Weekly horoscope June 29 – July 5 & Lunar eclipse in Capricorn

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of June 29 – July 5, we have a really active and dynamic sky playing out all throughout the week, where Mars having entered into it’s home sign of Aries on the 28th is going to make things way more dynamic, action oriented, passionate, ambitious and willful, but since Saturn retrogrades back into it’s home of Capricorn on the 2nd of July slowing down the material aspects and highlighting material restrictions, lacks and needs, we are going to need a powerful Mars to help us navigate through the expression of an anaretic Saturn in it’s home sign. We also have a really beautiful and inspirational conjunction held by the Sun and Mercury in the sign of Cancer and also both of these planets are going to be sextiled by Uranus from Taurus, the higher octave of Mercury and this can be an energy of massive inspiration, brainstorming, emotional clarity, favorable communication, solidarity and mutual emotional support sourcing from our closest friendships, family and out local communities, but this can also represent massive epiphanies, coming up with the most ingenious ideas, or intuitively sensing, anticipating or deciphering the future.

Mars also holds harmonious dances with Venus and Saturn and this empathizes the dynamic feeling of next week, because both of these aspects are action oriented, our communications, sharing ideals, socializing, expressing ourselves can take us a very long way. We also have a hard aspect where Mercury forms a square with Mars and this is the energy of angry words, emotional toxicity or annoying other people with our dramas. At the very end of the week, either on the 4th or 5th of the month, depending on where you are on the planet we have a really special penumbral lunar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn, which is a powerful karmic energy meant to provide endings, completions, culminations and there is also an element of surprise and unexpected attached to it, but either way it is a very potent revelatory energy.

We start the week with Mars from his home sign forming very important celestial dances that are going to provide inspiration, motivation, magnetism, ambition and courage for us to get things done, reignite the flames of passion in our hearts, it activates our instincts and it bring out our bravest and boldest self. The sextile with Venus can make our words, communication, what we share and express, our gestures or our attitudes magnetic, attractive, persuasive so this is really good for exams, interviews, online dating, business, sales, coming up with tactics and ideas, or drawing in help, support through self expression. It’s also a really good energy to find and make new friends, connect to new people, get out of our comfort zones and do activities which require an extra bit of daring and courage. The sextile it holds with Saturn is equally as important, because it favors work, sacrifice, physical energy, exercise, realistic self worth, not shying away from challenges and limitations, but it’s also the energy of realism, knowing what we can achieve, where the limits are.

We need a really active and powerful Mars next week, because Saturn retrogrades back in it’s home of Capricorn on the 2nd of July and this can be quite a heavy and not so favorable energy, because Saturn in anaretic degree (degree of culmination, intensity, karmic discharge) can make the financial, material, economical, social problems seem more severe, it can bring new restrictions and limitations and challenges, but fortunately it doesn’t really favor social distancing rules, so there is the chance for these to be relaxed, either because of social pressure, or because they will no longer be necessary. As soon as it enters it’s home sign, it will meet Jupiter and Pluto already there and together they are going to continue, or better said resume the main karmic theme of 2020, which is the deconstruction and then reconstruction of centralized power, rules and customs, patriarchy, big organizations and corporations. The dance of Jupiter and Pluto is already enough to expose a lot of flaws, mistakes, illegal activities, manipulations, nepotism and corruption within centralized power, Saturn’s return here is going to emphasize all of these, karmic manifestations are going to trigger and certain problems and restrictions are going to get more severe. Fortunately because of the empowered Mars our problem solving initiatives, ambitions, energy, determination and courage is going to be equally as potent as the anaretic Saturn, so this isn’t really a bad energy, because it will get things done and it favors any kind of work, investment of effort and sacrifice in order to obtain a goal.

