Pick a card reading: What am I purging right now?

Hi everyone and welcome to another pick a card reading, dedicated for the astrological dance of Mars meeting Neptune in the sky in the sign of Pisces, a celestial dance which is getting stronger and stronger and it can trigger powerful psychological, emotional and spiritual purges and this reading takes a look of what exactly is being purged out of our beings right now.

Take a look at the 3 cards and symbols for a couple of seconds, then choose the one which triggers your intuitive senses them most and jump straight to the interpretation.

Dragon: 4 of Swords.

For those of you who have chosen the dragon symbol, well this period of purges and celestial invitation to release the past, is way more trickier than for other people, because what you are releasing is something which is not under your control, or awareness, so for you guys it isn’t actually sourcing from the past, neither is it heavily emotional (I’m not saying that none of that is happening at the same time, but you’re on top of your game because of your profound self knowledge), but it’s rather mental and it has to do with your attention and also it can have a very physical element to it, for example the chemical balance within the brain which causes ADHD.

Whenever your mental sphere is stimulated by external or internal forces, your thoughts very soon run out of control and they start jumping into hundreds of different directions and many times that breaks your concentration, focus and you simply end up either philosophizing over small things which shouldn’t even be susceptible to deep perceptions, or you get intensely distracted. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t something negative or positive, it is a blessing, because it makes your mind very very quick and sharp, your are really witty, versatile, intelligent and creative, but when this gets too chaotic and too out of hand it fills you with an irrational fear of missing out, not being up do date with the rest of the world, it gives you the impression that you are way behind everyone. This is the negative expression of this energy, because whenever you stay in a state of feeling like you are missing out for too long, you become very hyper, desperate and always rush and make bad choices, because when in such a state EVERYTHING looks stagnating, stuck, in standstill for you and that kicks up your ADHD and even without wanting to, you can’t focus on anything else, but progress, momentum, to get in tune with all the information and currents out there, even those which don’t serve you, but this isn’t a bad thing because awareness is power and that’s why you have this tendency. Now, you are being called to obtain mental self discipline, to change the way you perceive “stagnation” and every time this happens in your life, this energy is teaching you how to turn it into a period of rest, recuperation and regeneration, but you can only do this once you shut down your fear of missing out.

Pentacle: Sun.

For those of you who have been attracted to the pentacle symbol, it’s not as much about releasing, but re-adapting. Whatever you had to release from the past, has already entered your awareness and has already been worked, but the hardest part was letting go of your old identity, accepting that you are no longer the old you and hence you don’t share the old you’s karma and past emotional baggage. This realization, inner work and ultimately it’s success healed a lot of old wounds, but it also terminated a lot of relationships, friendships, connections, because all of those belonged to your old lifestyle and story, but it left a big void in your heart, one that you couldn’t fill yet, simply nothing and no one resonated with you anymore. Now, the intense dance of Marts and Neptune is making you feel like you don’t even know who you are, what you want and what’s your role in this life anymore, you just can’t identify or find a common ground with anything and this state of “nothingness” is getting frustrating. The Sun card says that things are exactly as they should be, because an identity has to be lived and not pre-constructed and then the rest of your life is a struggle to fill in the mold perfectly, you primarily focus right now has to be just being alive, just existing, just observing yourself and the world, allow yourself to breathe, to exist, to take things much lighter, allow yourself to recall the personality which you had as your were a young child, your childhood dreams, all those things that were important to you and also all the small things which made you happy and they mattered in your life. It’s not easy doing all of that having the life of an adult, but how else can you rediscover who you are? It can be done by going through all the things you love and seeing what your soul level attractions say and reflect about yourself. Even all those things that you don’t resonate with and you don’t truly wish to live are all very important, because you know what the “wrong” path or “wrong” choices are for you personally, but this time in your life, only your inner child has the answers to what resonates with you the most. This card is also that of self expression, so if you have an artistic soul, or any kind of creative hobby that you love and makes you happy, even if it’s just on a very amateur level, immerse into those for the sake of self exploration, for your work is always symbolic and significant. Progress is best made if you don’t immerse in the seriousness and oppression of life, you don’t need to know everything, you don’t need to hold all the answers, but you need to hold the biggest and most important answer of what makes you happy, because that is where you’re progressing towards.

Mystic palm: the Wheel reversed

For those of you who have been drawn to the Mystic palm symbol, you guys are releasing an old and misaligned belief which sources from different experiences from different people, but this belief is a rooted fear, that you are not lucky/fortunate/the Universe doesn’t conspire in your favor. This is very tricky, because you are a naturally optimistic and hopeful person, your spirit of compassion and generosity speaks on your behalf of who you are, yet still, good fortune, luck, divine intervention hasn’t been felt as profoundly as you would like in your life. For some people this is due to old childhood religious education or influence where they may feel guilty for dreaming BIG, wishing their own highest good, because their subconscious mind perceives this as selfishness, or against the divine and this misaligned belief blocks either love (relationships where they get admiration, love and support) or finances (despite their skills and talents money doesn’t come). For others, this has to do with their karmic paths, where their past and childhoods were very hard, unpleasant, life wasn’t good at that time and they may have perceived it as the Universe being wrathful with them and this causes a deeply rooted fear, that the divine misjudges them. This blocks out all manifestation of good karma, they never get what they worked for or truly deserve. For others still, this has to do with their idealism and perfectionism, they are simply not satisfied with their actions, their skills, their professional level and even though they may try to live a life of gratitude and appreciation, because of their mental perfectionism being deeply rooted into them, this blocks out gratitude from attracting more good into their lives, because by being so very perfectionsitic and having a critical eye they don’t allow the Universe to work freely. Regardless of what the causes are, you are learning to trust the divine, to trust the fact that it always wants to advantage you and always works towards your highest good, so that’s why your luck, fortune, divine help in your life is like a trail of breadcrumbs, symbolically it’s ALWAYS there, but it’s not always as practical, or as much/sufficient as you really need it to be. This is a slow process but it depends on you as your trust grows, so does the power of the divine in your life and ultimately this will lead you towards feeling the luckiest being on earth and that’s when you are gonna see all your life through very different eyes.



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