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Hi everyone and welcome to another short channeled messages reading. In these readings you don’t need to choose any specific card, just listen/read the interpretations and take what resonates, discard the rest, these readings are based solely on synchronicity.

Prince of Coins & 8 of wands: This message goes out for someone who either initiated a project/business/lucrative goal/hobby or made any kind of material plans (like an acquisition) or they are thinking about doing this, either way there is an element of uncertainty, where you might not really be confident that is/was the right move to make, especially in very difficult times like the one we are living right now. The 8 of Wands is a good sign because it tells you that either progress, communication, information is heading your way in August and it will help you find clarity and you will know precisely what to do next/what you can expect, but for others it can represent either a journey abroad, communication from abroad, or some kind of evolution of the legislation which will give you the options, choices and clarity that you need. For some it can also be a job offer, which they are not sure yet to accept or decline, for they may feel they don’t have sufficient experience, but all shall be clarified later on, so don’t let the need to make a choice stress you.

6 of Cups reversed & Empress: This is a message from the spirit of a grandmother, female ancestor, maternal figure, mother who is no longer with you physically who either sends you blessing and spiritual support for you to heal, close, resolve an emotional blockage, hard feeling which stem from your childhood, it could also be finding forgiveness for a parent, family member who has wronged you, or it could be the spirit herself apologizing for something they may have done without intent to hurt you, when they were alive. Either way the spirit is going to make her presence known though symbolic dreams. For other people the spirit comes to guide you to be able to accept the present world that you live in, because for you the 6 of Cups reversed might represent very happy memories when the world, society and everything, life and existence it’s self was so very different, much more peaceful, quieter, calmer and those nostalgic days had so much magic and emotion to them and this creates a total dichotomy because the present feels so empty, barren, full of stress and inconvenience and you just feel you wanna go back to the good old days. The spirit is guiding you to embrace your inner power, where if you detach yourself from all the problems of the world, you can make each and every day of your life just as magical as it was in the past, so the spirit is inviting you to stay in the present and make each day magical for yourself.

10 of Wands & 9 of Wands reversed. This is a message from someone who has been working really really hard to support themselves, their loved ones and even other people, or it could be that this is what you do for a living, but you are simply at the end of your strength. Every day is starting to feel like a massive burden where all the duties, responsibilities, people relying and leaning on you is simply crushing your soul under the heavy pressure and you need to stop, you need to rest, you need to find respite, because otherwise you are going to consume your body, your health etc. The 9 of Wands reversed represents that you wanted to change your life, you wanted to do something for the world, you wanted to give meaning to your inner resourcefulness and the power you have, but you worked so so intensely that from a quantum perspective you burned almost 10 years worth of energy in just a few months, so you quantum leaped way ahead of everyone and the world. You still feel your inner powers, strength, resourcefulness, the creative power and the passion of embodying compassion, yet you just can’t invest it anymore, you are getting exhausted from every single perspective inner and outer. The Universe is aware and it is going to help you and lift the burdens, responsibilities, duties one by one off your shoulder, giving you your much needed respite, but this is where your mission has to end and another chapter of your life has to begin, one where you live life just for yourself, because you have done everything else that was part of your soul mission. You might not like the sound of this, but this is something you owe to your human self.

Judgment reversed & 8 of Cups reversed. This message depicts that you might be someone who abandoned an old life, an old lifestyle, job/career, relationship/marriage, a place etc. because it simply didn’t make you happy and deep inside of you, you felt that this was the leap of faith, the risk you needed to take in order to embrace a new life. So much has happened since, but you are still not really living a stable life, whatever you gave up on and lost, was not replaced by fate/karma as it was promised to you, so you are starting to doubt and be a little bit afraid, because there is simply no way or no time left for you to rebuild your life from scratch. You don’t regret anything and you wouldn’t do things any differently, but your progress is still incomplete. Judgment reversed represents divine timing, and the message for you is that it’s definitely coming and chances are it’s gonna happen at a slower, gradual pace, opposed to one big moment of breakthrough as you expect it to happen, but by the end of December 2020, your life is going to look so so much different, because by then thing will have fallen into their place.

9 of Coins & Star: This message is for someone who has discovered so much creativity, the spirit of an artist, fantasy, magic inside of them, that it changed their relationship with themselves forever. You were always maximally aware of your great potential especially the emotional and intellectual intelligence you were born with, but you never saw it as a blessing, because you couldn’t accept the compromises and the strings attached to material success, you preferred to preserve your purity and innocence and this might have caused you low self worth, because material reality couldn’t reflect how blessed you are. Now, you appreciate all your blessings and you know too well that regarding inner values, you are one of the wealthiest people on the planet and that is exactly why you are seeking to create a much more interdependent life for yourself, but without the compromises and strings attached. The Universe advises you to stay hopeful and to believe because it will come to you either as good fortune or simply begin at the right place at the right time, without you having to do anything, for your desire is just to spend time with yourself and just be free, not a life of luxury and the riches of the world, so it’s exactly this very realistic and modest outlook is what triggers the manifestation of karma. Buy a lotto ticket if you are guided.

6 of Swords and Ace of Cups reversed. This message is for someone who has a LOT of dreams and each dream is beautiful, magical, artistic, creative and compassionate that’s why you could only enact these dreams and desires symbolically, where they did come into reality but only in a very light and not permanent way, but this is also natural, for you couldn’t focus on just one, you couldn’t decide which one was the most important for you. This has changed, for you have discovered some time ago, that what you really really want to experience and you feel which is also part of your soul mission, is to find true love, to live a fated and magical love story with a soul as sensitive and as beautiful as yours is. The 6 of Swords is the card of transition, so you have been on this journey to find your destined lover, it has been a really long road where you profoundly changed yourself and your principles about love, especially by being able to see all those expressions of love which wouldn’t make you really happy and now that you know what does and you are so aligned to it, but fate just doesn’t want to pull it together. You feel your destined lover, you feel a connection, but it’s just intuitive or maybe fantasy, so physically they are not showing up, so you are starting to lose hope, the Grail of your soul is getting empty and dry. The message for you is not to worry, for every love story has 2 players and according to the quantum principles, what you seek also seeks you, so it might be a sign that you can stop searching and allow yourself to be found. If your Cup is getting empty, the Cup of your fated lover might be over-spilling so there is enough love, emotions and magic for both of you, so please be patient.

Please check out the video version if you are guided:


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