Weekly horoscope: April 6-12

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of April 6 -12, we have a really powerful and active sky playing out all throughout the week where the energies are going to feel quite dual, for the square Mars and Uranus are going to be holding are most definitely going to fill our lives with challenges, surprising and unexpected events, but at the same time Venus transiting the air sign of Gemini, trined by Saturn and Mars, is going to provide more than enough motivation, inspiration and celestial help to overcome all the challenges and temptations that might fill our lives individually, but also those playing out on the world stage. There’s a very potent energy shift taking place in the sky, where towards the end of the week Mercury finally exits it’s exile of Pisces and not long after it enters Aries it forms a sextile with Saturn an energy that can help us discipline our thoughts, take responsibility for whatever we express verbally or through any means of communication, but at the same time it empowers our instinctual intelligence, which can, at times, be an even greater help than our intuition alone. The extremely potent super full Moon in Libra, taking place on the 8th can offer us moments of much needed clarity and realism in all our relationships, but it can also illuminate our minds to discern friend from foe, because this is like an inner call motivating us to seek equity, equality and justice in everything. The Sun is also going to be holding conversation of tension with Jupiter and Pluto and this can bring to the surface all the rage, anger, dissatisfaction and frustration which triggers our egos to lash out and perhaps express certain things which we might never do under normal circumstances, but these moments of tension also grant us the means to have much greater power and control over our aggression and assertive moments and this in itself enables us to enforce profound inner changes, where we can hold a certain control over what we allow to surface from our instinctual reactions.

We start the week with a very important conjunction, one that takes place once every 13 years, the meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in the sky. This energy, under the present circumstances might not be the most gentle or fortunate energy, because Jupiter is at it’s weakest in this part of the sky, so it’s unable to bring forward it’s better qualities (good fortune, optimism, faith, blessings of any kind), but it is still going to provide just enough inner power for all of us collectively to witness the truths that Pluto is exposing in the area of life which is governed by Capricorn: governments, social structures, economic structures and centralized power. Pluto is the heavenly alchemist, so it can only enable the change, the transformation, the purification if we observe the truths that it needs to show us first, so chances are that during this time (their conjunction is going to last for a long time, because both planets move rather slowly) the true situation about the virus, about what caused it, about the global economic situation, all of these are going to reach our awareness. At the same time Jupiter in Capricorn also represents the sovereignty of the law and justice, so this can challenge big organization, big global power players in trade and exchange to make their tactics much fairer, otherwise they might have to face legal consequences. This is also perfectly valid for politicians, leaders of states, governments, because Pluto, magnified by Jupiter is going to expose all the corruption, secrets, incompetence and filth, which has been infecting this area of life for far too long. Pallas-Athena and Chariklo, two very impact asteroids are also part of this conjunction, so chances are that it’s also going to help the professionals come up with new tactics, new means, new ideas and solutions to try and handle the global problems. Regardless of how the manifestation of this conjunction is going to be playing out, Jupiter and Pluto are going to dance on and off with each other most of the year, so there are going to be more moments when their symbolism is going to expose truths and provide really profound changes.

Both planets are also squared by Eris, goodness of discord, so this can spell revolution, civil unrest, people taking to the streets, violence and conflicts.