Around the 11st of July The Sun meets in the sign of Cancer with Mercury retrograde and both of them hold a harmonious aspect with Mercury’s higher octave Uranus. Sun conjunct Mercury is the aspect of revelations, prophecy, intuitive perceptions, divine downloads, 6th sense and in the sign of Cancer it’s all about emotion, emotional security, matters of the heart and of family, inner world, our place in the world/community, our past, past emotions but also our future emotional aspirations, so this aspect can grant us a lot of clarity, emotional empowerment, knowing exactly who we are at the core of our beings, being aligned with our truest emotional needs, desires, aspirations, where we can embody empathy, compassion, solidarity, love with great ease. If all of this wasn’t a blessing in itself, both of these planets speak in a sextile with Uranus from Taurus, a planet which has very much to do with the future and also truth and revelation, so this can be quite a prophetic energy, harmonizing your emotions and also your mind to make clear, inspired future plans which are aligned with realism, meaning that they can be possible to accomplish, but it can also infuse the mind with a prophetic power, being able to foresee, anticipate the future or to simulate the possibilities of the future (quantum entanglement). This can also represent epiphanies, brain storming, unexpected inspiration, coming up with the most ingenious plans and methodologies, but at the same time this can also represent unexpected help, offers of solidarity, favorable communication, encouragement, positive, uplifting, motivational events and occurrences involving your family, local community, those people who you love dearly. This also favors making new friends and connections, but the kind which is based on a deep soul level resonance and mutual love and appreciation. Also a really really good energy to heal the past, make significant progress regarding emotional healing, find a little bit of extra inspiration, motivation, love in your life.

On the 4th of the month Mercury forms a hard aspect, a square with Mars, so this can represent a little bit of anger, impulsiveness, angry words, verbal and emotional clashes, self victimization tendencies, drama, pessimistic attitude might irritate our environment and we might be challenged and called out, this is where a non compassionate, or survival mentality type of attitude might work towards our disadvantage, we might lose friends and valuable social connections if we allow our dissatisfaction, dramas and our emotional imbalances to make us appear like toxic, self absorbed people.

Another very important energy which I would like to mention is Mars, as it enters Aries it holds a square with the eclipse point, zero degree of Cancer, where June’s very special solar eclipse took place. Even if there are no planets here at the moment, the energies of the eclipse still linger, so this tensionate conversation with Mars activates it and this can mean either manifestations, meaning that we can already see how that eclipse is likely to play out in our lives in the close future, or it can represent just insight, information or guidance of what we need to do, invest, sacrifice, to have a new beginning. But since it is a square, whatever it might be either it can seem urgent, or it might require some effort and action from our behalf.

Last, but not least on the 4th or 5th of the month, depending on where you are on the planet we have a really interesting penumbral lunar eclipse (full moon) taking place at 13 degrees of the sign of Capricorn. As all full moons, this one represents the culmination of the lunar cycle, so it means completions, manifestations, endings, closures, karmic triggers which are meant to provide endings, but it can also be a very strong and potent revelatory energy. This eclipse/full moon is rather notorious, because it took place in the same sign, same degree, same day in 2001 and it manifested the events of 9/11. This means that it is a really powerful and karmic celestial dance, which is meant to reveal to us where we truly stand in the present moment regarding our karmic journeys and if there are major themes that we need to become aware of and ultimately fix, refine, transform those will show up soon after the eclipse. Capricorn is all bout centralized power, BIG corporations, our leaders and professionals, organized religion, patriarchy, social structures and the hierarchical ladder, while individually it has a lot to do with career, material life, life goals, soul path, missions etc., so all of these can be a subject of a massive karmic closure/completion. I do believe that we are not the same people, neither collectively, nor individually as who we were in 2001, so I see no reason why things should play out as assertively and tragically, as they did in 2001, yet still if there are certain flaws, weaknesses, misaligned collective beliefs or ignorance about certain issues which is blocking our karmic journey towards the future, chances are they are going to be highlighted by the light of the Moon and brought to our awareness. If we are open, if we have an adaptable attitude, if we look at the world standing from the position of the observer, then there is absolutely no need for the manifestations to be extreme, physical, destructive. Of course this can also represent a lot of positive things, because Capricorn is the sign of the manifestation after all, so it can be completions, harvesting the fruits of your labor, the opportunity to climb up the social ladder or hierarchical ladder within a company, community etc. It is also trined by Uranus so there is definitely an element of surprise and blessing attached to it, it can be like a huge scientific advancement, new technology seeing daylight that can change a lot of things for the better or offer hope, but it can also be a big disclosure, truth, something hidden and concealed being revealed and chances are it can really trigger people, for Mercury will hold the square with Mars, so angry words, angry communications, assertiveness. There is also a risk of floods, earthquakes, extreme weather phenomenon, tsunamis, eclipses and even full moons have this kind of effect.

This full Moon stands across the sky from the fixed star Sirius, so this can also call forth some massive political conflict, battle especially inner ones within governments and the state, but whatever tension is being brought to the surface, it’s resolution is a must for equality and balance.

Thank you so much for reading wish everyone a blessed week!

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