Weekly horoscope: March 23 – 29

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of March 23-29, we have an incredibly intense and karmic sky, where Mars touches and activates 23-24 degrees of Capricorn, a point in the sky where January’s Saturn Pluto conjunction took place and this means instant manifestation of karma, really powerful and life changing truths being revealed, but at the same time it’s also a revelatory energy that shows us exactly what we can expect towards the end of 2020, this is where our future plans or the ways we have envisaged the future, suddenly change.

If this wasn’t enough, another power player, responsible for karma, Saturn moves into his ancient ruling sign of Aquarius and this can mean even more severe restrictions not just physically, but also mentally, where we might have no other choice than to control our thoughts and frequencies, not allowing overthinking or thinking in panic mode to distort our common sense. This isn’t all bad news, because Saturn in this part of the sky transfers the power, influence, but also the responsibilities attached to power unto the individuals, onto very small collectives, so this temporarily lessens the super concentrated energy of Capricorn, because Saturn is going to retrograde back here, only leaving for good at the end of December 2020. Mars, towards the very end of the month, follows Saturn into Aquarius and a meeting takes place around the 31st of March and this celestial dance is also going to represent a very potent karmic explosion, but this can also mark a moment of revolution, an unexpected quantum leap, overcoming certain challenges, for Uranus, the planet of revolution, objective truth and the future, squares the meeting of these two planets, which means that regardless of how the tension and friction is going to play out, it will also births new solution, technological advancements, giving us a certain mental comfort that we can handle this.

The most significant and powerful energy of the week is definitely going to be Mars meeting Pluto in Capricorn, the fact that Jupiter still conjuncts their dance just amplifies all of this and highlights the karmic importance of the truth. This moment in time can be really really significant, because Mars is the activator, so every time when it touches a point in the sky where a previously very important and impactful dance took place, it makes that energy manifest, it causes it to take shape and form or to produce the effects it needs to. This means that whatever is headed our way, from a karmic perspective, it is meant to create the first signs of palpable change, which on one hand deconstructs the symbolism of Capricorn (law and order, power the state has over all of us, authority, those structures that keep society functioning, our leaders, representatives, big organizations, customs and traditions, social hierarchy etc.), thereby purifying it, which involves exposing the truth, exposing the flaws, revealing the corruption and the incompetence, while at the same time all those things that are functioning, stable and balanced and are worthy of being transferred into the future. On the other hand simultaneously, with the help of Uranus in Taurus energy, it reconstructs it, innovates it, lays down the foundations for the future, by breaking traditions, customs, “how it used to be” and installs the new, the next, everything that triggers evolution. The deconstruction process was a total mystery and an enigma even for the most skilled astrologers at the time when the Saturn and Pluto conjunction took place (12tth of January 2020), but in the present moment it’s very obvious to all of us that it has much to do with the corona virus pandemic, but also the political and economic crisis that is ravaging countries around the globe simultaneously. Since Jupiter is part of all of this, this can also represent the power and supremacy of the law, where not only us citizens are requested to respect the sanctity of law and order, but the karmic forces can very quickly, in an instant reveal the past wrong doings of certain leaders, politicians, very influential people and it can cause a very strong reaction from the public. All of this doesn’t really have to source from the past, because Jupiter in Capricorn on it’s own is a symbol of earthly justice, so breaking the law, operating outside of legal spheres, even being highly immoral or manipulative can attract karmic wrath.

Chances are, that Mars as it traverses through the last decan of Capricorn, which even in itself is karmic, it’s going to trigger very relevant events all throughout the week, some events are going to greatly aggravate everything that is going on right now, while others, have to be solutions, or developing solutions that can take effect in the close future and it can also trigger massive acts of compassion, bravery, maximum courage and self sacrifice, because the cluster of planets in Capricorn form a sextile with Neptune in Pisces, which can either represent compassion, having the courage to step up for the weak and vulnerable, but also spiritual help, faith, staying faithful and optimistic, which in some cases makes all the difference. This can also mark the start when the very powerful karmic energies just deliver the “coup de grace” to certain big companies, organizations, the economy of certain states, this is where we reach the point where the financial damage becomes very clear and for certain people, companies, groups irremediable. Mars sextiling Neptune can be the saving grace here, because there is going to be help, there is going to be a lot of compassion, a lot of really really big gestures of generosity and humanitarianism, some of which can be so big and significant, that they can even change the tone and the overall feeling of all of this crisis. Another energy Mercury in Pisces, sextiled by Uranus, it’s higher octave, can reveal very relevant details, that were hidden from our sights and this is when fake news, conspiracies, articles, opinions, which cause panic and fear are going to be banned from the internet, but at the same time this can also be shocking and surprising, because this is the moment when we are going to see the causes of this pandemic being revealed and chances are that the official explanation won’t be accepted by the public, thereby the government and media are going to lose a lot of credibility and this can agitate people, cause tempers to rise.