Mercury, still in Pisces at the beginning of the week is going to be sextiled by both Jupiter and Pluto (and the above mentioned asteroids) and this energy can go either way, because on one hand it is the energy of grounding and realism, where many of us are going to seek the truth and more importantly how we feel and react to all of that, but on the other hand Jupiter can also expand the fake news, fears, conspiracies and all the mediatic chaos that is causing way more harm than good, so it highly depends on how we use the power of this sextile. Pisces also rules the immune system, while Mercury in this sign governs over hospitals, medical research, inner connections of different energies within the body, so this can also represent scientific progress and advancement, so perhaps the vaccine and a potential cure might just see daylight. Perhaps the most tensionate aspects out of all are the squares Uranus holds with Saturn and Mars in Aquarius. The Saturn – Uranus square is fortunately not really powerful and it won’t be exact until 2021, so we won’t see it’s most extreme manifestation, but simply put what the tension between these 2 planets are doing is trying to push us into the future, by forcing us to overcome our challenges and perhaps temptations. Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius and it represents all the rules, regulations (moral and unwritten rules included) which hold society together. These do not represent centralized power (that’s Saturn is in Capricorn), but rather decentralized power, meaning individuals, small groups, smaller collectives that are interconnected and form the whole, which is society. Saturn in it’s ancient ruling sign (Aquarius) also represents our inner rules and these have much to do with the relationship we have with ourselves, so all of these are the ones that hold society together, meaning that our customs, traditions, how things always used to work are included here. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and it represents our individuality, it represents our uniqueness, but also the power of the intellect, the highest octaves of knowledge and cerebral activities, which hold society together in a very different way than Saturn, because we do not respect the choices and individuality of others because we are forced too, but because we see the logic of it, we see the greater good, the humanitarianism, so we choose to be united in diversity, by holding diversity and the freedom of the individuals as the most sacred principle. The square between the modern and ancient ruler of Aquarius is a clash of ideologies and the dominant power here is definitely Uranus, so chances are that it will determine us to reject the old ways of doing things, all the old rules, traditions, customs that no longer serve us as a collective and this is where we embrace the new era: liberty, freedom, cooperation by choice and all of this is what has to take the place of the old (Saturn). Technology, science, philosophical approaches, significant legal changes, futurism, a greater sense of unity within the diversity are the means Uranus offers us to change our value systems, and by changing them we implicitly change the way our society functions and the ideologies which govern us as a species. How this comes into existence, now that part depends on all of us, this can be done through massive uprising and revolution, where we have to fight, through any means we can, this can be done by simply expressing our sovereign wills and choices, where our leaders (Capricorn, Saturn) have no choice but to enable that which we desire, or it can be done by altering collective consciousness. If we awake, if we choose to become aware that this change of value systems is inevitable and unavoidable, we can surely metamorphose this area of our lives in the most peaceful and constructive manner. Either way this square is going to last until Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn and then resume in 2021, when we can see it’s full expression and manifestation and this gives us a lot of time to process all this and enable the changes in a very peaceful manner. What all of this means in the immediate future, is not that hard to figure out, because Saturn in Aquarius is social distancing, borders being closed, people physically separated from each other and even though this is karmic, it is for our highest good, for we can’t embody our uniqueness and individuality if we haven’t explored it, if we are not aware of how much we stand out, so this is forcing us to do exactly that, explore ourselves and try and master the highest octaves of the frequencies of our thoughts. Uranus is determining us to step into the future and express who we are and this is where all the limitations and censorship of the internet and social media, the gatekeepers, law makers (in order to do anything we need long hours of our lives wasted on bureaucracy, we need diplomas etc.), in other words everything that makes it unfair, unequal is going to be challenged and ultimately changed. So, for the immediate future, this means a lot of protests and media and journalism losing all credibility, which means the government and every other big organization losing their support and this implicitly spells their demise if they do not wish to change or enable what the masses desire. As strong as Saturn was until this present moment, this is where it has no chance against Uranus, especially when it is in fall in the sign of Taurus, because even though it’s energy is as slow as it can be in Taurus, Uranus is still the planet of quantum leaps, so it’s unstoppable, even if it takes it a bit of extra time.

The square between Mars and Uranus on the other hand is a little bit different, firstly because it’s much shorter term, becoming exact around the 7-8th of April, slowly losing it’s intensity after and secondly these are the two quickest energies in existence, so their manifestation is very very quick and many times it leaves a massive impact, it shocks us. The power of this square promotes change, action, making choices and standing up for them, it can be a really helpful energy to brainstorm a solution to anything, no matter how delicate it is, because Aquarius rules the higher octaves of our intellect and Uranus being it’s ruler can offer us chains of epiphanies and it can bring out the inner genius, but through challenges and tension. This can be a really good motivational energy to find the ambitions, mental mastery, intellectual power to accomplish even the most difficult personal goals and more importantly revolutionize our own value systems, because this energy is sure to force us to behold objective reality, objective truth and become aware of our limitations, giving us the chance to find ways to overcome them and this needs brainstorming and moments of maximum honesty. It can also force us to challenge the impact society, our friends, our social circles have on us, it can also motivate us to get out of our comfort zones and apply our ideas in the most practical ways, it can also challenge us to speak our truths and defend our individuals perspectives. On the world stage, this may cause tempers to rise, because here the collective challenges everything that was regarded as “normality” until this present moment, so this is sure to cause social media and internet battles, protests, uprisings, but also moments of maximum courage, bravery, risky gestures which can pay off handsomely and through those heroic deeds, changes are going to be enabled and lives are going to be saved and improved. There is also a negative expression, which may have to do with accidents, malfunctioning of electronics and devices, software, informational terrorism, software viruses etc., but perhaps the most “feared” manifestation might be those of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity, and other natural calamities, because the chances for these to occur are heightened, for Taurus represents the crust of the earth, while Uranus a really strong magnetic force activated by the dynamism of Mars. I strongly advise everyone to take extra caution to health and safety rules and everything that has to do with accident prevention all throughout the week.

