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Hi everyone and welcome to another random channeled messages series. These short messages are based on synchronicity, you don’t need to choose any specific card, just listen/read, take what resonates and matches your situation and discard the rest. Thank you so much for being here and enjoy!

8 of Coins & 9 of Cups:

This is a message for some people who are either working, investing energy into a project, a purpose, a goal, a desire (material in nature, or with a material element) or it could be new studies, or initiating something, or simply future plans, but the problem is the progress has stopped right now and it seems as if things are stuck and blocked, so you might not know precisely what to do, if you are on the right path and if you should hold on a little bit longer or if the present moment is simply not a good time for anything new or even to make solid future plans. The 9 of Cups represents help, inspiration, motivation or emotional support from either a family member, parent, friend, someone else involved in the situation or even a total stranger, one way or another you are going to receive either help, emotional support, advice, clarity or even material help which will kick-start the progress. The cards advise you not to give up, but neither obsess with making progress, making things move quickly, because help is on it’s way and you are definitely not going to regret persevering with your plans/goals/project or whatever the 8 of Coins might mean for you personally.

Ace of Cups & Judgment:

This is a message for someone who has been through a very dark and vengeful episode of their lives, where everything just broke down, the dark night of the soul was never ending, even their faiths and principles were broken, so the purge and recovery from that took a lot of time and effort. Regardless of what caused the crisis, may it be losses, illness, divorce, spiritual crisis, mental health problems, separation etc. you are through the recovery, but you still feel so very tired and exhausted emotionally and spiritually and you really need a moment of happiness, joy, serenity, a small miracle or something really positive to enter your life to recharge your batteries. For others this takes a very specific form, where it’s love they are looking for. Regardless of what that Ace of Cups means, may it be simply a divine intervention, a happy period where you can embrace living life, or may it be a magical love story, it is much much closer than you think. Actually you might even be in the process of giving up, surrendering it, nothing dramatic or painful, you just simply don’t want your way or the highway, if it’s not in the divine plan you accept it, but it’s exactly because of this attitude of yours, where you made the choice to go with the flow, is why the Universe can hasten all of this up and actually deliver you what you need and earned. It will be a very big surprise once it enters your life.

9 of Coins reversed & 6 of Coins reversed:

This message is for someone who as been trying with all their power, genius of their mind and everything they had to create a materially independent life for themselves. This can represent either a source of income which doesn’t consume their time and doesn’t bind them down with obligations, or for others getting a place of their own or leaving shared accommodation. Not only have you tried everything, but you also invested all the energy, ambition, determination, inner power you had and things still didn’t work out and you just don’t know what to do anymore, because you are not asking for prosperity or luxury, you are so very happy with a very minimalist lifestyle, as long as you can just be by yourself and be free in your own life, you are willing to make any sacrifice. The Universe says, please don’t be discouraged, because someone will help you out, it might be someone who you helped and scarified for unconditionally in the past, who needs to become fully aware of your situation, or it could be just an opportunity, or even help from council/authority/charity. Either way help is coming, so please don’t give up whatever you are doing, or have done in the past, even if it’s not materially rewarding in the present moment, or even if it’s apparently not serving your purpose of independence, because it will be an important piece of the puzzle, of the big picture in the future. Help is coming!

8 of Cups & King of Coins:

This message goes out for someone who is thinking about leaving their jobs/careers. The reason why they feel the need for this is emotional, either they are burned out, or they want a change, or they just had enough of the routines and responsibilities, it is what they feel they need to do inside their hearts.

The King of Coins suggests that you are a really really good, experienced, skilled professional or are really really good at what you do, so don’t make any quick, hasty or radical decision, because maybe abandonment is not the best option, you are simply too experienced, perhaps a change is more suitable for you needs, a change of circumstances, scenery, routines, responsibilities, so please be a little bit more patient and don’t let the emotional fatigue take away your clarity, because new opportunities for an important change are going to arise soon, or this situation is going to take an unexpected turn which will greatly improve your emotional state, so wait for the right moment because things will change.

4 of Cups reversed & 3 of Coins:

This message goes out for someone who is either looking for a job, or wishes to enliven their professional lives, just that nothing seems to resonate and they simply can’t figure out what they want, would like doing, what would feel right for them. The 4 of Cups reversed is the negative expression of contemplation, where when the answers do not come, we just overdo it thinking that it will help, but many times it confuses us more than it does any good. The Universe says that overdoing the contemplating might not be the best course of action right now, because you can’t force your psyche to come up with an answer when there isn’t one. Not knowing what you wanna do, is also an answer and you can leave that in the hands of the divine intelligence. The 3 of Coins definitely represents a job offer/interview/collaboration, but one which you might not be willing to accept when it enters your life if you overthink, attach expectations, or build faulty scenarios in your mind of how “ideal” should look like. Just surrender the “thinking” to the Universe, because it can experiment and bring to you a version which might really really spark your interest and resonate with you. But the more you stay in the passive state of contemplating trying to figure out what you’d like, the more you are blocking the Universe from creating options for you.

Hermit reversed & Ace of Wands reversed:

This speaks to someone who has been on a very long spiritual journey and is still going strong, but they might have gotten tired of being alone and in Hermit mode and they may wish some company. The Universe warns to be very careful what you wish for, because on one hand the negative influence of spiritual communities can make us feel more lonely than we really are, especially when we see soul mates, twin flames, soul family being such a massive theme right now, but one’s true soul level wisdom should ring alarm bells, that no such thing is going to be truly shared on the internet, unless it’s illusionary in nature and is meant to trick spiritualist to join larger groups, so make very sure that your loneliness is not due to any external influence, where the internet just rubs the “miracle” of union, community., etc into our wounds. If this is what you truly desire, the Universe is definitely going to respond to your wishes, just that don’t mistake true soul connection with superficial expression, because the Ace of wands reversed warns you that you might manifest a very selfish, narcissistic and toxic spiritualist who is going to use you, so pay close attention to your instincts and not your intuition, because when this opportunity will arise and it will be way too good to be true, your instinct will warn you to be very careful. It can also be a warning that someone who poses as a spiritual ally is in truth just sexually attracted to you, so know the difference or real friendship or someone driven by their desires.


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