Solar eclipse/new moon in Cancer

Hi everyone and welcome to your astrological interpretation of this very special solar eclipse in Cancer/new moon phenomenon.

On the 21th of the month the Sun leaves Gemini and illuminates the sign of Cancer and it is joined by the Moon, where their dance creates the new moon/solar eclipse phenomenon. This eclipse is special for a number of different reasons:

  • it coincides with the summer solstice and this alone makes it that much more powerful, because on solstices the veil between the worlds is that much thinner, the eclipse also lifts the veil, so the power unleashed is going to be that much more influential;
  • it takes place at zero degrees, a critical degree of Cancer, meaning that the new beginning it is bound to create is going to be that much more significant and important for all of us both collectively and individually;
  • it takes place in the Moon’s home of Cancer, meaning that the nurturing, creational, fertile energies associated with this sign are going to be that much more reactive to our desires;
  • it forms an outer sign square with Mars, so how this event is going to play out in our lives will depend very much on our personal contributions, our desires, will, our focus;
  • it squares the Super Galactic Center at 2 degrees of Libra, meaning that equality, justice, the need for balance is going to be a major theme collectively;
  • it takes place on the world axis, so the element of new beginning, new initiative is that much stronger and emphasized;

This energy is really really useful and powerful to help us create a fantastic new beginning in that area of our lives where zero degrees of Cancer falls into, this is going to be a big karmic moment when all of us are going to be birthing something new and potentially stable for our long term future, this is going to be a celestial blessing that will push us towards our futures over the next 6 months, but it will require us to stand from a place of balance, harmony of the mind and heart and having healed our past, because the square it holds with Mars warns us that we need to build on very stable, strong, clean and healthy inner foundation, where past emotional baggage can corrupt our futures, so it has no place in our hearts.

This energy is that of fertility, so this can be a really good time for those of us who wish to establish a family, have a child, sort our our homes and living conditions, connect to our local communities, find balance and harmony with our families etc. This is also a highly spiritual and magical energy, so if there ever was a time when the sky was THIS reactive to our emotions, magical acts, planting seeds of intention in the Universe, that time is definitely at this eclipse. This energy is going to be even stronger regarding the power of the collective, where big group/mass meditations can literally change the world during this time, because Cancer is all about the power of the people, solidarity, compassion, mutual love and acceptance that binds together small groups, collectives, people belonging to the same culture and since this is such a fertile magical energy, what the collective wishes at this time, is what the collective is going to get by the beginning of 2021.

Also during this time at the very end of the week Venus retrograde speaks in supreme harmony with Saturn, this isn’t an exact trine, yet it can still represent rewards, karmic harvest, progress, breakthrough, clarity, information, grounding, an energy of realism, where we can work with what we have. If during this Venus retrograde, you have been struggling with relationships or your own feeling weren’t very clear, this energy can help you out massively.

Also at this time the Sun and Moon are going to be forming a quincunx, a minor astrological dance with Saturn retrograde and potentially this can also represent unexpected, help, communication, karmic rewards, clarity, or spiritual power to manifest what you desire to experience in the future, just that none of this is going to come to us directly, in a very clear manner, it will definitely test our patience, dignity, spirit of duty and responsibility, so it will take a lot of wisdom and life experience for us to use this as a blessing.

As a conclusion I would like to say a few personal thoughts about this eclipse, because it’s magical, spiritual an ultimately quantum potential is phenomenal. We can perceive this energy as the Divine masculine (Mars in Pisces sextiled by Pluto) fusing it’s essence with the great cosmic mother (Moon at zero degrees of Cancer a very fertile part of this sign), so the creational energies unleashed at that time are going to be massive. Since the eclipse in itself, but also the Summer Solstice thins the veil between the worlds, this is going to be a moment when the Divine will be really really close to our hearts, emotions and even minds (Venus in Gemini), so this means that we need to plant seeds of intention into the Universe, for there is definitely going to be an excess of creational power and what better opportunity for us to use our spiritual, magical, metaphysical practices to create the future we wish to experience. Compassion, empathy, unconditional love for every sentient being in existence is the frequency required for us to cease this massive celestial opportunity, for this is definitely the moment of a literal emotional rebirth, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, shedding it’s old form for ever, but also a purification of our soul level desires, just like a phoenix arising from it’s ashes, for this eclipse is going to be a ring of fire, an annular eclipse, so we might find that the essence of our deepest soul level wishes and desires might be burning stronger than ever, but with a formless, expectation-less way, which makes it that much more powerful and divine. From a totally different perspective, such a very powerful event taking place on the world axis (zero of Cancer) it definitely represents the power of people, community, perfect unity of the heart, even within diversity, so we must make sure to cast all our desires of well being, healing, peace, harmony of the world, where wishing the greater good of all is going to perform true miracles.

This can be the moment when we align ourselves with our souls, with the spirit that we embody, just as the Sun and Moon meet in the sky and they dance in love and unity, so can our hearts dance together in divine love with our earthly selves and embrace a life of unity and sacredness, where our own healing, nurture, self care and self love can extend to the whole world.

Regardless of what action we choose to take at this time, this energy is going to sweep over the world as a wave of healing water, offering us solutions, acceptance, understanding and ultimately fogginess, all of which can heal the ancestral traumas, the old injustices, the old wounds and pains that have plagued entire generations for so many years. Of course this is perfectly valid individually as well, for if at this time we are surrendering and letting go of hurts, pains, grudges, vengeance and refuse to identify ourselves with the archetype of the victim, all of this can heal and turn our lives around profoundly.

Thank you so much for reading, wish everyone a blessed, healing and magical eclipse!

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