Another energy that takes place right at the start of the week is Saturn entering zero degrees of it’s ancient ruling sign Aquarius. This energy most definitely changes the whole scenery, because on one hand it places the power, authority much more in the hands of individuals and small groups, where the past 3 years, this power was centralized, in the hands of authorities, even from a celestial perspective, but now things changes considerably. On the other hand this also represents new restrictions, where borders are going to close for an indeterminate time, new set of restrictions might block even basic forms of physical social interaction, which puts even more pressure on the internet, so chances are new censorship, restrictions, limiting the freedom of speech are going to be installed. Since the power, in this case even the karmic power is in the hands of the individuals, this can trigger the very first moments of social unrest, when people might not want to submit free willingly to all the rules and regulations, so the first “rebels”, those who wish to resist all of this are going to make their voices heard. That which is merely an online battle can very quickly escalate, towards the 31st of March when Mars meets Saturn here, because one way we can interpret their dance in Aquarius is: revolution, fighting for freedom, rejecting the restrictions, especially that the modern ruler of Aquarius squares the meeting of these two planets, and without a doubt Uranus is the dominant force, so regardless of how this civil unrest play out, they are catapulting us into the future, by breaking traditions, the usual way of doing things, the usual and commonly accepted ways of thinking and methodologies, and promoting new, revolutionary, futuristic approaches, some of those can be quite radical and a bit extreme.

For the individual, this is also mixed energy, because this is when the dance of the stars empower our intellect, our cerebral activities, the power of our minds, the ingenuity of our thought processes, this is when our individuality, uniqueness, our flaws which makes us who we are, become our true powers. For many people this can represent a time when they immerse in their creativity, they think of the most unusual and revolutionary plans, moments of brainstorming can set the foundation for a major future success, but most importantly this is where all of us are going to focus on our futures, where we are going to search for all the foresight we can possibly find, for this is when the present is so uncertain and troubling that it can’t keep us grounded, which leaves us with no choice but to focus on the future and all the things we would like to do differently. For some people, especially those who do not have a lot of Aquarian energies, or they are not “thinkers” or planners, this can represent depression, anxiety, fear, panic, where they might simply lose control over their thoughts and mental stability. Many people who are dependent of social interaction, having friends, doing diverse activities are going to find this really really hard and limiting, but others might see the blessing and good side in all of this, for they can finally take a long inner journey, where they might realign with their soul level hopes and dreams.

Saturn has much to do with responsibility, sense of duty, dignity, doing the right thing, so this energy can awake and empower, those people who have either internet based businesses, or perform their work on the internet, especially those who are public figures, to spread positivism, calm, hope, be there for the collective and support them through their work and dedication. Since Saturn is the lord of karma and it squares Uranus, this can also represent very quick, instant karmic harvest for those people who have all the skills, talents, willingness to create and share their own form of art, beauty, intellectual work, philosophies etc, in other words everything that can be shared through the internet, those who didn’t have this chance at any other time before because of the gate keepers, or financial limitations, or their inner limitations, so these people can rise very very quickly and become very influential. Without a shadow of a doubt these people represent the future and since this is a karmic harvest for them, it means that they fully deserve their places and will have a major ideological influence in the future.

All of the above represents the more serious, severe, impactful ways this energy can play out, so the changes are going to be so profound, that we won’t even know straight away if what has happened is positive, negative, neutral etc, so this is when good and bad, advantage and disadvantage lose their significance and polarity. There are going to be certain aspects which are predominantly positive and one of these is the Sun freshly entered Aries meeting Chiron and Dark Moon Lilith. Depending on where 2-6 degrees of Aries falls into your chart, this can represent profound and significant healing to the core, but also purification, where you become your most innocent self, from a spiritual perspective. This can be perfectly true for humanity seen as a collective, because this is exposing our true vulnerabilities and guiding us towards embodying who we truly are authentically without the interference of social expectations, the events of the past and most importantly of our wounded egos.

