Weekly horoscope: April 27 – May 3 + Major energy shifts of May

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of April 27 – May 3rd, we have a very active and powerful sky playing out all throughout the week, where the highlight of next’s week’s energy is definitely Mercury meeting the Sun and Uranus in the sign of Taurus, which is going to be a very powerful and potent revelatory energy helping us to readjust our material, financial plans for the future, but at the same time, if we might be struggling materially for example with debt or with obligations, this can be a saving grace for it can helps us attract solutions, people who can help us, but at the same time come up with truly ingenious future plans and goals. The larger picture of this, has also much to do with stepping into the future as a collective, where Mercury dancing together with the Sun and Uranus are going to invite us to abandon the old value systems, the old expression of normality and try our very best to revolutionize and upgrade our collective values, material transactions and the re-partition of resources.

Before I get to the energies of this week, I would like to say a few thoughts about the month of May, because it will mark the start of a very powerful energy shift that is without a shadow of a doubt is going to have a massive effect on all of our lives both personally and collectively.

One of the major energy shifts starts on the 5th of may, where the nodal axis leaves Cancer -Capricorn and enters in Gemini – Sagittarius. The shift of the nodes of the moon is very significant because it represents humanities current karmic path and the major karmic themes which are gonna be a big work in progress over the course of the next 18 months. The North node represents the future, where we are heading towards, what we need to construct and achieve, so this changes the symbolism from Cancer (family, culture of origin, ancestral heritage, finding your place in the world, healing your past, forgiving your family etc.) into the airy energy of Gemini which is communication, inter-human connections, the mental sphere, thoughts, intellect, practicality of our minds, learning. The North node is exalted in his part of the sky, meaning that when Gemini hosts this energy, it’s greatly amplified, so this is even better news because this most definitely means that we as a collective are going to come up with the most unique and ingenious solutions to all of our most urgent problems, both individually as in we are going to progress towards the accomplishments of our big goals, but also collectively where we might come up with genius solutions to the global crisis and all of it’s implications, but even more importantly this can represent a massive upgrade of our educations systems, the way we share information, the way we communicate and the way we master our thoughts. The South node, the symbol of the past karma, all of those challenges which we need to overcome through the wisdom and life experience of the past, but also what remains from the past that is subject to closure, completion, or reevaluation, is going to be hosted by Sagittarius and this is definitely going to have a massive influence on legislation, jurisprudence, international law, air travel, religion and major philosophic currents, where we are invited not to make the mistakes of the past and allow progress and change to take place, by rejecting religious fanaticism, dogmas and challenging all those principles which are no longer relevant for the future and keeping them would be rather unhealthy for the collective.

Another very important influence starting in May is the outer planets retrograde, starting with Pluto on the 27th of April, followed by Saturn 11th of May, Jupiter 15th of May and we also have Venus retrograde starting on the 12th of May. When a planet goes retrograde it’s symbolism is amplified and turned inwards, so the influence of the energies on outer reality gets slower and their psychological, inner influence is amplified. Pluto retrograde joined by Jupiter retrograde is going to expose a lot of truths, secrets, all the corruption, weakness and instability of centralized power, by highlighting the abuse and misuse of power, but since both of these planets which have to do with change, transformation, getting to the bottom of secrets and personal power (Pluto), inner truth, justice, expansion, faith (Jupiter) are going to influence us internally it means that not only are we going to be receptive to everything being revealed, but this is the energy where we process it, make up our minds, and take relevant action, which can also represent withdrawing our support, protesting, expressing our dissatisfaction, challenging centralized power and their unilateral decisions. Saturn moving back into it’s home of Capricorn, can represent really good news for all of us, because it is going to relax the restrictions and social distancing, but this doesn’t mean going back to our old ways of living, our old normality, but it gives us the opportunity to re-adapt, reevaluate, be our own judges and critics and of course based on what inner truth we discover and ground ourselves into, we can make very important life changing decisions by the mid of autumn, when Saturn goes direct again.

Also on the 7th of May we have a very powerful Super Full Moon in Scorpio an energy which is going to expose a lot of secrets, conspiracies, everything that has been done in the shadows, deceptions, lies, manipulations, the hidden psychological warfare, all the cover ups, so it can send people into frenzy about all these things, because this is also going to make them be obsessed with finding out the truth, getting to the bottom of things, the truth will be demanded.

But I will be here to talk about all these energies and astrological events when they take place in greater detail and also I have created special videos for the retrogrades, Venus and Pluto are already available and Saturn and Jupiter are going to follow. You can find the special retrograde videos below:

Pluto retrograde special: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epP4NfVW-uc

Venus retrograde special: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zlw0dUCQGpo&t=1s

Stay tuned on our channel for the rest of the retrograde specials 🙂

Now, for this week the major energy shift is Mercury entering into the sign of Taurus and then forming conjunctions with the Sun and Uranus, while at the same time it also receives a square from Saturn in Aquarius. This is not going to be a very easy energy because on one had, this is where our minds are actually going to perceive and process the major economic damage that has been done by all this global turmoil, but at the same time on the other hand it is also revelatory energy because we might get a glimpse of what all of that means for us personally and how it’s gonna effect our personal lives.

Mercury meeting the Sun and Uranus in the sign of Taurus is a really good energy and we can consider it as a celestial empowerment and guidance which can help us think of solutions, come up with the very very best ideas how to ground ourselves and our material lives in the close future, but it’s also the energy of big surprises, where unexpected offers, opportunities, might be heading our way. As soon as Mercury reaches the 3-4 degrees of Taurus, where the new Moon took place, we can become aware of what new beginning it’s going to conjure up in our lives. It is also a really a good energy for epiphanies, getting out of our comfort zones due to a sudden realization or simply put: it is part of the big karmic theme of refining and revolutionizing our value systems.

We also begin the week with Pluto retrograde, so this is a very important energy for truth, to get to the bottom of things, but it can feel really worrying, oppressive and frustrating, because whatever the Jupiter – Pluto conjunction are revealing to us about the plans and secrets of centralized power are going to be shocking and there is also mistrust in the air, which can cause moments of anger, rebellion, online and mediatic informational warfare.

Venus in the sign of Gemini forming a square with Neptune is also a very uncomfortable energy for it represents lies, confusion, personal illusions, not sure about our feelings and whatever is going on in our emotional worlds, it can have us oscillate between idealism and pessimism, it can have us question all of our relationships and regarding the global events this is greatly going to amplify the mistrust of all information we may receive form official sources.

Thank you so much for reading, wish everyone a wonderful and blessed week!


You can also watch an extended horoscope on our YouTube channel:


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