Super Full Moon in Libra (8th of April 2020)

Hi everyone and welcome to your astrological forecast for this super Full Moon taking place on the 8th of April at 18 degrees of the sign of Libra. All of the full moons, which took place so far in 2020 were really special their own unique ways, but this one is going to be super powerful and important for many different reasons, some of them which have much to do with the astrological conversation, the global socioeconomic context of the present moment is also very relevant for the symbolism of this full Moon, but the astronomical context also plays a massive influence.

As all full Moons, this one can trigger powerful completions, manifestations, endings, harvest, or it can expose some very important truths that we just couldn’t obverse or which were hidden from our sights, both collectively and in the lives of individuals depending on where 18 degrees of Libra falls in your personal chart.

The sign of Libra has much to do with our relationships, our partnerships, associations, diplomacy, decision making process, it also rules justice, balance, equity and in the present global context, perhaps it’s most important symbolism is that of equality and fair trade. This part of the sky is the 7th house of partnerships, marriage, long term relationships, so without a doubt completions, endings, or revelations are going to be playing out in this area of the lives of many individuals and since it rules negotiations and from a certain perspective contracts, it can be a really powerful game changer even in the evolution of diplomatic relationships between states and legislation which governs trade.

From an astronomical perspective, this is going to be a super full Moon, because the Moon at this time is going to be at it’s closest to our planet, which doesn’t just make the influence of the energies that more potent, but it can also cause tides, tsunamis, increase in seismic activities and since 70% of our bodies are water it can also effect our health.

It can also have an increased psychological effect on all us us, because Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so this can align us that much more with everything that we love, but at the same time everything that we reject or feel repulsion towards. The light of the full moon can act as a wake-up call inviting us be much more honest both with ourselves and those who we have any kind of relations with, about our feelings, how we truly feel in that relationships (regardless of what nature), because this is the moment when we genuinely desire to stand from a place of equity and equality, meaning that if we feel unappreciated, if we feel that we are not treated as equals, we are definitely going to express this, but at the same time we can also observe when we are not being fair, when we are not treating others as equals and this gives us the chance to change all of this. This can also be a very strong energy of disillusion, when we might have to accept the fact that love, compassion, support has to be mutual, regardless from which perspective we analyze this, a relationships that is more one sided that reciprocal is unhealthy, so this powerful wake up call, which may be really tough to process,it can end very many unhealthy and imbalanced relationships, but also form new ones. It may be really hard to get to the point where we admit this to ourselves, the moment when our idealistic bubbles shatter may sting very much, but this energy serves our highest good, where we simply can not have balance in our lives, if there is no balance within our hearts and balance always involves reaching a state of equilibrium where the balance serves all components of the whole, not just one. This energy can be even more painful for those individuals who always relied on the imbalance within their relationships, where they gained benefits, favors or simply abused the loving nature of those who supported them, because they can suddenly find themselves abandoned, alone, no longer being supported, but this is also a really good opportunity to think things through and change. Libra is a highly philosophical air sign, which means that under the present circumstances, with this quarantine, many people are going to just think and philosophize about love, equality etc, within their own minds and chances are they are very quickly going to find clarity and inner truth, so there doesn’t have to be any big eye opening karmic moment, but rather just allowing your thoughts to wonder off, so for many people these endings are going to come as a surprise. Of course for other people this can mean the total opposite, because those who always shied away from sharing their love, regardless of why and in which way, can be greatly empowered by the Sun in Aries, where they might find the courage to express themselves, to be brave and show who they are and what they want and this can lead to new relationships may they be professional or romantic. This specific Libra full Moon is also going to trigger really positive and uplifting moments of honesty, where some people might decide to express their love and true feeling to their partners (romantic or any other kind of relationship) and the reciprocity might surprise them in the most pleasant manner, making the relationship even stronger and much more honest.

This super full Moon is going to be extremely multilateral, because of the various celestial conversations taking place in the sky the moment it happens and also the imperfect squares the Moon is going to be holding with other power players in the sky. Squares are aspects of maximum tension which can cause stress, agitation, friction, inner tension, but with wisdom and determination the stress can be turned into motivation and passion, so even though this time is definitely going to be emotional and the fear energy can also play a massive role, it also offers fantastic opportunities to change, evolve and succeed in that area of life which is ruled by Libra.

