Pick a card reading: In which ways is this New Moon going to heal me?

Hi everyone and welcome to another pick a card reading, this one is specially dedicated for today’s (March 24th 2020) new Moon, taking place at 4 degrees of the sign of Aries. New Moons always represents new beginnings, especially when it takes place in the sign of Aries, a part of the sky which is associated with primordiality, birth, beginning and the fact that this new Moon dances together with Chiron and Lilith, represents that whatever new beginning takes place in our lives it’s also going to profoundly heal and regenerate that area of life where 4 degrees of Aries falls into our personal charts. The main theme of this pick a card is “In which ways is this New Moon going to heal me?”

Take a look at the 3 cards, choose one which appeals to your intuitive sense the most and then jump straight to it’s interpretation.

Thank you so much for playing, my prayers and spiritual power goes out to each and everyone of my readers, may the Universe guide you, keep you safe from all harm and nourish the divine spark at the core of your being, so that you never ever feel alone regardless of what happens!

The first card:

King of Swords. This card bares a very versatile symbolism, but there is one thing all of it’s meanings have in common and that is the mental sphere, thoughts, cerebral activities and ultimately their expression. The energy of this card tells us that you are a person with an incredibly vast intellectual capacity, your intelligence, the sharpness of your mind, the multi-faceted perceptions all make you a person of great power, because intelligence, awareness combined with wisdom is a power, a strength, perhaps one of the greatest virtues, that no one can ever take away from you. The problem is that your greatest strength is also your greatest vulnerability, because when you allow your thoughts to go in the directions they want to, this can cause a lot of stress, worry, anxiety, overthinking, just like when a spider accidentally gets entangled in it’s own web, even though it can free it’s self by digesting the threads, this can take a lot of time and energy and there are times when it can even be fatal for the spider, if it runs out of stamina before it’s completely free. There might have been several times in your life, when your thoughts, the power of your intellect turned against you, pushing you into deep depression, because when your mind gets hyperactive, there is no way you can preserve a disciplined and detached state. Another very important aspect is that because your mind is quicker than every other part of your being (much quicker than the minds of everyone you know), you might have problems speaking publicly, speaking on the phone, verbalizing and expressing your thoughts and this was a huge disadvantage for you, because you are incredibly skilled, your mind is simply pure genius, visionary, revolutionary, you have so much foresight, there is no solution you possibly can’t think of and come up with and most importantly you have a very rare ability to think in the place of others and this is where your true gold lies, because if you’d have the discipline and confidence to not hold back, to write, speak, make videos, hold speeches, create … whatever shape or form the expression of thoughts can take as communication, you would become a huge influential figure due to the supremacy of your intellect and the charisma you possess. Chances are that this very magical new Moon is going to trigger certain events in your life, over the course of the next 6 months, which will take you out of your comfort zone, force you to do what you do best, while also expressing it, sharing it, making it public… and it’s going to be your success that’s going to heal you and restore all your confidence and self worth. For some of you this is gonna improve your professional lives greatly, while for others this beings a new career and a new life altogether.

The second card:

7 of Swords reversed. This card speaks about the past, regarding your place in society and social connections and everything that has to do with this area of life (friends, associates, acquaintances, social status etc.) and it tells you that this might be your weakest point in the present moment, even though you have invested monumental efforts and time into healing this area of your life. Some people have always struggled with their social positions, due to “over-solicitation”, for you have always embodied purity, the best qualities of a human being: you have always been a very compassionate, gentle, caring and loving person to everyone who crossed your path and your way of being always attracted selfish people, who tried to manipulate you, or you broke free even before it got to you becoming a victim, but either way it took away your confidence, you lost faith in society. Others, might have had a really good social life in the past, but it is them who have changed a lot and they just kept disconnecting from everyone, because they simply realized that they are no longer the person who they used to be and all their relationships were no longer honest and authentic and they had to let go. Even though this wasn’t that traumatic, it still left a huge void in your heart because not even in the present day have you found your place in society, you are more or less totally alone and secluded in this area of life. For others still, this involved leaving behind a certain place, which automatically meant leaving behind everyone who lived there and even though getting to where you are now served a very important purpose, you still don’t fit in, you still haven’t got used to your new circumstances socially. Regardless of how the 7 of Swords played out in the past, it is this area of life which this new Moon conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, is going to regenerate for you. Chiron’s symbolism plays a very important role, because you had to be wounded socially, you had to receive the traumas/disadvantages/hardships for you to be able to make choices without any regret, without allowing the needs and egos of others to bind you down, to incapacitate you morally, you had to learn how to stand up for yourself and stand by your choices and decisions, regardless of what others though and most importantly regardless if your choices disadvantaged others indirectly, especially emotionally. This means that you were always a person who supported others psychologically, so it was totally natural for people in your life to use you as a voice of reason, as a grounding tool, as a mirror, advisor, and “best friend” in times of need, so it was very hard for them to let go of all the one sided advantages you provided them with. The way Chiron is going to heal this area of life, won’t represent going back to the old ways of living life, being permissive with others to use you, but rather you are going to come across new people, potential new friends who are just like you, who are also relatively distant from society, but who have a capacity to understand the deepest thoughts and philosophies, which means that you are going to find everything you could possibly need socially in the form of one or two really good new friends. Being the recipient of understanding, care, infinite sympathy is going to feel like the most pleasant and emotionally soothing and comforting feeling in the world and the reciprocity of all of this is what is truly going to heal you, because for the first time you are going to be feeling as if this time, life is truly fair and kind to you.

The third card:

The Builder (Emperor). This card represents that you are an incredibly resourceful, artistic, creative person, who has serious leadership skills along with a profound sense of duty and responsibility. Every single job/profession/career you had in your life, regardless of what it was, even if you never had the chance to use your skills and talents, it still reflected just how diligent, lucid and responsible you are, so you might have only had the most positive feedback from any job you took, your work ethic was of the highest possible standard, where you always went above and beyond of all the expectations attached to your role. The problem was that you never genuinely felt appreciated emotionally and it is this that’s always ended your jobs one way or another. Another important element that the Builder tells us is that your never found anything that could allow you to use all your potential, in fact even when you worked for yourself, were freelance, or worked on projects, you simply couldn’t create, invest your skills to authentically reflect the level of passion that you were feeling, so even though rationally and logically you have no choice but to be pleased and proud of yourself and your accomplishments, there is still a void in your heart, that you can do even better, even more, even bigger things, but you simply never had the appropriate opportunity. Even in the present moment you might be full of ideas, plans, the fertility of your mind, your creative impulses are at their apogee and even though all this turmoil and darkness that is ravaging the world, as soon as you detach, you are maximally inspired and guided by your higher self. This state is not coincidental, because you are already doing something to inspire, help, calm, soothe, offer comfort to others (on-line, your local community etc.) so this means that the opportunity you have been waiting for is near and will show up without fail in the next 6 months. It might be absurd to even dream about new beginnings under these circumstances, but this card also represents karma, so for some reason which can only be figured out by you, this is divine timing, there is a reason why from all possible times the Universe delivers your long awaited opportunity in the close future. Needless to say that whatever you are going to do, build, co-create with others, plan, execute ideas etc. is going to heal you, it is going to allow you to release all your creative energies, to brainstorm and most importantly to become the leader you were born to be. Leadership doesn’t mean having authority, but rather being listened to, followed, consulted out of respect and admiration. Your dream to be as useful as you would love to be on a soul level is finally going to come true!

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