Weekly horoscope June 15 -21 2020: Mercury goes retrograde, Solar eclipse in Cancer

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of June 15-21, we have a really active and powerful sky, playing out all throughout a very significant week, where we have really powerful energy shifts taking place in the sky, some of which can represent immediate change, while others are massive karmic energies that are going to be manifesting until the very end of the year gradually.

The first very significant energy shift is definitely Mercury standing still in the sky on the 18th of the month and going retrograde the next day in the sign of Cancer, this is one of the energy shifts that can have almost an immediate effect, for this is a celestial invitation to rethink, reanalyze everything in our lives, standing from a place of unity of the heart and mind and even though this can represent stagnation, the slowing down of communication, the travel of information and documents and as all Mercury retrogrades it might affect our electronic devices, but it is a very powerful emotional energy that will ultimately determine us to try our very best and figure out where we want to belong, may that be family, a place, a culture, a home, local community, layer of society etc. The Sun also changes signs on the 21st of the month, leaving Gemini and entering Cancer, this further places the energetic emphasis on the sign of Cancer, simultaneously, it also coincides with the Summer Solstice taking place also on the 21st along with the new moon/solar eclipse phenomenon in the sign of Cancer and this is going to be a karmic moment when all of us are going to be invited by the stars, to create, birth, “dream”, our futures into existence, to set new goals, plant seeds of intention, which are definitely going to come to fruition by the very end of the year, or the beginning of next year.

We start the week still under a very potent Neptune – Mars conjunction in the sign of Pisces, both of them squaring the Sun in Gemini, this energy continues the main theme of the last couple of weeks, where it is purging repressed emotions, feelings, traumas, from within our subconscious minds, so this is going to be a highly confusing and emotional energy, but at the same time, it’s more negative expression is having to tolerate the informational, mediatic, psychological and spiritual warfare ravaging the world stage, where truth, half truths, illusions, lies, deception, but also relevant guidance is going to be flowing our way, but it is up to us to filter it out and that can only be done successfully if we are more aligned than ever with our inner truths and the healthiest expression of our beliefs. Regardless of how this energy is going to be experienced (depression, idealism, frustration and stress due to confusion, restless nights, vivid dreams, being lost in optimistic/pessimistic/escapist vibes, anger, rage, etc.) it is ultimately meant to help us adapt to the changes that are transforming the world stage and of course our own inner changes, by abandoning the past, getting rid of our self victimization tendencies, our rigid sense of identity, where we obsessively try to fit a mold, an identity which might no longer be viable, in other words this is where we free our minds, egos, inner child and most of our inter-human connections from limitations, illusions and emotional blockages that stem from the past. Neptune dancing together with Mars, can also represent the destructive force of water, where we can expect floods, massive storms, tsunamis, sea quakes, or conflicts at sea etc.

This dance might be a very strong and emotionally drowning energy, but fortunately we also have a beautiful and harmonious sextile between Jupiter dancing with Pluto in Capricorn and the Mars-Neptune conjunction. This energy isn’t exact yet, but the sextile it holds with Mars is going to get much stronger as Mars advances to 24 degrees of Pisces and that can be an energy of blessing, inspiration, divinely guided action, courage, compassion, altruism where our inner strengths fuel our faiths, our beliefs and under this energy we might have the impression that we can “dream”, “will” anything into existence as long as it sources from the purity of our souls. It is true that there is an element of illusion or idealism attached to it, but this is that of the more positive kind where the Universe is going to be that much more reactive to our desires and this energy can trigger fated events, manifestations, but it is also a really really good energy for artistic souls to create and achieve progress.

Pluto is the higher octave of Mars and both planets have much to do with power, especially inner power and that can be used in so very many different ways, but it is up to us to invest it where we feel it’s needed the most.

Also at the very beginning of the week we also have quincunxes, minor astrological dances between the Sun – Jupiter conjunct Pluto, this is the energy of surprise, where unexpected communication, news, offers, job interviews, even career offers may be heading our way, but not everything is what it seems and this energy will require us to choose with diligence and patience, because whatever heads our way won’t be something typical for who we are, it might not really resonate at all, but still there can be hidden opportunities in it which deserve at least a second thought. Also this can be perfectly true the other way around where we might perceive it as something ideal or way too good to be true, only to see the hidden compromises later on.

