Channeled messages: divine synchronicity guidance

Hi everyone and welcome to another channeled message reading. These short messages are random, timeless, general guidance, you don’t need to choose any specific card, just take what resonates for you and your personal situation and leave what doesn’t.

8 of Swords reversed, 5 of Swords clarifier:

These cards reflect that you are getting to the bottom of things, regarding a friendship, alliance, or partnership, very relevant truths and the true nuance of the situation is being revealed to you, one information, one piece of the puzzle at a time, but you may already have enough information to put all the pieces together mentally and the image that you see might not really delight you, because either the person hasn’t been truthful to you, or they might have made some promises which they simply can not keep, but are not truthful about it, or simply they might have betrayed your trust in any other way. The blindfold is being taken off your eyes, you see, feel, and perceive things very clearly, more information is to follow and chances are that you will have all the reasons you could possibly need to make a move, either confront this person, or simply terminate the relationships regardless of it’s nature. This episode is meant to teach you to always trust your gut feeling, your inner voice, when you feel that someone is not who they present themselves to be, that feeling is never really wrong, of course it doesn’t have to be any foul play, it is just a clear sign that you are not going to resonate with that person.

Fool, Emperor clarifier:

These cards present two different situations: For some people they represent that in the recent past, your life changed profoundly, with our without your express desire, you have already stepped into something new, but this hasn’t really sunk in deeply on a soul level, so you might not really know in the present moment which direction you are heading towards, or even what you wish to do in the future. The Emperor is a very good sign, because it means that karmic manifestations are heading your way, which are going to offer you either options, resources, or a practical mean how to take control of your life and start building your future. Self knowledge, self discipline, ambition and a burning determination is going to be very important, for you to stay on your path and finish putting all elements together to ensure a very stable and materially secure life for yourself, that is why the cards advise you to focus on yourself, on your story, on your goals and allow nothing external to get in your way and to break your concentration. For others, this represents that the new beginning hasn’t appeared in their lives yet, but it is something that they really need to happen, for they have already closed absolutely all doors and cut all ties with the past, so there is no option to go back to the old, that’s why this new beginning is so very needed. The Emperor represents that the Universe is placing the steering wheel of your life in your hands and right now you are the one who has to direct the karmic forces by planting seeds of intention, taking initiative and placing your mental and emotional focus on what you need to appear in your life. This will require you to set very strong boundaries and not allow anyone, regardless how close they are to you, to interfere in any way, even if they are full of good intent, there are some times in life when help just hinders.

The Star, Judgment clarifier:

The Star represents a very big dream/hope/goal of yours, one which is an ongoing theme in your life, ever since you were a small child. You haven’t always taken this as seriously, because for one reason or another you may think that you are way to small to live such a massive dream. This dream can be absolutely anything: it can be a specific job/career, it can be your dream house, it can be you doing a specific activity and excelling at it, it could be self expression, arts, writing etc., it can be living a specific experience (for example a love story, something magical, paranormal encounters etc), but there is no limit, these are just examples it can be absolutely anything. While it is absolutely true that you may have tried several times in your life to work towards the dream, you had many setbacks and life didn’t make it very easy for you. The Judgment is an absolutely amazing message, because it represents that finally your will receive either clarity, guidance, the advice of an expert, or more ideally maybe an opportunity to go and manifest/live/experience your dream. Don’t mistake it for a big miraculous moment when it just falls in your lap, but rather it is going to happen over a period of time, over the next 20 months and also be aware that it won’t meet your exact expectations, it won’t be precisely how you envisage it in the present moment. Either way it is going to be a massive spiritual and karmic boost, for as things will start to come together your faith, spirituality, trust and deep love for the Universe is going to grow.

Death, 2 of Swords clarifier:

The Death card speaks about a massive and imminent change that is entering your life, one that is going to reconfigure your sense of normality. You might have had a lot of problems, moments of crisis, losses, or a painful separation not so long ago, so the symbolism of the Death card is a very long and ongoing process, but it’s safe to say that you are through the worst of it, but that doesn’t mean that more separations are not bound to take place in your life. You are way passed the point of worry, because the endings and the losses came and reshaped the landscape of your life very quickly, yet the solutions or what needs to replace all your losses, or whatever has ended in your life is yet to appear and as the 2 of swords suggest, you can feel that something is coming, you trust that something has to come together to offer you the chance to rebuild your life, or at least step into something new, but because you don’t have any real options right now, neither can you think of anything, whatever is gonna come is going to be a big surprise, one that the Universe wishes to keep secret. While the 2 of Swords clearly represents that the Universe is not willing to reveal any details of what comes next and more importantly how, however it does suggest that it might be coming in 2 months.

4 of Coins, 6 of Wands clarifier:

These cards bring very good news, because the 4 of Coins represents your value and worth as a professional or regarding a role that you perform, even if it’s not a job, or not associated with a source of income, it can be a role as a parent, a hobby, an activity, a goal, something you are skilled and talented at, or simply your value as a human being. First of all the 4 of Coins speaks about the past, where you had massive problems regarding your self worth and this could have affected either your relationships, professional lives, or your material security in a very negative and limiting way, but fortunately you have done a lot of inner work to heal the problems, remove the blockages and see yourself in a very authentic light, where the objective reality is that you excel at what you do, regardless if it’s a job, skill, a role you play (parent, teacher, spouse etc.) or simply just being a kind hearted, true, honest human being. Even though in your mind things are crystal clear, you still have moments of doubt when you are really unsure of yourself, even though the feedback you receive is really really good. The 6 of Wands is the card of victory, triumph, achieving a goal, so this may represent that very soon a massive accomplishment is awaiting you, one that will reflect all your inner work and strengthening up yourself psychologically, regardless of what that accomplishment is going to be: success, offer, honors or distinction, promotion, gratitude from others, or something that you have planned comes together, the moment of your triumph will stay with you for a very long time and it will fuel a very healthy sense of self worth, for when life and physical reality reflect it, you can not doubt anymore.

Princess of Cups, Wheel of Fortune clarifier:

These cards speak about 2 different possibilities: For some this represents that you have healed some very painful emotional wounds you carried within yourself and your healing journey changed your life, your attitude towards other people and most importantly your expectations. You no longer stand from the position of self victimization, neither do you cling to your hurts and wounds, you feel that you are finally ready to start a new life from an emotional perspective. Despite your great emotional intelligence and all the love your carry in yourself, you are still rather inexperienced when it comes to romance and relationships, so you know that the only way you can start a relationships with someone, is if that relationship is a fated, soul level unity with someone just as fragile, loving, caring and intelligent as you are. You have been waiting patiently for the Universe to guide that very special soul to you, where even though you stayed hopeful, you still know that it is impossible for this to happen, without the express intervention of the Universe, so all of it depends on divine timing and synchronicity. The Wheel is really good news, because that is exactly what is going to happen, the great wheel of destiny is finally going to turn for you and the person who you have been dreaming about, sensing, wishing into your life is finally going to appear, so all your wait, patience and healing work prepared you for this very important and special moment.

For others, these cards deliver a totally different message, where the Princess of Cups represent your own training or ambitions to become a specialist either a nurse, anything related to healthcare (massage, any therapist, alternative medicine etc), psychologist, therapists, or simply said any kind of healer/support type worker and the wheel represent your opportunity to step into this role. It’s going to be a hard, soliciting, but beautiful and emotionally rewarding journey.

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