy, beliefs, international community and air travel, so all of these subjects can be emphasized on by the energies of the eclipse. The North node being in Gemini is also good news, because if the South node represents past karma, the lessons and actions of the past, the North node, especially in the very witty and practical sign of Gemini represents learning, adaptation, evolution, applying knowledge in a very practical way (science), so there is gonna be solution to every problem we might be facing or what this eclipse is going to reveal to us. One of the big karmic themes playing out here, is that all these events and karmic manifestations are actually teaching us, showing us, guiding us to apply the qunatic principles for example mind over matter and that in a multidimensional Universe everything is possible, to solve our current situations and all the problems our civilization is facing in the present moment.

The Sun at the time of the eclipse is going to be tightly conjunct the fixed star Sirius, so this represents that the light of truth is going to be that much more revelatory, expansive, awakening and also it’s going to be triggering a lot of people to take action. On one hand that action can be assertive (Mars square Mercury), but it can also be using our genius, creativity, compassion and empathy to find solutions, go out our way to help other people, to embody solidarity and unity. Sirius has the qualities of both Jupiter and Mars, so it is quite action oriented, tactical, truth seeking, but at the same time proud, brave and bold, so we might perform certain actions, gestures, or share information, speak our minds, which in usual circumstances we would never do.

At this time we are also going to have a sextile, harmonious celestial conversation between Venus and Mars and also Uranus and Mercury and the combination of these energies is very creative, intellectual, intelligent especially emotionally, our minds are going to be infused with love, magnetism, creativity, inspiration, while our hearts with courage, the power of love and our intuition greatly amplified, so we are going to have all the tools and inner setup to navigate safely and for some prosperously and with great eas through this period.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer has healing qualities to it, both emotional healing (healing the past, conflicts, finding forgiveness, accepting a situation) but also physical healing (finding the best professional, care, nurture, love coming from family, self love, self care, self nurture), so this can also represent a moment of regeneration, healing, or the revelatory nature of this full moon can highlight the need for all of these and to quit certain bad habits or self destructive tendencies.

There is quite a negative and unsettling effect which all full moons can have potentially and that is to pull to the surface dormant emotions, so for some people this can manifest as fears, insecurities, melancholy because of their material situation, jobs, professional lives.

Regardless of how this karmic eclipse is going to manifest, it will definitely reveal to all of us what we need to do, accomplish, change, transom, eliminate either from our lives, minds, habits, hearts, from our collective customs, in order to step into a much more freer and prosperous future and also where our weaknesses and flaw lies collectively and socially and it will give us to opportunity to come up with the most ingenious of was to heal all of it.

Last, but not least this eclipse can also trigger floods, the destructive expression of the element of waster and also earthquakes or strange weather phenomenon, especially in North America because the shadow the eclipse falls to this region.

Thank you so much for listening, wish everyone a blessed and magical eclipse!

Please listen to our detailed video version if you are guided:



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