Weekly horoscope: June 22-28 2020, massive energy shifts

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of June 22 – 28, we have a very active and magical sky, still under the influence of the eclipse, so the energies are very reactive, fertile, creational and the numerous sextiles taking place all throughout next week are definitely going to guide us, inspire us and give us strength and determination to take advantage of this astral setup and start creating our futures.

We have very powerful energy shifts as well, where Neptune goes retrograde around the 23rd of the month, followed by Venus going direct on the 25th and at the very end of the week Mars finally leaves Pisces and enters in his home of Aries and this will change to overall tone of this whole period and all of the year profoundly.

If all of this wasn’t enough, Jupiter and Pluto, both retrograde are getting closer and closer to each other in the sign of Capricorn and even though their conjunction is not going to be exact next week, they will still be close enough to start triggering karmic manifestations, closely linked to the dance of Saturn and Pluto, which took place on the 12 of January 2020, a very rare dance which the last time when it took place, approx 500 years ago, it manifested as the protestant movement, which changed the world and the landscape of the world stage irreversibly. In the present the whole socio-economic-political-mediatic crisis brought on by the Covid outbreak is definitely one of the ways this karmic bomb played out in our reality, so this is what this conjunction is going to continue, with one manifestation, one revelation, one truth exposed at a time. Jupiter also represents the power of law and justice, so we can see BIG trials, legal cases on the international stage evolving further and more and more leaders, politicians, relevant figures who broke the law are going to face trials.

We start the week under the Mercury retrograde holding a sextile with it’s higher octave Uranus and this is a really good energy for reaching emotional clarity, healing the past, harmonizing all our soul level connections especially with family and people who we regard as family and of course finding the desires within our hearts of where it is that we long to be/belong to in the world, may that represent people, culture, a place, a house/home, the need to establish our own families, or simply seeing the blessing and the advantage in where we are in the present moment. Later on in the week the Sun is also going to hold the same conversation as it conjuncts Mercury and that is the energy of clarity, epiphany, sudden realization, truth, inner truth, favorable communication, support, guidance from those people who love us, even total strangers or it could very well be just a divine download or a moment of synchronicity. This is also a very favorable energy to complete certain things that are pending from the past, including paperwork, documents, communication, travel of information, contracts etc., and even though it can also create new offers, new invitations and business, it is advised not to jump to conclusions way too quickly and think things through profoundly before we commit or sign anything, because Mercury retrograde favors the completions of things pending from the past and not as much anything new.

Right around this time Venus also holds a supremely harmonious conversation with Saturn and this is the energy of blessing, our thoughts, communication are going to be infused with the energy of love and beauty and that can make us very magnetic, favoring the birth of new friendships, alliances even new relationships, especially after Venus goes direct on the 26th of the month. This is also the mental energy of realism, groundedness, our minds and hearts being aligned with our inner truth and that can mean manifestations, blessings, karmic rewards, recognition for our work, honors, gratitude and even new offers. This aspect is really good for online businesses, public speakers, intellectual creators, writers, public people, those who work with social media etc.

Another very important celestial dance is the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, which continues the big karmic theme of deconstructing and reconstructing centralized power, so chances are that many more very significant manifestations, truths exposed, fated events are going to be taking place on the world stage, but also since both of these planets are retrograde, this amplifies our faith, life view, inner truth, the power we possess over our being and basically this means a lot of inner strength, inner resources that we can put to good use one way or another. If this wasn’t enough Pluto and Jupiter hold sextiles with Mars still in Pisces most of the week and this represents inner strength, psychological fortitude, ambitions, determinations, spiritual power and inspiration, the power of our faith and beliefs, all of which we can put to good use, to create/eliminate/change/transmute whatever we desire in our lives. It is really good for closing the past, for emotional and psychological healing, purges, but also simply dreaming our desires into existence. Powerful fated events can be triggered by this energy as long as there is an input from us, which can be as simple as focusing on desires or it can take so very many different forms. This energy will intensify towards the end of the week, because we are going to have an anaretic Mars (29 degrees of Pisces) where it’s symbolism is greatly amplified and it will pull so many repressed emotions and everything psychological that we need to eliminate to the surface giving us the chance to work with them and dream the solution or the healing into existence. This can also activate powerful fated, karmic manifestations. An anaretic Mars favors karmic closures, releasing the past, detachment, inner changes, breaking old patterns, like addictions, but it can also cause stress, dissatisfaction with the self, self victimization, frustration, anger, passive aggressive attitude.

Then at the very end of the week on the 28th of the month Mars leaves Pisces and enters his home sign of Aries, where it’s symbolism is greatly amplified and it’s staying here over the next 6 months, which is a really really long period. This is also the part of the sky where it’s going to go retrograde later on and that is going to be a very intense moment when conflict, strife, aggression, violence is going to bloom and blossom in the world, especially when it joins Eris (planetoid of discord and rebellion, his sister in mythology) in the sky and they are going to be squaring Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. Fortunately next week and the week after we might experience the more positive expression of Mars in his home of Aries, where this can be a breath of fresh air, because it strengthens our wills, our ambitions, our determination, our drive, even our physical energy levels and physical strength, so regardless how we look at this this is a really good and much needed energy for action, initiative, courage, bravery, taking risks, stepping out of our comfort zones, ambitions, work, investing strength, standing up for ourselves. Also Mars is the symbol of the divine masculine, so this energy goes hand in hand with the Cancer eclipse, for Cancer is the representation of the divine feminine, the fertility and creative power of the Universe, so this is when we can truly shape and bend reality according to our wills and use it to create whatever we need and are guided to. It is going to be Mars changing signs which will set a totally different vibe, different feeling, it is going to awaken our inner warriors, so chances are the time for contemplation, inaction, waiting for a good moment to act is going to end and most of us are going to be motivated and guided one way or another to start working towards what is the most important in our lives for all of us personally.

Neptune in his home of Pisces also goes retrograde, being stationary on the 23rd and this is also a very powerful energy shift, for it’s symbolism turns inwards, this is where we are going to embody our own connection to spirit, our higher selves, our faiths, but of course also our illusions, fantasies, dreams and escapism that much more, but under the present circumstances, I think this is a much needed energy, because all of us need to turn inwards and try out very best to filter all the information, truths, half truths, deceptions and manipulations that have bombarded our lives in the last couple of months. This is also the energy where we have to embody our inner truth and our unique perceptions, intuitive senses, altered states of consciousness, all these are going to be way more relevant and significant for our spiritual paths, than any external source of spirituality and inspiration. This is also a very good energy for artists, creators, dreamers, visionaries, spiritualists, because a retrograde Neptune empowers a much closer, deeper, profound connection to our own highers selves, the seat of our creational energies.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, the queen of the heart, also stands still on the 25th and goes direct and even though she is not able to bring forward her highest qualities in the dual, mutable, highly versatile sign of Gemini, it is still enough to determine us to seek love and infuse all our communications, gestures, inter human connections with love, beauty, grace, kindness, magnetism, so this can really bless all our communications, but also this energy helps us find greater clarity regarding the matters of the heart and everything that we love.

Thank you so much for reading, wish everyone a blessed and magical week, may the dance of the starts empower you in the most miraculous of ways!


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