On the 24th of March we are going to have a beautiful and refreshing new Moon in Aries. Personally this can represent a powerful new beginning and purification in that area of life where 4 degrees of Aries falls in your chart, but for humanity this will open the doors towards aligning with a new identity, new goals, new intentions collectively, which are going to have much less to do with material well being and living in compromises and illusions and much more to do with who are are authentically, without our shells, without our illusions and what we wanna project onto others.

If you’d like to read more about this upcoming new Moon, we have a special article, which takes a closer look at how those energies can manifest.


On the 26th of March we can all see a moment of maximum tension between representatives of the law and order and civilians, for the Moon conjuncts Eris, Goddess of discord and together they square the cluster of planets in Capricorn, which can cause great unrest and violence.

Fortunately right around the 28th, Venus, goddess of love and beauty being strong in her home of Taurus, forms a trine, a celestial dance of supreme harmony with Jupiter in Capricorn and this is an energy of blessing, for the ancients believed that Venus is the lower benefic, while Jupiter is the higher benefic, meaning bestower of blessings. This energy can play out as good luck, unexpected gains, gestures of maximum generosity, gestures of appreciation and honors, lucky opportunities in love and partnerships, lucky opportunities professionally or simply a well deserved karmic reward. This can be a moment, when among all this chaos and very heavy karmic restrictions, we can have a moment of joy, pleasure, love, or we can witness the loving and compassionate nature of the Universe. Collectively, this can be just as relevant, because this energy is that of help, being there of one another, support, appreciation and potentially it can even represent a very lucky breakthrough achieved in a specific part of the world, where they are going to share their blessings with the rest of the world and this can highlight a moment of optimism, hope, genuine belief that everything is going to be more than fine for all of us. There is a small chance for this to represent a cure or vaccine, for Taurus is also transited by Uranus a planet which has much to do with science, technology, the power of mind and logic, so it could very well be that this blessing takes the form of a physical, material, very palpable tool to combat the disease.

Next week is going to be so intense and packed with events that we can write several volumes about it and how it can potentially play out, but long story short, this is how a major karmic manifestations looks and feels like, this is a moment of harvest, and since every single individual is a component of human kind, we must show dignity and responsibility and accept this “gift”, work with it, learn from it and turn it into wisdom and diligence for the future. Karma is not just one sided, for many individuals, especially those who have suffered great disadvantages in the past, especially due to societies twisted and unforgiving ways, can be compensated for all the troubles they have went through, good karma can just enter their lives in the most miraculous and unexpected ways, so for some people there can be huge positive manifestations even among all this suffering and despair. But this is where the Sun meeting Chiron and Lilith asks us to forgive those who wronged us, leave the past behind and share our blessings with those who we choose to love. Of course even though all of this is really frightening, distressing and saddening, we must not forget that this is taking us into the future, a future where we can do absolutely everything differently, more aligned with wisdom, compassion and who it is that the meeting of Saturn and Pluto transformed/evolved/mutated us into. This is the point where all of us, without one single exception have transformed and changed psychologically, morally and spiritually in 2019, the time has come to embody that change and do what we can to live in balance and harmony with ourselves, but more importantly with the world. A very respected mystic of my culture said that the world is not our enemy, the way we perceive the world is our true enemy, meaning that it’s inside of us, and the moment when we figure out that we have full control and power over our perceptions, that is when the notion of “enemy”, opponent ceases to exist, for in that moment of epiphany when we realize that our attitudes are making the external reality go against us, we also possess the power to change and reach peace within.

Thank you so much for reading and all your support, I will he here to offer you guidance all through this turmoil, please be safe, approach everything from a state of rationality and detachment and please around the 28th regardless of what you are feeling, do not go out and protests or do not break the law, we need to embody peace and trust. From a spiritual perspective the very best thing we can do in times like these is to be compassionate, loving and supporting towards other and accept, receive the love and compassion of others with an open heart.

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