There isn’t just doom and gloom in the air, because also have aspects of supreme harmony that most definitely are going to counterbalance all the strife, stress and tension of the squares and one of these aspects is held by Venus transiting the sign of Gemini, being trined by Saturn and Mars. Venus in Gemini represents the beauty of our minds, our most artistic, beautiful and elevated thoughts, it represents our love for communication, speech, self expression, but is also dissolves our limits to what we hold as beautiful, because Gemini is a very dual energy giving us the inspiration to behold beauty even in those things and areas of life which are not susceptible to beauty or aesthetics. From a totally different perspective, Gemini represents the practicality of our minds, applied, wisdom and knowledge, the power of interpretation, while Aquarius a fellow air sign represents the most elevated and genius ideas, innovation, science and technology, so when we mix these energies, the picture which we get is really optimistic, because Saturn and Venus can offer us big rewards. This means that all the scientific work, study, research, all the blood sweat and tears that professional put into understanding the virus can finally produce effects, we might see the end results of their efforts in the form of cures, technologies, substances etc. , but it is equally good news for everyone who did everything in their power through the internet or any other communication means to uplift the spirits of others, to provide guidance, help, motivation or simply to share essential information. The results of our intellectual or artistic efforts are going to manifest and we can harvest the fruits of our labor.

The trine Venus and Mars are going to be holding is equally important because at that time when it’s going to get exact, Venus will be conjunct Vesta, keeper of the sacred flame, which means that communication, thought, specific research, applied methodology, is going to produce really powerful impacts. This is where motivational speakers, artists, influential people, teachers, scientists, everyone who has an active YouTube or any other media channel, any social media platform can be used as a very powerful tool to keep on spreading hope, compassion, optimism, truth, advice etc. because Vesta with Venus sanctify our words and mind, they infuse all our thoughts with divine power and this is really good news, because we have everything we need for miracles to take place, it depends on our willingness to share and be there for others (Mars). This can also be a really good time for love, Venus in Gemini can be an extremely passionate energy, where Mars in Aquarius can be a helpful guide to connect people, especially via online who are seeking the beauty of another person’s intellect. In other words, this is where intelligence and knowledge is the new “sexy”.

On the 7th of the month, we have a very short term, but absolutely amazing energy a grand trine Venus, Saturn and the Moon are going to be holding and this can be a really empowering moment both in our lives as individuals, but also collectively, the Moon in Libra is definitely going to represent the international community joining forces to implement measures meant to help everyone. Individually it can play out as a karmic reward in that area of life which is ruled by Gemini and Libra.

On the 8th of the month we have a Super full Moon in the sign of Libra an energy which is going to trigger completions, endings, revelations in that area of life which is ruled by Libra. Globally this means that our desires of equality, justice, equilibrium is going to get rather critical, all of which can lead to significant changes in legislation and international alliances, diplomatic relations between states. This energy can also end toxic relationships that no longer serve us, but it can also help us appreciate that much more all those relationships which are based on mutual respect and equality, regardless of their nature. Just like the sign of Libra, this energy can be really dual, it can be highly emotional for some people, where their egos are going to be severely challenged, by the reflection of their past actions, but it can also be an extremely inspirational energy of gratitude where we receive and offer appreciation in all our relationships, creating really positive moments and strengthening bonds. Chances are it’s going to break more relationships than it forms, but either way these are going to be really powerful, fated and karmic invitations to surrender that which is not based on honesty and equality.

If you’d like to read more about this Super full Moon in Libra we have a special article:


Around the 10th of the month we have a square between the Sun and Jupiter and Pluto, which even though is an excellent energy to create inner changes, to find the most authentic expression of your personal freedom, to shed off the old layers of your personality and return to innocence, to your primordial self, unconditioned by any external influence. Even though the end result, the purpose is really important and life changing, it can cause a lot of stress, a lot of pain, a lot of moments where you can’t have what you want, so it requires surrender and acceptance, which can come across as torture for our egos. It can also play out as violence, rage, repulsion, irritability, ego crisis and narcissistic moments where heavy criticisms from others might be a wake up call, but this is where love and wisdom can help us benefit from this energy, rather then to allow it to make our situations even worse.

Around the end of the week Mercury finally leaves it’s watery prison of Pisces and enters the sign of Aries. This energy shift can suddenly make everything in our lives much quicker, may it be communication, paperwork, the travel of information, travels, but it can also have a massive quickening influence on our minds, because Mercury here is very instinctual and this can help us make decisions, express ourselves and our opinions very very quickly. If our emotions are not very turbulent, then this instinctual wisdom, just knowing what’s right out of gut feeling, can make our lives truly easier, but at the same time it can also lead us to bad choices if we act from a place of anger and impatience.

Thankfully just after it enters this part of the sky it receives a sextile from Saturn and this means extra responsibility and self discipline, giving us the strength to invest all our energy into work, but also always be diligent and equitable with others. What we project on others especially verbally, is what we are going to be receiving back and this in itself can lead to creating new alliances, finding new friends, new people who we can support each other mutually.

Thank you so much for reading, please stay hopeful and calm, because our collective journey, the path we take towards the resolution of this big crisis is written in the stars, so we have to stay true to our faiths and do everything that we can to help the situation, each individual with their unique contribution, even staying safe at home is a massive help.

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