During the time of this full Moon the Sun and Moon are going to be squared by Jupiter, Pluto, Pallas-Athena and Chariklo, from the sign of Capricorn. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, because at the time when the opposition of the Sun and Moon is exact, these squares are going to be just faint influences, meaning that whatever stress, friction and tension it creates is more than manageable. Pluto represents the change, so we know that it has much to do with the global crisis and all it’s facades, Jupiter expands this energy making it even stronger and impactful, Pallas-Athena can represent the tactics, decisions, methodology of our governments and professionals apply to cope with the situation, while Chariklo is the sacredness of our hearts, so all of the symbolism of the above planets clash with the Moon, symbol of our emotional world and soul, but at the same time also with the Sun, representing our sense of identity, ego and self expression. What this complex cocktail of energies can produce is to guide us to the truth, guide us to reflect our own position in all of our relationship and the one we have with external reality, but at the same time our own relationship with the Self and fairness we treat ourselves with and after the truth sinks in, after we find the answers within ourselves, most definitely decisions, choices are going to be born in our hearts and minds and when we have the chance we are definitely going to express those choices and take action. Because all those planets are in Capricorn, this means that we are going to be focusing on the equality and fairness within our professional lives and careers, but also how we feel towards centralized power and how they are treating this situation. Jupiter and Pluto are definitely going to expose all the flaws and corruption, or the magic word in this case is inequality in the governments and political systems and this is where Eris in Aries, can provoke some very powerful feelings that we had enough, that we wish fairness, we wish equality, we wish to have a say in every choice our representatives make, this is where we might demand our power back otherwise they might lose our support once and for all. Jupiter rules the law, Libra has much to do with justice, so this can represent big problems for huge organizations which had a very negative effect on the fairness in trade, loyalty of competitiveness and if the financial tactics respected morality, this means that investigations are going to commence and those who were not loyal to fair trade might be brought to justice or shut down, regardless if they are global titans. This can also escalate the global economic crisis, because people might stop supporting certain transaction, certain areas of trade and that can cause huge disasters, but all of which lead to the most positive changes, where equality dominates and is regarded as the most sacred principle.

Saturn and Mars transiting the sign of Aquarius, which also has much to do with humanitarianism, the value of the individual, inter-human interconnection, liberty, equality, the power of small groups and decentralized power, all of these are definitely going to empower the individuals to express their minds, opinions, desires and most importantly dissatisfaction and take action. During this time both of these planets are squared by Uranus, the planet of revolution, which can cause censorship on the internet and media, it can make all the social distancing rules much stricter, it can also cause strife, conflicts, wars on the internet and in online communities, but at the same time all of this will cause people to revolt, rebel, rise up and express their dissatisfaction. Uranus also rules technology and scientific advancements (for example 5G, bio-metrics etc.) which can also provoke very strong and assertive public reaction. If we add to this picture the symbolism of this Libra full Moon, this means that the cry for justice and equality takes place simultaneously, in different ways in many areas of our lives, so chances are that this isn’t just going to stay on the internet and social media, but people might start opposing these rules and unfavorable changes every way they can.

The Moon also forms a minor astrological aspect, called a quincunx with Neptune from it’s home of Pisces and this can mean spiritual warfare, manipulation, lies, big gestures meant to calm people, dispel fear from big spiritual leaders, which might backfire, it can also mean dangers of floods, tsunamis, problems at sea, diplomatic conflicts over naval territory, it can also play out as conspiracies, paranoia, absurd theories and accusations reaching all times high, which in itself can start totally new ideological and spiritual conflicts, it can represent cyber attacks on the internet and it’s most favorable expression might have to do with the individuals where romantic declarations can enter our lives in very surprising, but also awkward manners.

On top of all this strife, chaos, turmoil we also have an absolutely beautiful aspect of supreme harmony, which even though doesn’t converse directly with the Sun and Moon, it can offer all of us blessings. Venus in the sign of Gemini, receives a trine from Saturn and Mars from Aquarius and this empowers our minds, our communication, our ingenuity, the practicality of our problems solving skills, this is when all the scientific research and any other work, time, effort, blood sweat and tears invested into solving this crisis can pay of handsomely and be a saving grace. On one hand this certainly speaks about scientific advancements, when they can apply the results of the research practically, this is where new technologies which were designed when this crisis started are going to be finished, giving us the chance to see the end result, this is when finally we can get some really good, optimistic, encouraging good news about when the restrictions are going to lift, or at least that we have won a certain side of the battle with the global crisis. This can be an energy of harvest, rewards, honors, for absolutely anyone who got involved, who volunteered, who helped in any way may it be front line like doctors, nurses, researchers, scientists, police; may it be artists, those who encouraged the population to stay strong and hopeful through their online work or artistic creativity; and all the volunteers who offered what they could, regardless of the nature of the help. This is also a quantum energy, because Venus in the sign of Gemini dances together with Vesta, keeper of the sacred flame, which means the sacredness, holiness, divine power within our minds can simply alter reality in the most miraculous ways. This conversation can empower artists, speakers, content creators to weave divine beauty and empowerment into their words and work and chances by moving the hearts of masses miracles can take place. This is where one way or another we as a species become aware that our affirmations and the power of our minds can bend and twist reality, this is when we become more aware then ever before that a part of us is here in matter, but another part of us is an eternal divine spark and both have a place in our beings simultaneously, in other words it can bring out the very very best expression of the Twins in all of us. Of course this is also a perfect time for love, especially online, where our words become magical, magnetic, persuasive, this is where we can attract our partners with the beauty of our minds and thoughts. A really really good aspect for poets and writers.

If this wasn’t enough, the ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury, receives a sextile, a harmonious conversation of inspiration and inner guidance, from Jupiter, the ancient ruler of Pisces, the part of the sky were Mercury is going to be in at the time of this full moon. This can be extremely empowering for all artists and spiritualists, because Neptune offers Mercury the power and purity of faith and compassion, but Jupiter expands this energy, so this is an energy of hope, faith, optimism, blessed communication, where we can truly move mountains with whatever we express verbally, in writing or any other way. Mercury also receives a sextile from Pluto, our words, our expressed feelings, the power of the heart, acting from our sacred spaces can literally change outer reality.

Thank you so much for reading, wish everyone a magical and blessed Full Moon!

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