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Hi everyone and thank you for joining me, this is a new type of free reading that we will try to deliver to our public weekly, where each card is a short message, guidance, insight from spirit guides, where you can choose what resonates and discard what doesn’t. This type of reading doesn’t have a specific subject, it can be absolutely any theme, any message, any kind of guidance, so please use your intuition to observe what resonates, what you can use and what isn’t for you.

Before I get started I would like to say a massive thank you to my wonderful, kind and loving cousin who gifted me with this beautiful set of cards, thereby making this type of reading possible!

Queen of Swords reversed: This card speaks about the fact that you have been working hard to make safe and sound future plans working with what you have in your life, analyzing all options and possibilities, but unfortunately you just can’t come up with any version that offers you the stability, which you are seeking and this might leave you frustrated, extremely critical both with yourself and others. Also because you are focusing so much on just a potential, a very uncertain future, where even with your great intellect and foresight, you just can’t put all the pieces of the puzzle together, in an attempt to see the big picture, you are missing the small details of the present, where you might be achieving some kind of progress, or success, or certain schemes, patterns, (which might have to do with business, studies, or your personal goals) that you have put together in the past, are starting to work and produce effects, but because you are not focused on the present at all, you might not even be aware that the options you seek so desperately are being created before your very eyes. Your guides ask you to try your best and rest your mind a little bit, don’t allow your thoughts to turn against you, because important choices are gonna await you in the close future and you need to be ready, calm and grounded!

Strength: This card advises you that your psychical body matters very much, especially in the present moment and if it’s possible combine physical exercise with spiritual practices, because you have a lot of stagnant energy inside of you and instead of trying to burn it out mentally, you can combine meditation with physical exercise. This can be absolutely anything, it all depends on your choice and preferences, it can be as advanced as Yoga, if applicable tantric practices, reciting mantras and affirmations, or simply going out into nature having a long walk while just “communicating” with yourself. Combining the physical element with the spiritual or intellectual one, won’t only harmonize all energies in your body, but it will also make your brain much more receptive to epiphanies, receiving guidance, figuring stuff out, or even brainstorming to come up with the big breakthrough plans. By allowing your body to just breathe and enter into a meditative, relaxing routine (walking, exercise, gym, swimming, dancing etc.), you can tap into way more easily into the higher, non linear functions of your mind.

The Devil: This card speaks about that some of you are seeking or dreaming about love, but this part of your lives seems to be blocked and you may not exactly understand why, for you have done a lot of inner and outer work in order to free yourselves from everything that was keeping you in chains. Your guides tell you that there is a very important spiritual lesson that you need to learn, before you enter into an emotional state of flow, which is the importance to differentiate love from lust. Why this is absolutely necessary for you is rather simple, you are looking for a very strong spiritual, pure, deep, innocent emotional connection, because in your heart of hearts you can only accept such a person as being your life long partner. As you see things in the present moment, you may feel that you are mature enough to accept compromises, for you have a deep desire to nurture someone with your love and your emotional energy, but unfortunately, regardless of how you may see the present moment, your soul, your heart can only accept someone who is as innocent as you are on a soul level, this is something you can’t compromise no matter how hard you try and the past is a valuable lesson for this, because no matter how much you loved or were loved, you are simply not compatible with someone who sacrifices their innocence for survival mentality or to take life more “seriously”. Lust is also a very important factor, because a platonic relationships simply couldn’t work for you, but nether can you accept a partner who is only compatible physically and that is exactly why you need to learn both of these lessons of what love and lust truly are, because when you will have to make a choice, you must know that lust is only a game and it is so very changeable, yet love is much stronger and it’s essence stays with you for the rest of your life, even after lust has long faded, love will still be there timelessly, but your love is innocent and that’s why this lesson of self knowledge is so important, because you can only make right choices if you know what you value in life above all and that is innocence and good will.

The Tower: This card speaks about massive changes that are imminently entering your life. Some of these changes are external and they are anticipated by you (for many people this has to do with the effects of the global turmoil), while another aspect of this is an inner urge to start a new life, one where the “new” is quite literal from every single perspective (job/career, people, relationship, home/house etc.) You personally have identified the global situation as a massive karmic closure for the collective, so you have every intent to use this as the most perfect opportunity to terminate all those things in your life, which you don’t wanna continue and inside you have already released all attachments to anything that has to do with the past, even positive and useful things which were an active part of your life before the crisis began and of course, needless to say anything/anyone perceived by you as just a clutter in your life. The problem is that non of this is felt by you as “falling”, things crumbling as one would expect, but rather climbing a mountain, which is a slow and effort consuming process. You had no idea that terminating and just giving up on things was this hard. Your guides say that you need to do all of this with great patience and determination, because you are actually climbing up a steep and dangerous mountain, your life is being rearranged and your new beginning is awaiting for you at the top of the mountain and this is exactly why all of this is so so different for you. In your case you are not going to fall and then pick up your pieces and start from scratch, as one would expect, but you have fallen so many times in your life, this time, you are doing it differently (like it or not), you are struggling and going so very slowly right now, so that you can embrace a ready built, already constructed, finished new life, when you get to the finish line. Impossible! You may think? You trusted the Universe with a new beginning and this time it is failing your expectations in the most positive and delightful of ways, for your new beginning isn’t going to be years of picking your pieces up and trying to build something while holding all of the unglued pieces together, but it’s rather going to be a very easy one, where you literally step into it and you’ll have everything that you’ll ever gonna need. Too good to be true? Well your past was too unfair and painful to be true, yet it was, now the time has come for you to experience the other end of the spectrum.

The Emperor: For some people this cards says that you are taking back control over your life and you are filtering out who has a right to be in it and who has to go. This requires you to say NO, to express your opinion and not to tolerate things which stress you out, but it’s also making you feel a little bit guilty, because even though you know that this is imperatively necessary, you really don’t want to be seen as an assertive or selfish person driven by survival mentality. Your guides say banish all guilt, you should have done this years ago, but you always allowed fate to decide, now it’s up to you to make the decision and fate is going to work with your input. There is no right or wrong choice, your heart is the ruler of your being! For others, this is a guidance that a paternal figure or a partner is “fighting” you for your highest good, don’t take their advice, opinion or gestures as offense, but rather try to see their own life experience behind the advice or why they are determined to protect you.

Empress: This card mainly speaks to mothers, you might be worried that you are failing at being a good parent for your child, or you might question if your child perceives your intentions as what they truly are. Your guides say that not only are you not failing, but you are greatly excelling at being a loving and responsible mother, while at the same time doing things your way and not giving up on your freedom and independence. Deep inside you know that your child needs a mother who is independent and free, so even though there are so many moments when being a mom and being free is like a total dichotomy, your efforts are going to pay off later, when your child’s healthy sense of self worth will be a guiding light in their life, all because of your example and what you embody.



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