On the 18th of the month Mercury in Cancer stands still in the sky and prepares to go retrograde the next day, this energy can increase our emotional awareness, our bonds with friends, family, our loved ones, it can make us become that much more aware of where we stand within our communities, but at the same time if there might be any unresolved familial conflicts, emotional blockages, hard feelings etc. this energy might be a massive wake up call to focus on the healing of all those emotional elements. While Mercury is not very hasty or strong in this part of the sky, it’s higher qualities can represent heightened emotional intelligence, empathy, understanding, emotional maturity, compassion, mercy, in other words the very very best qualities in a human being and this can be a massive game changer, even if this energy can be quite uncomfortable for some people. Like all Mercury retrogrades, this is also going to influence paperwork, documents, communication, the flow of information, all of these are going to slow down significantly, misinterpretations, errors, breakdown in communications are very likely, it is not advised to make any very significant future choices while under a Mercury rx, especially if it’s legal in nature, like contracts, agreements etc., also devices, software, electronics might malfunction and have a “mind” of their own. The positive side of this energy is that it’s definitely going to heal the past, it’s going to guide us to greater clarity regarding where we stand in the world, where we belong to, who we regard as family, as part of our souls, and also for a lot of people this can also represent a moment when they decide to change their homes, either sell and move somewhere else, or to upgrade, invest in it, decorate it, change style, for others it can represent the time when they feel ready to own a house, etc. Mercury retrograde ends on the 13th of July, so it’s going to stay in this part of the sky for quite a long time, giving us a lot of opportunities to heal, to clarify our own emotions, how we feel towards others, the world, society, our communities and of course to figure out what kind of future we would like to live, especially from an emotional perspective.

On the 21th of the month the Sun leaves Gemini and illuminates the sign of Cancer and it is joined by the Moon, where their dance creates the new moon/solar eclipse phenomenon. This eclipse is special for a number of different reasons:

  • it coincides with the summer solstice and this alone makes it that much more powerful, because on solstices the veil between the worlds is that much thinner, the eclipse also lifts the veil, so the power unleashed is going to be that much more influential;
  • it takes place at zero degrees, a critical degree of Cancer, meaning that the new beginning it is bound to create is going to be that much more significant and important for all of us both collectively and individually;
  • it takes place in the Moon’s home of Cancer, meaning that the nurturing, creational, fertile energies associated with this sign are going to be that much more reactive to our desires;
  • it forms an outer sign square with Mars, so how this event is going to play out in our lives will depend very much on our personal contributions, our desires, will, our focus;
  • it squares the Super Galactic Center at 2 degrees of Libra, meaning that equality, justice, the need for balance is going to be a major theme collectively;
  • it takes place on the world axis, so the element of new beginning, new initiative is that much stronger and emphasized;

This energy is really really useful and powerful to help us create a fantastic new beginning in that area of our lives where zero degrees of Cancer falls into, this is going to be a big karmic moment when all of us are going to be birthing something new and potentially stable for our long term future, this is going to be a celestial blessing that will push us towards our futures over the next 6 months, but it will require us to stand from a place of balance, harmony of the mind and heart and having healed our past, because the square it holds with Mars warns us that we need to build on very stable, strong, clean and healthy inner foundation, where past emotional baggage can corrupt our futures, so it has no place in our hearts.

This energy is that of fertility, so this can be a really good time for those of us who wish to establish a family, have a child, sort our our homes and living conditions, connect to our local communities, find balance and harmony with our families etc. This is also a highly spiritual and magical energy, so if there ever was a time when the sky was THIS reactive to our emotions, magical acts, planting seeds of intention in the Universe, than that time is definitely at this eclipse. This energy is going to be even stronger regarding the power of the collective, where big group/mass meditations can literally change the world during this time, because Cancer is all about the power of the people, solidarity, compassion, mutual love and acceptance that binds together small groups, collectives, people belonging to the same culture and since this is such a fertile magical energy, what the collective wishes at this time, is what the collective is going to get by the beginning of 2021.

Also during this time at the very end of the week Venus retrograde speaks in supreme harmony with Saturn, this isn’t an exact trine, yet it can still represent rewards, karmic harvest, progress, breakthrough, clarity, information, grounding, an energy of realism, where we can work with what we have. If during this Venus retrograde, you have been struggling with relationships or your own feeling weren’t very clear, this energy can help you out massively.

Also at this time the Sun and Moon are going to be forming a quincunx, a minor astrological dance with Saturn retrograde and potentially this can also represent unexpected, help, communication, karmic rewards, clarity, or spiritual power to manifest what you desire to experience in the future, just that none of this is going to come to us directly, in a very clear manner, it will definitely test our patience, dignity, spirit of duty and responsibility, so it will take a lot of wisdom and life experience for us to use this as a blessing.

We are going to have a separate article about this solar eclipse, so if you’d like to find out more, just stay tuned.

Thank you so much for reading wish everyone a blessed solstice and a magical eclipse!


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